Friday, April 30, 2010

i'm feeling...SHAFIQ feat. BILAL - Cheeba (Extended Web Version)

Shafiq feat. Bilal - Cheeba (Extended Web Version) from WHAT MATTERS MOST on Vimeo.

Extended web version music video for "Cheeba" by Shafiq(Sa-Ra) feat. Bilal that incorporates several pieces of music off of Shafiq's debut solo album En A-Free-Ka.

Director: Kahlil Joseph // Photography: Matthew J. Lloyd

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I've been building with fellow artist/ activist Jake Fragua from New Mexico - checking out his website, I found this documentary where he is featured as one of the spokespersons of the local Native American community that has been adversely affected by the environmental damage that the government and corporations have caused over time, raising important issues about how to build a green future & a self-sustaining community.

'Mapping a green future' is a documentary produced by the Center for Contemporary Arts that explores the opportunity that New Mexico has to a clean energy economy.

FREE DOWNLOAD :: Theophilus London 'I Want You' MIXTAPE

Here it comes Theophilus London's third full-length mixtape, I Want You. " hosted by Wa$htie. "Inspired by Marvin Gaye's self-imposed European exile and controversial performance of the national anthem at the 1983 NBA All Star game, I WANT YOU is a collection of dark jams that restlessly examines the promise of love beyond lifestyle. Touching on LA electrofunk, UK indie, tropical escapade and obscure afropop you never knew existed, these are stories from the way we live now: missed connections and misunderstandings, video chats and retweets, returns and deliverables. We know today is all black everything but more to the point: this is now noir as we know it. And this is Theophilus London."

Here is the second cover of Marvin Gaye's 'I Want You' (totally coincidentally) of the week.

Theophilus London - I Want You (Marvin Gaye Cover) by Hypetrak

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


"each one stands for a vibration..they are all supposed to be good"
I'll be forever thankful to my dad for exposing me to Hendrix' music while in the cradle.

M.I.A. 'Born Free'

Sunday, April 25, 2010


My artist buddy, the famed painter and magic spinner of tales LIVINGROOM JOHNSTON is having a special book-signing event this Monday in celebration of the re-release of his limited edition novel I Don't Want To Think About It Right Now. Livingroom has been spending most of his time lately on his new series of paintings featuring surreal morphing elephants, so this is one of the rare occasions of his public appearance as a writer. Guaranteed good times, don't miss it! (Check my previous feature on him here.)

The event is free and will take place at HOTEL GRIFFOU, one of the most artsy hotels of New York City...we have started a networking night there on Mondays [art meets business], come through and have your cards read by MysticLi-chi;)

About the author : Livingroom Johnston was born from an idea, an alter ego who created a slew of characters, one of which reversed the conditions: Harlem Farfromsquare. Harlem narrates the stories, he guides the reader through bricks and ashes. Roskoe Jenkins is a man who uses brain power to win the wargame of life in a deceptive way. See Harlem and Roskoe in Judge or Jux and Pimp's Game, both Quickness Productions

Read more about the book here.
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The two of us are gearing up for a collabo show, check back later if you'd like to see the progress report.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


The boy-king's remains bless NYC
"For the first time in a generation, revel in the splendor of the ancient Egyptian world as you view a dazzling array of possessions unearthed from his tomb, along with antiquities representing his family and contemporaries. Through 10 galleries and 130 artifacts, New York City will experience the world of the pharaohs like never before…" Info & tickets here.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Earth Day ::: CERRONE : Supernature

From the French Disco-drummer/producer, Cerrone's hit album SUPERNATURE (1977). The song is about the rebellion of mutant creatures, created by scientists to end starvation among mankind, against humans. Though dated, this video is pretty hilarious.

iheartbeats:: MARVIN vs WJH : I Want U & WANT U 2 [Waajeed & The Jazz Katz ]

not new, but timeless..these are unmistakable Waajeed of my all-time favorite songs, Marvin Gaye 'I Want You' - not a lot of people can touch it, but this is brilliant.

Friday, April 16, 2010


I first heard ONRA last year through one of my favorite online radio sites, TRUEradio865. Hailing from Paris, ONRA is a true music nomad whose mixed background and eclectic taste in music made him stand out the first time I came upon his work, such as the 2007 release Chinoiseries, on which he used only Chinese and Vietnamese samples or Tribute, his collabo album with Quetzal from the same year, which showcased his skills as a hip-hop producer. His new album LONG DISTANCE set to drop this month, is a journey through more Dilla and 90s hip-hop -inspired beats, but it has a heavy 80s boogie-funk feel, more in the vein of Dâm-Funk's sweeping modern funk movement. The album will be featuring guest appearances from Reggie B, Buddy Sativa, T3 from Slum Village, Olivier Daysoul, Walter Mecca and promises to be one of the hottest albums coming out of the France this year. Support real music by buying the release! As promised, here is my interview with him (Check his album teaser here). When I sent him the questions, I put on my wishlist an ONRA x Waajeed collabo, only to find out that there is already one in the making! Keep your eyes out for the upcoming single featuring the song he produced with T3 of Slum Village and remixes by Waajeed, among others.

Lichiban: I read that your roots go back to Vietnam. How does your motherland filters into your work?

ONRA : My father was born in Viet Nam, but moved to France at the age of 3, so, he didn't even know how to speak Vietnamese for most of his life. He's just learning now. The Vietnamese culture hasn't been much of an influence on me. I was born in Germany, my mother's French and I lived all my life between France and Ivory Coast in West Africa. So all those places have had an influence on me, more than Viet Nam. I can say that Hip-Hop culture has played a much more important role in defining who I am today, than my Vietnamese roots.

L: Your new album 'Long Distance' gives me a sense of 'freedom & smell of summer & feeling really good under the sun'-kind of vibes. A lot of music that about to come out that I've been hearing from friends have a solar vibration (mostly unreleased yet). Is that something you identify with? Do you see that in the music scene you are connected with?

O: Yeah totally... this album is very summer-friendly, there's a lot of sun inside, it's feel-good music. I want people to have some great memories to it. It has been inspired by my recent trips, it really has the feeling of "traveling".

L: The secret ingredient...
O: I don't have any.

L: What's your arsenal? Favorite instrument?

O: I make everything with the Akai MPC 1000. Favorite instrument.... hmmm... Fender Rhodes maybe... or drums...

L: Favorite superhero / super star? Explain...
O: I'm not into superheroes... and super star? I'm not sure of what it means really. So I'm gonna give you my favorite NBA player, Reggie Miller! All-time leader from Long Distance!

L: Inspirations?
O: I come from a 90's Hip-Hop, R'n'B, New Jack background. But those music opened my ears to other kind of music. Little by little, I discovered Soul, then Funk, Jazz, Jazz/funk, Soul/jazz, Progressive Rock, Brazilian Music, Afrobeat, Electronic, Experimenal, Early Electronics, New Wave, etc etc... and the list got endless now. That's why my albums won't sound the same, cause I'm inspired by too many different things.

L: Artists tend to get sometimes lost in birthing too many project ideas but not finishing them...How do you keep your focus?
O: I go with the flow, everything is clear in my mind, I know what has to come out first. I have two/three projects almost ready... Just needed to drop this one first.

L: Next project...
O: Next project is a Roots/Dub EP I have with Quetzal (Al Quetz), the other french producer I made the first album with. It's gonna be heavy. And then, Chinoiseries Part 2, maybe :)

L: Could you put me on three of your favorite albums of 2009?
O: Kan Kick, Dam-Funk, Machinedrum.

L: Could you define success?
O: There's several ways to see it. I guess the ultimate success is reached when you're 100% satisfied with your music, people love it as much as you do and you have the respect from artists that inspired you. I guess that's pretty hard to achieve. I think every artist has his own meaning for success. "Success", in our world's meaning, would be bigger labels with bigger budgets, more tours, more shows, radio plays, video, etc... Something more material.
Because I never thought this would happen like this, I feel really fortunate. Just by having listeners all around the world, having toured in several countries, making music my everyday activity, etc... My own success would simply be to keep on this way and get better.

L: Shoutouts?
O: Check out my man Buddy Sativa's music, he's super talented, he's gonna come out with a jazz project on Favorite Recordings later this year. He is SERIOUS...and also check out Walter Mecca, a young and super talented artist from Paris. Those are featured on my new album.

Check out more music on soundcloud.
DOWNLOAD the ONRA x TRUERADIO865 Boogie Mix here


Kon & Amir is back with the third installment of their OFF TRACK series “Off Track Vol. III: Brooklyn” on the London-based BBE Records. As expected, the album is packed with a new set of rare ghetto disco, funk & African boogie gems...and as always keeping the tone sexy & sweet. I just got the link for it, so I'm still getting acquainted with it, but I'm really feeling the vibes invoking dark & stormy summer-nights that carries throughout the mix. I think my favorites are SFB's Burning Up and Gerard Pj Brown's Sexy Lady (which is the one new thing I was ever able to put Kon onto). The album will be out later this month and can be bought HERE. The duo is having a release party this Saturday, April 24th at Le Poisson Rouge.

Check out the two free promo mixes they dropped along with the release below.

Here is my previous feature of the homies.

FLASHBACK :: Gary Numan :: CARS

this brings me back to age 13, when I used to sneak into clubs...had my own robot dance for this track. Gary Numan, one of the extraterrestials of the music world!

VONY x REA present :: 'Kids Dream In Color' Spring Workshop x Lichiban

The organization I've been involved with as a teaching artist/ art mentor Voices of New York (VONY) recently teamed up with a New York-based architectural design firm Real Estate Arts (REA) to hold a week long art workshop called Kids Dream In Color (KDIC). Ten super talented kids were chosen to participate in a one of a kind art immersion where they had to recreate the Empire State Building using common, eco-friendly art materials. The challenge was to re-envision the building in the year 2400 as a green, earth-friendly building, a futuristic symbol of a new Empire State of Mind.

We used a 10-minute visualization exercise using my work, DORJE to time & space travel to the galaxy where DORJE would serve as an imaginary guide to introduce the kids to alternative ways of imagining a green future. I loved every minute of it: I was really impressed with all the kids' creativity & they were connecting with my cats, which gave me a lot of inspiration to push forward with the vision. Thanks to the kids, VONY & the amazingly hospitable staff of REA to make this possible! Check out more info & pics on Wronglips.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


One of my favorite peoples from London, KEVIN LARNE of Street Talk UK has been sending me steady love & support since the first time I met him and his awesome team, Craig & Mike when they interviewed me for STREET TALK UK last summer. His newly-launched online magazine The Whorington is dedicated to nurture a benevolent cultivation of varied passions & obsessions, predominantly in the creative fields. Big shout out to the team, can't wait to kick it in Londontown! Here is the link to the BODDHI post.

Monday, April 12, 2010


I love what's happening on the West coast...the art & the music scene is on fire these days, makes me want to go live bi-coastal. The revival of funk, spearheaded by Dâm-Funk has been a catalyst for a lot of new music bred in California's sun-licked Cadillac-cruising culture; also a birthplace of a whole lot of spacetravel-inspired sound...folks are definite feeling the laid-back, sexy vibes Los Angeles is known for.
Tri-coastal trio of Stoney Rock (a.k.a. Black Spade), Ced No and Proh Mic, HAWTHORNE HEADHUNTERS is one of the groups on my radar. My homie, Kenny of Freshselects put me on their mixtape last year. I just revisited it again, and it just got stuck in my player for weeks...the dark & stormy beat on 'Shining Star' is one of the illest I've heard in a while. I realized that I never put this up, so here you go, I added their Heaven & Hell podcast (Live at the HVW8 BBQ) & their collabo track with Dâm-Funk to the mix... it's a 3 for 1!

1. DOWNLOAD the free Hawthorne Headhunters mixtape (mixed by DJ Needles)
In Kenny Fresh of Freshselects' words :: I know its been a minute but here it is – the highly anticipated mixtape from the new hybrid supergroup, Hawthorne Headhunters. For those of you who still don’t know, HH is a three-headed production/vocal beast consisting of Stoney Rock (better known as Black Spade), Ced No (or I, CED when he’s solo) and Proh Mic. To go along with the EP, we’ve put together this mixtape, mixed by STL cohort DJ Needles, featuring the best of the group’s unreleased works over the years – both solo and as a unit. Also highlighted in the mix are their solo productions for some of their up-and-coming collaborators, including Coultrain, Jada Avenue, JimiJames, Stopha Vasquez, and TeLuv – most of which appear on the EP." The group’s debut project, a five-track EP is out on vinyl and iTunes as the first release on HVW8 Records.

2. DOWNLOAD their live mix recorded at the HVW8 Art + Design Gallery in LA back in '08.
The set was recorded at the HVW8 Art+Design Gallery in Los Angeles with a full set up of MPCs, keyboards, modules, turntables, mixers and more.
3. And last but not least, 'PCH', the sexy collabo of Hawthorne Headhunters with the grandmaster of modern funk, Dâm-Funk. Here is the link to their joint (free download).

Thursday, April 8, 2010


BODDHI has arrived to bring a timeless message for the NU Metropolis. AIO, the Heart Oracle and her accomplice Dr. Robolux, Master of Electriklux, the brilliant genius of CITRAKA traveled to Earth to rewrite the old story of Babylon and to assist in resetting the future's karma. The story is unfolding...

Dr. Robolux, Master of Electriklux

Come check out BODDHI & his BUDDYs this Friday, April 9, 6-9pm at Zakka, Brooklyn (155 Plymouth St bw Jay St and Pearl St). Details are here.
I am accepting pre-orders for custom BODDHIs. Please contact me via email.


LinkMy homie, Amir of KON & AMIR (BBE, Waxppoetics) is celebrating his 40th Birthday at the monthly all-vinyl oasis, I Love Vinyl, which has gotten a bigger venue at the incredible Brooklyn Bowl. They'll be joined by special guest dj Moni on the wheels and Lifenotes recording artist Erik Rico on the mic. Plus visuals provided by friends we love and music docs. I Love Vinyl t-shirts for sale at the party!

Only $5!
Purchase advance tickets at ticketfly

i'm feeling...WASHED OUT :: Feel it all around

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Check out the EPK of Paris-based WALTER MECCA, one of the artists I'm watching overseas. His new album, 'Tonnerre' is dropping this month on the 16th.

Stay tuned for my interview with him coming soon.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

UPCOMING SHOW ::: BODDHI, the cat in two cities CREWEST GALLERY 3/27 (LA) & ZAKKA 4/9 (BROOKLYN)

::: BODDHI is love :::

My baby toy kitten is coming to Brooklyn this Friday! BODDHI is the cat oracle from PLANET CITRAKA, felinoid by birth, trickster by nature. Here is his magic profile.

After a hugely successful opening night at Los Angeles' Crewest Gallery, curated by the homie, MARKA 27 , the BUDDY Custom show is making it's way to Dumbo's Zakka Gallery in Brooklyn this Friday, April 9th, 2010. Details on the flyer below. Don't miss this, going to be fun!

Here are some of my favorite custom BUDDYs from the show by artists Marka 27, Upendo, Jesse Hernandez, Kano, among others.

Check out the rest of the BUDDY's on CREWEST's Flickr stream

i'm feeling...JNEIRO JAREL feat Micah Gaugh 'Going Home'

Jneiro Jarel (Dr. Who Dat?) presents the genre re-defining Android Love Mayhem from his newly-relaunched Label Who imprint, distributed by Alpha Pup. Android Love Mayhem picks up where his 2009 release Beyond 2morrow left off, showcasing Jneiro's more experimental side blending astro-psychedelic vibes with his signature 'viberian' genre-bending eclecticism. Check the new video for one of the tracks from the album, “Going Home”, his collaborative effort on the EP featuring singer Micah Gaugh from the shoegaze/rock band Apollo Heights. Stay tuned for the album release next week on April 13th & an exclusive interview coming up soon.

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

GO UNDER :: Song to the Siren (This Mortal Coil)

Flashbacks to my teen years when I used to do underwater visualization exercises listening to Cocteau Twins. This one of my all time favorite songs from Cocteau Twins/ This Mortal Coil's angelic singer Liz Fraser.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

SOLAR LOVE :: Love In Outer Space - Sun Ra & His Arkestra

Rare Arkestra recording from the late 1960s, made in and around 42nd Street, New York, Planet Earth. Originally released on the now-out-of-print compilation 'Out There A Minute'