Friday, July 2, 2010

BROOKLYN DIARIES :: AFRO-PUNK 2010 wrap-up & flix

Took me some time to gather all the pics from last weekend's AFROPUNK 2010 festival in the Commodore Barry Park in Brooklyn. These photos can tell the story of the amazing two-day marathon of dope music, art & skateboard & bmx virtuosity better than words. As expected the event brought out New York's flyest people, the vibe was beautiful...the artists were really feeling this summer's energy, which is about coming together and creating hot shit (the year of the Tiger, baby!). This is the Brooklyn Renaissance in the making and I'm counting my blessings every day that I'm surrounded by some of the dopest artists of this generation and that I can do what I love. I'm inspired by their love and creativity every day.
My piece is called
"THE RETURN OF THE FELINES : Fire Liogon Has Come"
This is the first public piece of my new LIOGON series, introducing Fire Liogon, the feline life-transformer "lion-dragon." It's one of a species of Planet Citraka, sent to Planet Earth to open up portals of fire element to spread a color-specific energy transmitter intended to raise the frequencies of earthlings by introducing them to Citraka vibrations. Lotus spacecrafts are carrying feline messengers of different Citraka tribes. BODDHI is one of the seven avatars of Mt. Golden Blossom is on his way to connect. He is behind the scenes getting used to his terrestial manifestation and trying to get accustomed to the conditions that the combination of the four elements his shell is subjected to have produced. He finds that the only palatable thing to eat is matsutake grown at high altitudes of the Tibetan Plateau.

Beautiful catwoman, KHAY was hosting the party on stage on Sunday...I'm thinking she is going to be one of my new muses
My beautiful friend, designer ZEBI of Born As A Raggamuffin
Mr. SOLID GOLD, Livingroom Johnston, one of my best friends and one of my favorite artists also. Stay tuned for some new collabos we are working on.
my girl, Alice Mizrahi with her signature fly piece
The homie, Rob Focused-...loved it
These guys were killing it on the other side! Amazing work by Baja Ukweli, Optms, Coby Kennedy and Borish of the Trust Your Struggle collective
water break with See One

The oilspill...This was one of the illests! My boy, painter/model Ibrahim Yaqut really outdid himself on this one...all marker! Check him in action in the video below.

Thanks for the shout, Ibi!!

My girl, photographer/fashion designer Mari J Brooklyn represent of the freshest ladies of BK.
Here are some of Mari J's shots...
Beside Game Rebellion my friend old neighbor Netic & his crew were on point, ripping the stage with fire energy. They always do an amazing show. I only had footage of them. The big surprise was K-OS, whose performance blew everyone away. Alice, Jemal & I were building with his band, who are really good peoples & brilliant musicians.

Some of my homie, Tono Radvany's dope shots...Ninjasonic was killing it
so did Bad Brains...epic!
ok, this shot is going down in history. Livingroom Johnston magic skate board tricks.
Alice and I getting our hands dirty on day two. Next to me Rimix & See One were getting it in (photo by Yoshimi Sanada)
Coup d'Etat Brooklyn's founders Rasu Jilani and Daoud Abeid stylin with photographer, Richard Louissaint, and painter Toofly...creative power crew! Big shout out to Rasu Jilani of Coup d'Etat Brooklyn for putting me on! Luv y'all
DJ/artist Charm capturing me capturing Zebi:)
Here it is...she is stunning
more KHAY... definite feline power..
Toofly & Mel D. Cole
my beautiful mamas, Liz, Suzi and Laura Dee represent!! George aka G4
Reina and Liza! I love them
Much love to everyone who came out and supported. please do connect, I'm always down to collaborate, build & make shit happen (my facebook link &

Also, special thanks to our sponsor, Montana colors for providing us with the best colors!!! This was actually my best live painting experience, with all the paint provided in generous quantities.

Also shout out to the organizers of AFROPUNK for making it happen. Thank you!

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ayeeee this event was dope! My mentore is rooster dread up there, love that dood.

but yo, you guys know how i can get in contact with that chick Zebi?