Tuesday, June 8, 2010


If you were lucky enough to catch Dâm-Funk and his live band, Master Blazter at their epic debut performance in New York City, you'll probably don't want to miss round two coming up June 12th at the Bowery Ballroom. Space funk captain, Dâm is joined by two stellar musicians, Computer Jay on the keyboards and J1 on the drums to form the unstoppable beast that is Master Blazter. Check some of my video footage from the debut show. This time, the crew is joined by special guests New York band Chin Chin & my good friend, producer/DJ Waajeed (PPP. Bling 47). For more info and tickets check here.

They recently teamed up with mixmaster DJ Kutmah to create their new mixtape Blazt Off, which I've been listening for a few weeks, but I was holding it off until now...more sexy astral travel sound on this one too, and this is just a teaser...yesss

1. Water - J1
2. Funktronic - Computer Jay
3. Feel in The Blank - J1
4. Just Wanna Ride - D-F
5. Rescue - J1
6. Show Me The Way - D-F
7. She Lights Me Up - D-F
8. Slang Talk - J1
9. 44th Chamber - J1
10. I Dont Just Do Beats..I Do music - D-F
11. Thunder Horns - Computer Jay
12. I was Wrong..I Take It Back - Computer Jay
13. Maintain - Computer Jay
14. Visa Stamp - Computer Jay
15. Whip - Computer Jay
16. Sunny - J1
17. Bearclaw - Computer Jay
18. Phantom - Computer Jay

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