Wednesday, March 24, 2010

NEW WORK ::: FREE DOWNLOAD : Johnny Voltik aka ALPHALOVE 'Exhibit V'

Check out the new website I've designed & built for JOHNNY VOLTIK, one of the crew of artists whose brand and look I am working on as their art director/designer/illustrator. One of the most talented new musicians out there, Johnny Voltik is about to drop a series of heavyhitter releases. I believe that he is going to be one of the most defining musical figures of the new musical renaissance. Music that is coming out these days is on some new level, something about these times brings out an incredible amount of phenomenal projects - a lot of portal music for space travels. Anyone who wants to tap into the cosmic energies out there are aided by the new music that has been coming out. Voltik is one of the pioneers of the future sound of music-in several dimensions both sonically and spiritually as well. His new track 'EXHIBIT V', a tribute to Jay Electronica's EXHIBIT A, showcases his lyrical and production skills as a hip-hop artist, though his sound that draws on multiple genres such as psychedelic rock, abstract hip-hop, funk, electrofunk, house and many more is really about creating without limitations. Stay tuned for the evolution of the artwork on the website, it's going to change regularly as he'll be releasing a series of mind-altering music (for free download!)
I'll be making a cameo as LOTUSHEART at his next performance at Fat Baby on Thursday, March 25th, where he'll be playing along with my girls from MY M.O.

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