Friday, May 21, 2010

FREE DOWNLOAD :: SARAH WHITE :: Fade & C-Train Remixes

Sarah White is back! My longtime blog-mate on WRONGLIPS, the Brooklyn-based songsress offers not only one but two new releases packed with eclectic remixes of two of her best tracks, Fade and C-Train. FADE is available on her bandcamp page for free download. Here are two of my favories...
The original version of FADE was produced by DJ Don Cuco, Sarah's partner-in-love, which still remains the sultriest of the bunch. Here is Mas Vox's interpretation
<a href="">FADE: Mas Vox Remix by Sarah White</a>
& the homie, Dhundee's spin on 'C-Train'
<a href="">C Train: Dj Dhundee Remix by Sarah White</a>
The C-Train remix EP (which I had the pleasure to do the cover for) blends the sounds of dubstep, dancehall and drum n bass, with the sexy-sultry-soul vocals of Sarah White, to make a fusion match-made for the dancefloor. As a Minneapolis native, this Brooklyn transplant, cries out through flo and song expressing the effects of life on the hustle and the grind, and the challenge of keeping a balance. 'C Train' is a sweet collaboration of time, space, passion and raw beats. The original is produced by her partner Dj Don Cuco (Cultura Love), and then given a completely new life when remixed by 3 masters of sound, Dj Dhundee (Sugarcuts), Matt Shadetek (Dutty Artz) and Heinrich Zwahlen (Basscut). Definatley one to get your heads nodding, mind expanding and hips grinding..

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