Thursday, June 3, 2010

BROOKLYN DIARIES :: MY M.O. 'Monkey' video shoot

Some of the still shots from last weekend's MY M.O. 'Monkey' music video shoot I was part of. I'm not going to say much just yet, I'll let the images do the work...All I can say that it was an amazing day with an amazing crew...everybody put in their best. The accessories for my Himalayan shamaness outfit was courtesy of my good friend, artist/stylist, Masahiro Ito. Shout out to the spaceage herbalist, Divine Elohim for providing us his space for the shoot & everyone involved. And of course big thanks to the MY M.O. crew-Erika Buestami, Dion MacKenzie, Katy Walker & Joel Mejia- for having me and my artwork be part of this. (with the father of the bride, the Sultan of Brunei [Mike Genato] & the wyfe-to-be [Erika "Enki" Buestami] photo: Katy Walker)

If you want to see them perform live, you can catch them perform today from 9pm-10pm at Rose Live in Williamsburg, BK. Free admission!

this & photo below by Aric Gutnic


Parker said...

Raye 6 biters!!!!
chomp chomp!!!!

LICHIBAN said...

Are you serious? We are both good friends of Raye. Erika from MY M.O. produced some of her songs and DJs for her and Raye has my tattoo on her thigh and has embodied my characters before. You sound like a hater.

Anonymous said...

WORD!! luv it ~VONY