Sunday, March 21, 2010

NEW WORK ::: The Catship Has Arrived :: BODDHI, the cat messenger [HIMALAYA SERIES 3#]

NAME : BODDHI, the cat
HOMELAND : Mt. Golden Blossom (Planet Citraka)
CARRIER : Catship Lotus 7
ROLE :: ambassador / trickster / connector /
love, liberation through light consciousness, eternal bliss through joy, nature & animal world harmony alert
MEANS OF INTERACTING WITH EARTHLINGS : visualization & mental projections, parables, humor, telepathy, language of vibration control

it was hard to let him go...NEXT APPEARANCE ::
Crewest Gallery Saturday, March 27 th, 6-9pm, LOS ANGELES
Zakka, April 9, 6-9PM BROOKLYN, NY

This is #2 of the forthcoming series of work that will introduce the feline inhabitants of planet CITRAKA. Limited edition prints are coming soon.

Designed by my boy Marka27 (recently featured), CREWEST Gallery in Los Angeles have his newly launched toy platform the BIC BUDDY available, as well as 8" blanks, and the first big artist custom lineup of the year!

The lineup includes Angry Woebots, Asylm, Auks, Dez Einswell, DrilOne, Enamel Kingdom, Erick Scarecrow, Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca, Jasper Santos, Jesse Hernandez, Jester, Jnub of “Leroy Jenkins”, kaNO, Keith Poon, Kenji Nakayama, Lichiban, Lou Pimentel, MAD, Man One, Marka27, Munk One, NC Winters, Nemo, Pen ‘Tha/Black/Krayon”, Phu!, Pon, Problak, Reactor-88, Ritzy Periwinkle, Saner, Scribe, Sket-One, Southerndrawl, Spankystokes, Nakanari, Tristan Eaton, Vyal.


rucyl said...

love this!

ms.m said...

absolutely love it!!