Friday, March 19, 2010

NEW WORK ::: The Catship Has Arrived : DORJE, the teacher of the mountains [HIMALAYA SERIES #2]

NAME : DORJE, the teacher of the mountains (sage)
HOMELAND : Mt. Golden Blossom (Planet Citraka)
ROLE :: guide / teacher /master of non-verbal communication
liberation through non-duality & light consciousness, meditation, eternal bliss
MEANS OF INTERACTING WITH EARTHLINGS : visualization, mental projections, telepathy, language of vibration control, mudras
MEANS OF TRANSPORT :: levitation over Spacecraft '
the prelude

Mt. Kailash (Meru) one of the most sacred sites of the planet: it is believed to be the axis mundi or primordial center and birthplace of the world. It is sacred to four major religions Buddhism, Hinduism, Bon, and Jainism. In Hinduism & Buddhism, it is often depicted as the center of the world mandala, the symbolic representation of the micro- and macrocosm. In Buddhism, it is the home of the Buddha Demchok (also known as Demchog or Chakrasamvara),[5] who represents supreme bliss. According to legend, Milarepa defeated Naro Bon-chung, the leader of the Bon religion of Tibet in a contest by riding to the summit of the Kailash on the rays of the sun, thus winning the battle for Tantric Buddhism over Bon in Tibet. The closest I got to Kailash was a few years ago, when I stayed in Srinagar (Kashmir, India) which lies at the foothills of the Himalayas (my journal entry on the trip) for a month. one day...

inspiration :: MILAREPA, legendary yogi saint of Tibet -- this is one of his tantric parables
VI. Songs About Vajra Love 46. Answer to Dakini Tzerima

I have mastered energy and mind,
May accept the mudra of your kind.
'Tis true, among many offerings,
Most fruitful is mudra we could find.
Your face and lotus is full of bliss,
Shell shaped nadi speeds the ecstasy,
Protective mark is in your recess,
Through elephant get true fantasy.
You are the noble body of longevity
BHAM and E shapes are in your lotus secret,
And in my Dorje there is a Bija HUM,
When combined with PAD as the semen great,
Wisdom & merit both joined together.
The Bliss of two-in-one thus dictates
The four blisses and four moments are
The essence of the four Buddhakaya.
Like the crawling of a tortoise,
Should drop down slowly without loss,
Then hold it in the channel central
Like the camel with water control.
When you spread all bliss in your body,
The liberating mudra is ready:

TIA is the bliss of equality,
LE is Nirvana of reality.
LA means the various coitus actions,
KYI is the twixt bliss meditation,
PHYAG is the intercourse this and that
RGYA, Nirvana & samsara unite.
LA is to contact this & act on that,
KYI is do this & that & associate.
PHYAG is the union of voidness & bliss,
RGYA is the one beyond which nothing could pass.

This is the most speedy path of union
Which is blissful in both companions.
Enable us to quickly be enlightened
In illumination of wisdom,
Leading to the great Dharmakaya,
Obtaining great Sambhogakaya,
Manifesting Nirmanakaya.
This is a path of bliss and voidness
Of no thought of no duality.
This is a path of assistance
By the Dakini to the reality.
Following this good inspiring way
Four Ladies you will in freedom stay,
And remain in the realm of non-born
Oh! Fairies you are always welcome.

[Source : The Essential Songs of Milarepa ]

this is a video i posted a while back. was one of the inspirations

This is one of the first of the forthcoming series of work that will introduce the feline inhabitants of planet CITRAKA. Limited edition prints are coming soon.


Deleon said...

That piece captured that pre 1800 Asian art. It has the esotoric spirit to it. The spirits must've worked with you on that one. Nice one L.

Alicia said...

I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to have an encounter with Dorje. That means a lot to me. Sending you so much love.