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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW :: 'Time Traveling' WALTER MECCA x Lichiban interview

Hailing from outerspace via Paris, WALTER MECCA is one of my favorite artists from France (the other one happens to be Walter's good friends, K?m.f &ONRA whom I recently interviewed here as well). I've known Walter and K?m.f. since back in the myspace days, we somehow found and liked each other's work and kept up. The first thing I heard from him was the Biozone sampler I found a couple of years ago -an another dope Weirdata project that featured Jessica Pepper, Metal Ninja, Sidy/Stairway to Nutopia, Brice Torres , K?MF along with Walter. I had a plan to post this interview with him way before his new album dropped this April, but life got super busy, so I had to wait until now to put it out.

The new album is highly visual & cinematic- I wasn't surprised to find out that it was inspired by retro ninja & horror movie soundtracks (and maybe some aerobic workout tapes). Walter has been pseudonymed as the "VHS King", since the exclusive packaging for TONNERRE includes retro videos on a vhs tape and music on a Tonnerre USB key. I heard that the exclusive VHS package already sold out, but the digi version is available on weirdata

Supaa baad' - this is my favorite track of the album...probably the sexiest tune I've heard in a long time...
Walter-Mecca-Supaa baad by zenith01
Lichiban: Where are you from? Could you tell me a little bit about your background & musical influences? When did you decided to do music for a living?
Walter Mecca: Hi Lichi, my name is Walter "Dal-gren" Mecca, a MC/music producer/videomaker from Paris, France. I started in 2005 with a first project called the "Love Message", and then released the "Cut Basic LP" in 2008 on Favorite recordings. Now, the new "Tonnerre" release on Weirdata/BioZone Records, which comes with an exclusive Vhs/Usb Format Pack. Yeah, I have so many influences, life & old music from outerspace, hip-hop, electronic, psy-rock...old movies, open-minded people, good food... My parents gave me a big musical influence, jazz-rock/fusion & music from early 80'... I started with hip-hop music in 90' and now I don't have any limit..(laugh)
Listen to the Tonnere Teaser

L: I'm really feeling your new album...tell me a little bit about it? What was involved in the making?
WM: Spaced out samples, vintage synths and funky talkbox are the main ingredients to this outstanding project.The exclusive package includes videos on a vhs tape and music on a Tonnerre usb key. Tonnerre is my new album and it incorporates a wide part of what I'm able to do...Retro-Futurist music, I took one year working in my studio for the album and I've lost one teeth with my talkbox...
L: What would you like people to take away after listening to the album?
WM: I want people go to unexplored sides of the brain.

L: I just had an interview with your music collabo partner, ONRA. It looks like you guys have been spearheading the revival of the space-boogie-funk-electro sound in France. How is the music scene in Paris? Are people open to your sound?
WM: I think Paris is open...the music scene is good,we have some good listeners here. A lot of bullshit too, but it's like everywhere...(laugh)

L: The secret ingredient...
WM: Nothing special, Walter is just a Dream.

L: What's your arsenal? Favorite instrument?
WM: Love my Atari 520 st with vintage synthesizers, just put talkbox on it...

L: What's your creative process?
WM: Turn on the sound & Time Travel.

L: Time & space traveling ?Do you practice it:)
WM: Sure! and you too!

L: Haha, yes that's right...If you had a superhero alterego, what kind of attributes & supernatural powers would he have?
WM: I think Green Lantern is the good one.

L: Inspirations...
WM: I listen a lot of prog/electronic music...some 80's pop stuff too...and horror & ninja movies all day everyday.

L: Next project?
WM: Next project is the Metal Ninja - Final Duel Lost Tapes On Weirdata, VHS/USB classic...Dal-gren - Cut Basic 2...

L: Any plans to tour in the US?
WM: For sure...need to come soon with the all Weirdata Family from France...

L: Dream collaboration?
WM: Zappa.

L: Could you put me on your three of your favorite albums of 2009?
WM: Me'shell Ndegeocello, Seledyn, Dam Funk.

L: Define success...
WM: For me the biggest success is when you found yourself and ready to show and receive some Love all over the world.

L: Shoutouts
Big up to you Lichiban & the blog, To all my weirdata Family, Metal ninja, Nsdos, Onra, AITF, Pain o chokolat and to all people from France to the Infinite.
L: Thanks!

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