Thursday, June 17, 2010

i heART NYC : WHITE TRAIN launch event

Some of my new and old work will be represented by a brand new company, called White Train. I've been looking for a deal like this and I'm very happy to say that I found a great team of people who are ready to make some moves in the art world. Today, the site is launching with a party to celebrate the event.

White Train is excited to announce the anticipated launch of, a lifestyle website that offers NY based urban artists the opportunity to showcase and sell their art and unique, innovative products.

In the 1980s, NYC’s white subway trains acted as an open canvas for urban artists in their fight for both recognition and maximum exposure throughout the city and its 5 boroughs. These artists wanted to communicate with the public that art should not have any boundaries, and should be open and accessible to all walks of life. Just like the trains of the 80s, acts as a canvas to showcase and market the work of up-and-coming New York based urban artists. “I'm very excited to for the launch. I feel its going to be a great resource for ambitious artists who are dedicated to their craft, but have little time to market themselves,” says Maxine Medina, founder of White Train. “We are a platform to help bridge the gap for artists who are extremely talented, and provide them with the resources they need to get to the next level. Not only will we help sell their work, but we also provide them with various types of advisory services allowing the artists to concentrate on their art while we help them with the rest.”

The White Train team will celebrate the launch of by hosting the first exhibition featuring artists to know, love, and support in 2010. The event will take place on Thursday, June 17 2010 at Chacala: The Secret Spot, located on 394 Broadway (4th floor, between Walker & White) from 6p – 10p. is a lifestyle e-commerce website and online gallery. The goal is to support and enhance NYC’s up-and-coming artists’ range by attracting professional opportunities and engaging a community of passionate artists with similar mindsets.

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