Saturday, May 8, 2010

COLLABO :: Human Degree x Lichiban

Last year, my friend, painter/art director Rodney White teamed up with photographer Arian Camilleri to work on a painting/photography collaboration series.
In their own words, "What if you saw a person, and he or she told you what they wanted you to conclude about them? Through the collaboration of photographer, artist, the subject and their words, a dialogue is started and the degrees of human separation become closer.
Human° was created by Arian Camilleri and Rodney White, two artists of different disciplines with an ambitious but possible goal. Bring humans together 1° at a time.

Humanº is an ongoing portrait project and we are always looking for interesting subjects."

They asked me to come on board and give them 9 words that would represent me. I think this was my first AIO appearance on a photo. The project is still growing, but I love what they have so far. According to the plans, the 36"x 44" prints will eventually be revealed in an exhibit and will be also collected in a book. Check out more of the series on

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