Monday, July 12, 2010


I skipped last year's BKHHF, but this year I had a chance to rep my art collective,YOUNITY at the Family Day tent of the BROOKLYN HIP-HOP Festival 2010. Younity's co-founder, my girl Alice Mizrahi invited me to paint along with her this year, and I gladly said yes, since we've tried to collabo for a while. Well, although we prepared our joint piece, once we saw the separate boards, we just decided to take over one each. She hooked me up with some of her stencils, thanks Alice!

She is so beautiful, she really looked like she came for a photoshoot with the piece. The magic power of the Cat Oracle:)
Alice rocked her piece
Free 5 was doing it old school...we owe a big one to him for his generosity sharing some of his crazy colors
The ladies from White Train also came through to show some love. Thank you, Maxine!
Assata of & friend came became a spontaneous photo shoot
The kids got really into the whole process and were giving me a lot of good advice about the piece. Btw, I was repping my new IHMDJ tee. Thanks Antoine!
Thanks to Alice and Alison from F.O.K.U.S who gave us this opportunity, as well as all the young folks getting involved and taking the time to watch the process. Check out more photos (I stole some from hers:) on Alice's blog.
Centric TV represent! I ran into my good friend, Protius who was on assignment from Centric to cover the event. Good to see other old friends on the screen, like thee mover-and-shaker of Brooklyn, Mary Pryor as the host and one of the best drummers I know, Daru Jones.

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