Thursday, May 27, 2010

NEW DESIGN WORK : RAYE 6 :: Universal Lover Release Party promo

another RAYE 6 project I had the pleasure to work on....this is for an exclusive event taking place today to celebrate the completion of her highly-anticipated debut release, Universal Lover, for which I'm also one of the artists doing the album cover. we've got a few stimulating art projects in the works we've been working on behind the scenes....very exciting, indeed.
a limited space available, get there early

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

i'm feeling THE REFLECTOR: La Gentle Maya & Verdadero

not sure if people were ready for this in 2008. of the music i listen to this comes closest to Gosub and classic Detroit techno, but it definitely brings its own edge to the sound. i've been a fan of GB's production work and i'm also tuning into the larger vision. big up!

dedicado a la gente maya... artist: the reflektor title: la gente maya director: tonatzin films year: 2008

Monday, May 24, 2010

NEW DESIGN WORK:: BUSY : MOTH EP cover & rebranding

released 08 April 2010
All songs written and produced by Bradford Johnson, Jr. (Busy)
Album artwork and page design by Lichiban
Hailing from Maryland, BUSY a.k.a Bradford Johnson Jr. is a long time collaborator with Mono/Poly (Brainfeeder/Faces), producer of the highly limited ‘Raid’ 7” (Circulations) and a highlight of the recent Beat Dimensions II compilation. A couple of months ago, I had a chance to be visually part of his first full solo EP, “Moths”. The album is a cinematic journey of 9 instrumental tracks that go from meditative, atmospheric soundscapes to dark experimental territories evoking giant cosmic insects, lush rainforests and space travels... I loved the project, so it was easy to play around with the concept.

It is a highly visual album, I had the vision of the cover in my mind pretty much at first hearing...thankfully, BUSY gave me full freedom with the design. Given the cosmic feel of the sound and the album's title MOTH, I immediately thought of the symbol of the moth in Sufism (Islamic mystical tradition I studied for several years). Moths are known to be attracted to light, and even willing to throw themselves in the flames during their mad dance around the fire. In Sufi poetry, the moth is the symbol of the ecstatic soul yearning to be consumed by the flames of the divine Beloved, God. It is a symbol of the seeker's love for light and of self-sacrifice-i.e the sacrifice of individual ego awareness and the experience of oneness with God/the inner divinity, one's true divine Self. So for the front cover, I made a burning cosmic 'mothflower' mandala (divine self) that the individual moths are flying toward and getting consumed by on the back of the cover. Originally, I was only supposed to do a small sticker for the vinyl release, but the label liked the design enough to make it into the entire album cover...which I was obviously very happy about. I wish someone wanted to do an experimental video animation, so the image could come alive.

I also redesigned his myspace page and his bandcamp site. The album dropped in April and is available on itunes. Look out for his new projects as well, such as his excellent remix for my girl Sarah White's new remix EP, "Fade."

Sunday, May 23, 2010


When you go to AFTA-1 a.k.a. Manual Moran's site, you'll land upon this: You can find AFTA-1 eight hours in the future. He’s sitting on a supernova, shooting down Pluto moons with love; then running back and laying the track in your lap. Brush the moon dust off your clothes and plug in your speakers for a shape-shifting, time-collapsing, body-breaking, heart-merging experience. With an amazing debut titled Aftathoughts Vol. 1 already under his belt along with impressive remixes of Esthero, Little Dragon, and Jessie Boykins, as well as the ravenously downloaded LOVE IS REAL mixtape series in circulation, Afta-1 is set to blow your mind with his intergalactic beats and ethereal vibes. It is hard to top this description, I can only back it up with my own set of words that describes his distinctly visionary music: sensually elevating beats vibrating on heart of my definite favorites. Tune in.
WHERE DO YOU CALL IT HOME? Anywhere I land where Love is present.
WHAT DO YOU DO? Live, Love and Create
TRUE BEAUTY IS…Within. Balanced, Honest and Equanimous
BEATS…Are reflections of heart palpitations
TRUE SEXY IS…A natural result of true beauty ;)
MUSIC IS MY…Translation of Life and Love

ART DOES NOT…Define Me, It is an Interpretation of the spirit flowing through me.
THESE 3 TURN ME ON…Patience, Honesty & Natural Beauty
SELF-KNOWLEDGE …= Enlightenment
ENOUGH OF…Ego-driven art
MY CREATIVITY IS…The blessing through which I can visualize and manifest.
TRUE POWER IS…Surrender.
LIFE CAN BE THE...physical manifestation of our dreams
TO LOVE IS TO…BE Love; Patient, Accepting and Giving.
I'VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE…I choose to surrender to it
NEW PROJECTS FOR 2010? Plenty! One dropping within the month ;)
SHOUTOUTS? Everyone who believes in ▲❍▼❏

AFTA-1 Love Suite

AFTA-1 x Nikko - Chemical Reaction by gasd

The time in between -AFTA-1 by gasd
Also, make sure to browse through the series of GAS'D x AFTA-1 mixtapes on the GAS'D site

FREE DOWNLOAD : SPINNA — Larry Levan Dedication (Part 1)

I was just sorting through my drafts and saw this post that I meant to publish long time ago.Spinna is one of the best djs/ producers out there, this one is a master-meets-master type tribute.
From Spinna: Here’s a mix of some of my personal favorite Larry Levan remixes and productions. Many people in the dance community already understand the role that Larry had on shaping the New York club culture via the legendary Paradise Garage which lasted a little over a decade. I was fortunate enough to experience Larry’s magic in the G the year the club came to an end in 1987. You could only get in as a member and luckily one of the older members on my block was able to make it happen for me. I was in my teens and it literally changed my life forever. I caught that bug…It’s something that’s embedded in your soul for an eternity. I sometimes hear from older members that I should have been around when he was really on fire in the earlier days, but 1987 was good enough for me. The sound system alone was something that I have yet to see duplicated. You could feel the bass in your chest. I remember riding home on the train feeling like I had gone deaf. My ears never rang again like it did that sunday afternoon.

I grew up listening to his music mainly on WBLS via Frankie Crocker and Tony Humphries in the early 80s’ and I have memories of going to my local record store in the neighborhood to buy jams like ‘Let’s Go Dancin” by Sparque and I got ‘My Mind Made Up’ by Instant Funk, both included in this session. As a New Yorker and anyone living in New York in the 80’s you couldn’t really avoid Larry’s work. Some of his work even infiltrated the hip hop world via samples with records like ‘Heartbeat’ by Taana Gardner, ‘7th Heaven’ used in Biggie’s ‘Friend of Mine’ and Central Line’s ‘Walking Into Sunshine’ used in the classic LL Cool J/Marley Marl remix of ‘Jingling Baby.’

Some call it Boogie, some say Disco, and some Garage but at the end of the day it’s straight up good music that you can dance to and enjoy, period! This is part one, more to come shortly.

Larry Levan Dedication Part 1

GAS'D presents LOVE IS REAL VOL 5.

My favorite LA art & fashion movement, GAS'D 's new promo video

COMING SOON AFTA-1 X GAS'D :: Song in Video ::Quadron - Day

Friday, May 21, 2010

FREE DOWNLOAD :: SARAH WHITE :: Fade & C-Train Remixes

Sarah White is back! My longtime blog-mate on WRONGLIPS, the Brooklyn-based songsress offers not only one but two new releases packed with eclectic remixes of two of her best tracks, Fade and C-Train. FADE is available on her bandcamp page for free download. Here are two of my favories...
The original version of FADE was produced by DJ Don Cuco, Sarah's partner-in-love, which still remains the sultriest of the bunch. Here is Mas Vox's interpretation
<a href="">FADE: Mas Vox Remix by Sarah White</a>
& the homie, Dhundee's spin on 'C-Train'
<a href="">C Train: Dj Dhundee Remix by Sarah White</a>
The C-Train remix EP (which I had the pleasure to do the cover for) blends the sounds of dubstep, dancehall and drum n bass, with the sexy-sultry-soul vocals of Sarah White, to make a fusion match-made for the dancefloor. As a Minneapolis native, this Brooklyn transplant, cries out through flo and song expressing the effects of life on the hustle and the grind, and the challenge of keeping a balance. 'C Train' is a sweet collaboration of time, space, passion and raw beats. The original is produced by her partner Dj Don Cuco (Cultura Love), and then given a completely new life when remixed by 3 masters of sound, Dj Dhundee (Sugarcuts), Matt Shadetek (Dutty Artz) and Heinrich Zwahlen (Basscut). Definatley one to get your heads nodding, mind expanding and hips grinding..

Thursday, May 20, 2010

MUSE :: Kimaya

KIMAYA - Sanskrit for 'divine'.
She is definitely a little goddess. I recently was commissioned to paint her, which I am super excited about. I actually got back to doing art full time by drawing children first-kids are huge inspirations...they always keep me in check and in touch with my own inner child. When she first came with her mom (whom I also doing a piece for) to visit my place and take photos for the piece, she just loved the fact that there was art everywhere. She asked me to give her a sketch book and started drawing her own piece. While working she had several spontaneous outbursts of "I am an artist!". It was a wrap for me. I am her number one fan.

LIFE AS A CAT :: love talk

"Can we make out?"
"Yea aha...but Terry has his stupid camera in my face again"
"Come on babe, seriously? When did you ever care about that?"

Sunday, May 16, 2010

ROOM 777: The Magic Room presents :: MELO-X & NIKKI NTU

For most of New Yorkers who have been plugged into the latest music happenings in the city, MELO-X needs no introduction. To get a sense for what he is all about check out my previous feature on him & stay up on his blog & twitter updates. This is his birthday week, so here is some extra shine.

Last summer, we were shooting an interview at my old house (yes yes ROOM 777 is of the past now) with my girl NIKKI NTU, MELO's long-time collaborator. The interview featured our Berlin-fam Andrea, Kesed, Janine, Claude, myself and of course Melo, i.e. the artists and friends who have been involved in some way in NIKKI's debut release project A History of Dreams that Melo produced and I illustrated.
Currently, we are waiting for MELO's highly-anticipated second full length album entitled SONIC INTERCOURSE... meanwhile, here is his prelude mix, appropriately named AUDIO FOREPLAY. Tonight, Melo is celebrating his birthday at this event at Le Poisson Rouge I'm hosting tonight, which will also mark the New York debut of Sonnymoon and their new release HTLV in collaboration with MeLo - X (cop it on itunes).
NIKKI NTU is one of the rising stars of her generations. A true artist & seeker, Nikki is one of my favorite peoples & collaborators. I used to go OCD with her track 'Birth of Venus' when I first heard it. Nikki is going to be guest performing tonight on stage with Melo. She is working behind the scenes on her new project that involves production from Ras-G and some Brainfeeder folks from the West Coast...mmm, definitely look out for that. To find out more about NIKKI, check my feature on her on WRONGLIPS, and tune into her blog & twitter updates. She also has a show coming up next Thursday at PETER HADAR's new residency at ELLA's.
Here is a snipper from NIKKI's latest joint, produced by RAS-G (from Melo's label GALAX).
Upper Management (Snippet) by GalaxRecordings


My homie Fabian Tejada put me onto these guys last year and I've been dying to collaborate with them ever since...Tonight, I'll have a chance to experience in real time what they are all about at the event I'm hosting at Le Poisson Rouge also featuring NERVE featuring Jojo Mayer, SONNYMOON (NYC Debut), MIKE SLOTT (LuckyMe), MELO - X (Featuring Jade & Nikki NTU), SHANTELL MARTIN (visuals), DJ BURT FOX & The Ladies of LICK. Check out the event page for more info.
"SWEATSHOPPE is a new multimedia performance collaboration between Bruno Levy and Blake Shaw that works at the intersection of art, music and technology. Developing software to construct a totally unique interactive performance, the duo works towards creating unique ways of affecting an audience. Whether it be as a dance driven electronic music performance that emphasizes sound reactive visuals, building interactive installations, or the fabrication of guerrilla technologies to augment public space, the duo strives towards an element of pop accessibility that is so often ignored in the technocentric world of experimental media."

Saturday, May 15, 2010


"Suspended in an arcade of magnetic loops, the image shows a one million degree hot solar plasma cooling down..[On July 14, 2000] this flare spawned a solar storm that bombarded Earth with a shower of protons, causing scientific and communications satellites to short-circuit. Through a series of chemical reactions in our atmosphere, the protons drastically diminished the upper-most areas of the ozone layer, a protective blanket mostly in the stratosphere that blocks life-threatening ultraviolet radiation from reaching the Earth. This shower of protons, known by solar science insiders as the Bastille Day event, was the third largest of its kind in the last 30 years." [source]


It just happens that two of the music artists I collaborated with on album cover design are going to share the stage on this coming Thursday night. Peter Hadar's new residency at Ella will guest feature my girl, Nikki NTU. (You can find the designs on the right at the Aural Vision series). I'm really looking forward to see how their energies combine.

There has been a lot of buzz about Peter's new residency (check this review of the last show) and I love his collabos with the Creative Control crew who do most of his video promos. To get a sense of what the vibes is like, check the latest video captured at Peter's residency at Ella here.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Monday, May 10, 2010

Interview :: SONNYMOON

I first heard of SONNYMOON on the homie, Melo-X's blog when he dropped his remix of the duo's cover of Drake's Houstatlantavegas, which was one of my favorite tracks from Melo's new mixtape Audio Foreplay.  Professionally trained jazz musicians, the graduates of the Berklee School of Music Dane Orr and Anna Wise have come together about a year ago to form their band, choosing their name Sonnymoon as an homage to the legendary jazz saxaphonist Sonny Rollins. Anna's sensual and ethereal voice gives the band's sound a distinct character, which could be described as a hypnotizing genre-bending fusion of experimental jazz, trip-hop, ambient electronica, alternative rock and hip-hop, drawing inspirations as wide-ranging as artists like Portishead, Bjork, Flying Lotus, Little Dragon, Black Dice, J-Dilla or Drake. Their debut album GOLDEN AGE that dropped last December as a free download (see link below) got raving reviews and has been building up the hype around the band's NYC debut coming this Sunday, May 16 at Le Poisson Rouge (which also be a celebration of Melo's birthday-not to be missed!). I am one of the hosts of the event, so I got a chance  to do a quick interview with them.  Here it goes...

Lichiban: I heard you guys live in Boston. Are you from there? How is the music scene there? Do you know the guys from Passion Pit who came out of Boston and recently gained international fame?

SM: Sadly Passion Pit left Boston before we got here. People are always in and out of Boston in a few years it seems because it’s such a college town. However, that means that the house party scene is bangin. The best gigs we’ve had here were house parties, the energy is crazy, but it’s weird because we never play with bands that sound anything like us.

L: If you would have to describe your sound with 5 word…
Experimental, rhythmic, fluid, playful, dissonant

<a href="">Golden Age by Sonnymoon</a>

L: How long have you guys been making music?
SM: We had our first birthday a few months ago.

L: I first heard you guys through the homie, Melo-X’s remix of your cover of Drake’s “Houseatlantavegas”. Who came up with the idea to cover the song?
SM: Melo-X is the dude, we’re meeting him in person for the first time this week. We get lots of crazy ideas and have fun executing them, and that song was one of many things we did in October when we were bored.

L: What’s the process of making a song? Is there a pattern or is it more fluid?
SM: There is no pattern, at least not yet. We can never expect the next song to come out the same way as the one before. If there were a method to the madness, we’d probably get bored with it. The best shit happens when we’re messing around and not taking ourselves too seriously.

L: What would be a dream place to play at?
SM: Our hometown spots, Yoshi’s in Oakland and the Saratoga Performing Arts Center in upstate NY.

L: If you were offered to choose, who would you like to tour with?
SM: Likeminded musicians. It would be cool to tour with a group of maybe 4 bands and each performance would flow seamlessly into the next with no breaks. Each act could contribute to an overall experience, like a movement in a suite. Fever Ray being featured somewhere in the line-up would be supreme.

L: What was your favorite 3 albums of the last year?
Little Dragon – Machine Dreams
Lil Wayne – No Ceilings
Atlas Sound - Logos

L: What are you working on next?
SM: Our NY debut is this coming Saturday. Check event info here.  
Keep googling us, you’ll find out what were up to. We are twitter nerds @sonnymoonmusic

L: Shoutouts?

SM: Raydar Ellis, Meghan Stabile and Revive Da Live, Dawaun Parker, Anthony Valadez and KCRW, @DiscJockeyLE, Blindiforthekids, Couch Sessions, AMB, Bars Up.


Check out more about the event on facebook.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


a face of Indian media a hitherto unbeknown to me...was seriously confused at first site, so i did a little research to find out 

that Vikram Aur Betaal was a children's television program aired on DD National. The series contained stories from Indian mythology that aim at teaching kids lessons of life while entertaining them. The concept of the program was based on Baital Pachisi, a collection of tales about the semi-legendary King Vikram (identified as Vikramāditya) and the Vetala, a huge vampire-like being.....[source]

Video: Television series "Vikram Aur Betaal" (1988) from Ramanand Sagar

Music: "Under Pressure" (1981) by Queen and David Bowie

Saturday, May 8, 2010


SONG OF THE DAY :: MYTH "Love is Gone' feat. Addiquit

COLLABO :: Human Degree x Lichiban

Last year, my friend, painter/art director Rodney White teamed up with photographer Arian Camilleri to work on a painting/photography collaboration series.
In their own words, "What if you saw a person, and he or she told you what they wanted you to conclude about them? Through the collaboration of photographer, artist, the subject and their words, a dialogue is started and the degrees of human separation become closer.
Human° was created by Arian Camilleri and Rodney White, two artists of different disciplines with an ambitious but possible goal. Bring humans together 1° at a time.

Humanº is an ongoing portrait project and we are always looking for interesting subjects."

They asked me to come on board and give them 9 words that would represent me. I think this was my first AIO appearance on a photo. The project is still growing, but I love what they have so far. According to the plans, the 36"x 44" prints will eventually be revealed in an exhibit and will be also collected in a book. Check out more of the series on

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

ARTIST TO WATCH : Space Invadas

"Original" featuring Buff 1 and RuC.L. Space Invadas is STEVE SPACEK and KATALYST. I've been bumping their ground-breaking debut album "Soul-Fi" for a couple of weeks. This is soul for 2010. Not only their sound, but also their message is right up in my alley (see e.g. "One Child") Get on board on itunes

Shout to my man, Derreck of Trees for Breakfast for putting me on!

Monday, May 3, 2010

INTERVIEW :: Conversation with WAAJEED

Last December, I sat down with friends, one of my favorite producers, WAAJEED (PPP, Bling 47) & Devin "Pan" Barrett, my buddy back from the time when we both used to write for TRACE magazine. Detroit-bred Waajeed has been making music for over a decade, after putting his first love, painting, aside yielding to an even greater passion for the art of beats. His first album B.P.M.(2002, Bling 47) has been a sought after collector's record. His Triple 5 Soul Volume 3 mix he made back in 2005 is one of my most-listened to mixes-it showcases more of Waajeed's Kraftwerk/Cybotron/Detroit techno-inspired roots. He gained international fame with his band, the Platinum Pied Piper that he formed with multi-instrumentalist, Saadiq and Tiombe Lockhart (see post below) on the vocals. Their first album Triple P (2005, Ubiquity) featured collaborations with heavy-hitters, such as Waajeed's close friend Jay Dee, SA-RA, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Steve Spacek and Invincible. In 2007 he released a compilation called The War LP, meanwhile working on PPP's second album. PPP dropped their second album, ABUNDANCE (Ubiquity) last year, which featured the multi-talented Coultrain both as a song writer and vocalist, and Karma on the vocals. If you haven't heard the album, definitely cop the Offical PPP 'Abundance' mixtape, or even better, buy the album on itunes. Most recently, he has done remixes for a variety of artists, such as Mayer Hawthorne, ONRA, and La Melodia (all of these artists have been recently featured here). Waajeed is a real comedian and one of the most hard-working & authentic cats I've met in the music industry.
photo courtesy of Dustin Ross
Good (Prod. by Waajeed) by hypedog
The interview was completely spontaneous, I just started rolling since I wanted to share the convo. Waajeed touched on his plans with his new solo album and his label Bling 47, which is currently expanding into a documentation project of super-exclusive Bling 47 activities including rare, behind-the-scene footage, unreleased tracks and other goodies. I was curious about the chances of him getting back to painting and about who to watch on the New York & LA music scene. 

Dec 2009, Dubspot, New York
From his bio"Waajeed was studying art and djing in and around the local music circuit before he has gotten himself into full time music production. Waajeed was an executive producer on Dwele'sRize, which ultimately led to Dwele getting signed to Virgin Records shortly thereafter. He has been a close friend of Slum Village since its earliest days, DJ'ing for them on their earliest tours, convincing the group to release their first album/demo, Fan-Tas-Tic (Vol. 1), choosing the group's name, and introducing them to fourth member Elzhi. Waajeed's productions have led to him working with some of the industry's most respected artists such as Roy Ayers, Radiohead, and many others
facebook / twitter


London-based radio host/ DJ for over 15 years, BENJI B is one of the youngest and most influential musical taste-makers of today, whose site Deviation, and his radio show on BBC 1 I've been regularly hitting up for new inspirations. I met Benji through Brooklyn fam Waajeed & Ge-ology a couple of years ago when the three used to do parties together (check Waajeed's interview coming up next, where he's bigging him up big time). This is is the latest of his featured guest interviews I found on the BBC 1 site. Jay Electronica goes deep.

Benji is the resident at the monthly club night he runs in London called Deviation. The Deviation night regularly showcases famous DJs and producers, such as Sa-Ra Creative Partners, Skream, Mark Pritchard, Moodymann, Mala, Marc Mac, MJ Cole, and was the first night in Europe at which Flying Lotus and Dam-Funk played. There have been one-off Deviation nights at Fabric featuring Madlib and J-Rocc and in Madrid, Spain. In March 2010 the night moved from its home at Gramaphone to CAMP on Old Street.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

i'm feeling...JESSE BOYKINS III : Amorous (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

I love Jesse's new video. You've gotta see him perform live, he channels love energy directly..he is one of my favorite peoples from Brooklyn. Check him out on his website & on itunes,

Jesse Boykins III - Amorous (Official Music Video) from Jesse Boykins III on Vimeo.

In his own words..."‎​​I am a reawakening of the Romantic Movement ; an observer of Love and the Power it holds. So when given the opportunity to document my priceless experiences and connect them with moments in melody I've captured, I am humbled. Amorous is my appreciation for the relationship and the magic it holds between two people. The essence of a bond and its affect on its environment for the better. Special thanks to London for its environment and the Lovers that shared their intimacy. The Beauty Created."

i'm feeling...Machinedrum - Whatchuthinkin Feat. Tiombe Lockhart

mmm, this combo is bad...
heavy-hitters, Tiombe Lockhart (ex-PPP, Cubic Zirconia) & Machinedrum
keeping it sexy

Machinedrum - Whatchuthinkin (Feat. Tiombe Lockhart) from machinedrum on Vimeo.

BLOGLOVE :: RHU & RHO, Paragon of Virtue

if you want to know what's fresh on the West Coast, check out RHU & RHO's blog site. we found each other through our mutual link, fellow lovelutionary, GAS'D founded by Imany Waddy. i love the site, they've totally nailed their own look & feel. In their own words
The yin to the yang, the salt to the pepper, the thread to the needle. I mean come on! For Paragon of Virtue to come into fruition it had to have a way to keep the Rhu + Rho homeostasis. So, here it is...You see the purpose of all of this is to not just to edify our lives or what so ever. It's something for us to have, you see we don't have much but this. We don't come from a wealthy family nor are we children of some self made millionaire. But we are Rhu and Rho and we were born in the Philippines traveled through different countries you couldn't imagine even living in---we are a product of our own journey, knowledge, and multi-cultures. Brought up in struggle but built to succeed. This Paragon of Virtue, Passe, The Rho, Rhu+Rho,etc is a story for us to share, aspire,and inspire.