Monday, July 26, 2010

FREE DOWNLOAD :: Nikki NTU vs Brainfeeder 'MEDULLA DINNER' + EPK drop // BILAL interview

Wow I was so blown away by my friends, singer/MC/writer Nikki, photographer Texas and director Thony Remy collaborative project for Nikki NTU's Medulla Dinner EPK. Thony Remy films her photo shoot, radio interview and her own personal insight on how the Medulla Dinner project came together musically and visually. Great job, really captures Nikki's spirit!
I love Nikki's new project, which compared to her first EP, A History of Dreams that I illustrated, has more of an introspective mood, it is a beautiful evolution for Nikki. Her Nikki NTU vs. Brainfeeder "Medulla Dinner" is a seven track EP featuring production from Ras G, Samiyam, Teebs, and Flying Lotus, which was released by Melo-X, Nikki's long-time collaborator's label, Galax. You can download Nikki vs. Brainfeeder: Medulla Dinner here:
Also check out Nikki NTU"s interview with our artist fam, BILAL- an amazingly open and inspiring convo about Bilal's view on spirituality and its role in his life and music, among others. Bilal has been touring in preparation for his highly-anticipated new album, AIRTIGHT REVENGE scheduled to drop on September 16th...It is a huge record that has been already getting a lot of buzz from taste-makers such as BBC radio host Gilles Peteson and others. Click on the image to check it

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