Sunday, May 23, 2010


When you go to AFTA-1 a.k.a. Manual Moran's site, you'll land upon this: You can find AFTA-1 eight hours in the future. He’s sitting on a supernova, shooting down Pluto moons with love; then running back and laying the track in your lap. Brush the moon dust off your clothes and plug in your speakers for a shape-shifting, time-collapsing, body-breaking, heart-merging experience. With an amazing debut titled Aftathoughts Vol. 1 already under his belt along with impressive remixes of Esthero, Little Dragon, and Jessie Boykins, as well as the ravenously downloaded LOVE IS REAL mixtape series in circulation, Afta-1 is set to blow your mind with his intergalactic beats and ethereal vibes. It is hard to top this description, I can only back it up with my own set of words that describes his distinctly visionary music: sensually elevating beats vibrating on heart of my definite favorites. Tune in.
WHERE DO YOU CALL IT HOME? Anywhere I land where Love is present.
WHAT DO YOU DO? Live, Love and Create
TRUE BEAUTY IS…Within. Balanced, Honest and Equanimous
BEATS…Are reflections of heart palpitations
TRUE SEXY IS…A natural result of true beauty ;)
MUSIC IS MY…Translation of Life and Love

ART DOES NOT…Define Me, It is an Interpretation of the spirit flowing through me.
THESE 3 TURN ME ON…Patience, Honesty & Natural Beauty
SELF-KNOWLEDGE …= Enlightenment
ENOUGH OF…Ego-driven art
MY CREATIVITY IS…The blessing through which I can visualize and manifest.
TRUE POWER IS…Surrender.
LIFE CAN BE THE...physical manifestation of our dreams
TO LOVE IS TO…BE Love; Patient, Accepting and Giving.
I'VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE…I choose to surrender to it
NEW PROJECTS FOR 2010? Plenty! One dropping within the month ;)
SHOUTOUTS? Everyone who believes in ▲❍▼❏

AFTA-1 Love Suite

AFTA-1 x Nikko - Chemical Reaction by gasd

The time in between -AFTA-1 by gasd
Also, make sure to browse through the series of GAS'D x AFTA-1 mixtapes on the GAS'D site

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