Sunday, May 2, 2010

BLOGLOVE :: RHU & RHO, Paragon of Virtue

if you want to know what's fresh on the West Coast, check out RHU & RHO's blog site. we found each other through our mutual link, fellow lovelutionary, GAS'D founded by Imany Waddy. i love the site, they've totally nailed their own look & feel. In their own words
The yin to the yang, the salt to the pepper, the thread to the needle. I mean come on! For Paragon of Virtue to come into fruition it had to have a way to keep the Rhu + Rho homeostasis. So, here it is...You see the purpose of all of this is to not just to edify our lives or what so ever. It's something for us to have, you see we don't have much but this. We don't come from a wealthy family nor are we children of some self made millionaire. But we are Rhu and Rho and we were born in the Philippines traveled through different countries you couldn't imagine even living in---we are a product of our own journey, knowledge, and multi-cultures. Brought up in struggle but built to succeed. This Paragon of Virtue, Passe, The Rho, Rhu+Rho,etc is a story for us to share, aspire,and inspire.

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