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Back in January, I wrote a "Next Big Thing" post about my beautiful friend, SHEA ROSE, who was getting ready to drop her debut Rock & Rose EP. Since then her rapidly ascending journey has taken her to be featured in numerous magazines, such as Essence, People, InTouch, Performer and OK Magazine, and she also graced the home page of PUMA as well. Most recently, she has been hand-picked by Queen Latifa to be " one of the hottest, up and coming female artists in 2010" for COVER GIRL's Queen Collection feature. Here is more about her recent COVER GIRL feature from her press release: Recording artist and songwriter Shea Rose is a Boston native and fifth semester professional music major at the Berklee College of Music. She has been described as the female Lenny Kravitz meets Lauryn Hill. "We need to make sure their (female artists) voices are heard," says Queen Latifah. More than 600 music videos were viewed by Queen Latifah herself. Rose along with four women were flown to Miami for a photo shoot with celebrity photographer Peggy Sirota and recorded a remake of Queen Latifah's hit anthem U.N.I.T.Y with famed music producers Cool and Dre.

Soon after the shoot in Miami, CoverGirl signed Rose to be a fresh new face (spokesperson/
ambassador) of the CoverGirl Queen collection and invited her to the 2010 B.E.T Awards where Queen Latifah will be hosting. The show airs on B.E.T on June 27th, 8p/7c. “This has been a beautiful, amazing and humbling experience," says Rose. "I am so grateful that Queen Latifah understands how important it is to encourage and support young, female entrepreneurs. I would've loved to see her perform at this year's AFROPUNK fest, whose incredible line-up still fell short of female voices. In any case, you will her about this queen as she's making her way to the top. A combination of 100% genuine beauty & talent, she's a definite force to be reckoned with. For all my blogger fam out there, I'd recommend that you keep her on your radar! Stay in touch with her on facebook page or stalk her on twitter.

WHERE DO YOU CALL IT HOME? The sassy girl in me wants to say Earth. Haaaaa! When I was a little girl, I wanted to be from Saturn because the ring around it looked so freakin’ cool. Just recently this dude came up to me and told me I was from a different planet, but that’s another story. Anywho, on Earth, I reside in Boston.

WHAT DO YOU DO? Manifest Light Through Music…Shine! Shine! Shine!

TRUE BEAUTY IS When no matter how long you’ve been on this earth, your eyes dance and your smile ignites a room. I remember, vividly, the last conversation I had with my grandfather. His face glowed like a newborn baby. He was eighty-nine and he had just underwent surgery – second leg amputation due to diabetes. I went to visit him and we were laughing it up boy…talking about how the Red Sox couldn’t get it together to win The World Series and how he had a crush on the nurse who washed him everyday and that she turned him on. Wow granddad! Never thought he would have passed away the next day. In his last moments, his eyes were filled with so much joy and life always smiling – TRUE BEAUTY!

BEATS…Thom Ta Ka Ta Ka Thom Thom // Ta Ki Ta Ta Ki Ta Ta Ki Ta // Ta Ka Di Mi Ta Ka Di Mi Ta Di Gi Na Thom Thom.

TRUE SEXY IS Sushi. Port. Chocolate. Need I say more? Yeass…. Intellect. Confidence. Integrity.

MUSIC IS MYGift back to the Universe…

[photo by Kloe York]

ART DOES NOT..Does not art capture the human condition, our spirit and array of emotions?


THESE 3 TURN ME ON…Strong Physique. Discipline. Oh and a man who smells good, tastes like honey and plays the cello. Uh oh, let me shut up before I get carried away. What am I talkin’ bout, let me get carried away please! It starts off in this loft right with satin walls and light ebony wood floors. It’s him, me, the cello and that bottle of port….Haaaaaa!

SELF-KNOWLEDGE…Is an absolutely thrilling journey! For me, connecting with and understanding my past has helped me put so much into perspective…who and where I come from, where I’ve been, who I am today and where I’m going. Also, I’m very clear about my “personal legend” (for those of you who have read “The Alchemist”) and what legacy I want to leave behind. It’s a beautiful evolution, spending time on this earth, aging, wisdom, spiritual growth…I love it!

ENOUGH OFCelebrity gossip and sensationalized news…so icky poo poo!


TRUE POWER ISHumm I don’t know let me Google this one…okay here are the top three search results: True Power (a) is a source of mystical power found in the Wheel of Time books of Robert Jordan (b) is symbolized by the letter P and is measured in the unit of Watts (W) and (c) is manifested in tangible form such as electromagnetic radiation, acoustic waves, or mechanical phenomena.

LIFE CAN BE THETheme song to Jaws ( or “Fun” by Sly & The Family Stone (

TO LOVE IS TO…LOVE! I was made from love…A Love Child! Thank you Hillary Jr. and Beverly Rose!!! Khalil Gibran said it best in the “The Prophet”

On Love

When love beckons to you, follow him, Though his ways are hard and steep…Love gives naught but itself and takes naught but from itself. Love possesses not nor would it be possessed; For love is sufficient unto love….

I'VE GOT FLOW BECAUSEI can flow wit it and fit in just about anywhere with anyone. My upbringing and the places I’ve traveled produced this chameleon “Flo-Shea” and I get to explore and express all of my sides, experiences and personalities through my music. Rock! Hip-Hop! Sing-Songwriter wit Soul! There’s Shea “The White Girl” who grew up in the suburbs, Shea “The Black Girl” with the power afro, Shea “The Rocker” who likes tall skinny white dudes with long hair and guitars, Shea “The Hippy”, who would like to be Janis Joplin for a day, Shea “The Tom Boy,” who likes to hang with dudes and talks about the hottest chics in Hollywood and then Shea “The Artist” – female Lenny Kravitz meets Lauryn Hill. And those are just a few of my living personalities. For more on this and the many voices in Shea’s head tune in… LOL!

NEW PROJECTS FOR 2010? “Rock’n’Rose” EP – Released in Spring, 2010. Feature Story in Performer Magazine February Issue. Performances: “A Tribute to the Extraordinary Life of Michael Jackson” April 30th – May 1st 2010. Berklee Performance Center (


SHOUTOUTS? Mama (Beverly), Papa (Hillary Jr.) Brothers (Hillary III & Daniel) Sister (Necii) Cousin (Renae), Zach Nicholls, The Boston Music & Arts Community and my folks over at “The Movement @ Berklee”!

Rock ON!

Her recent Cover Girl feature

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