Monday, April 12, 2010


I love what's happening on the West coast...the art & the music scene is on fire these days, makes me want to go live bi-coastal. The revival of funk, spearheaded by Dâm-Funk has been a catalyst for a lot of new music bred in California's sun-licked Cadillac-cruising culture; also a birthplace of a whole lot of spacetravel-inspired sound...folks are definite feeling the laid-back, sexy vibes Los Angeles is known for.
Tri-coastal trio of Stoney Rock (a.k.a. Black Spade), Ced No and Proh Mic, HAWTHORNE HEADHUNTERS is one of the groups on my radar. My homie, Kenny of Freshselects put me on their mixtape last year. I just revisited it again, and it just got stuck in my player for weeks...the dark & stormy beat on 'Shining Star' is one of the illest I've heard in a while. I realized that I never put this up, so here you go, I added their Heaven & Hell podcast (Live at the HVW8 BBQ) & their collabo track with Dâm-Funk to the mix... it's a 3 for 1!

1. DOWNLOAD the free Hawthorne Headhunters mixtape (mixed by DJ Needles)
In Kenny Fresh of Freshselects' words :: I know its been a minute but here it is – the highly anticipated mixtape from the new hybrid supergroup, Hawthorne Headhunters. For those of you who still don’t know, HH is a three-headed production/vocal beast consisting of Stoney Rock (better known as Black Spade), Ced No (or I, CED when he’s solo) and Proh Mic. To go along with the EP, we’ve put together this mixtape, mixed by STL cohort DJ Needles, featuring the best of the group’s unreleased works over the years – both solo and as a unit. Also highlighted in the mix are their solo productions for some of their up-and-coming collaborators, including Coultrain, Jada Avenue, JimiJames, Stopha Vasquez, and TeLuv – most of which appear on the EP." The group’s debut project, a five-track EP is out on vinyl and iTunes as the first release on HVW8 Records.

2. DOWNLOAD their live mix recorded at the HVW8 Art + Design Gallery in LA back in '08.
The set was recorded at the HVW8 Art+Design Gallery in Los Angeles with a full set up of MPCs, keyboards, modules, turntables, mixers and more.
3. And last but not least, 'PCH', the sexy collabo of Hawthorne Headhunters with the grandmaster of modern funk, Dâm-Funk. Here is the link to their joint (free download).

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