Tuesday, July 27, 2010


DOZE GREEN,the revolutionary visionary and unrelenting bad boy of the art world is a messenger of the extradimensional reality bearing witness to the panspermia through uninterrupted lines and color. Doze's mystico-apocalyptic work with its symbolism rooted in esoteric lore, urban, tribal and galactic visual patterns, colors of revelation and forgotten truths have been unfolding a complex prophetic vision of a future at once frightening and enlightening to those who are in tune with the realities of our time. As one of the original members of the infamous Rock Steady Crew (remember them from Style Wars), Doze already made his mark back in the 80s as a graffiti writer and b-boy, and then expanded his playground to various live art shows, eventually founding his way to the gallery world, though never losing his edge. He is off-the-grid these days, planting the seed of a new reality by putting in practice his training in permaculture. A close friend and comrade, Doze continues to inspire to keep the flame alive.
WHERE DO YOU CALL IT HOME? At this moment, in this density frequency, the 3rd octave the planet, EARTH.
WHAT DO YOU DO? Transmit universal energies from the architect and the empiryum into the realm of the so called physical. I serve to be a window into the most ancient, the multidimensional and the possibilities.
BEATS…that are multifacited symbiotically layered and connected to the heart chakra.
TRUE SEXY IS…being mercurial, inquisitive, childlike and wise at the same time. adaptability.
MUSIC IS MY…frequency palette. it sets the general mood and motivation in many aspects of creation.painting,dancing, loving etc.
ART DOES NOT…taketh away.
MY NIGHTS ARE…my days.
THESE 3 TURN ME ON…color,sound,taste.
SELF-KNOWLEDGE …is ever changing.
ENOUGH OF …this antiquated system
MY CREATIVITY IS…my direct line to god

TRUE POWER IS…compassion
LIFE CAN BE THE...the instrument by which you find yourself
TO LOVE IS TO…love thyself, and to help others
I'VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE…I just ate prunes
NEW PROJECTS FOR 2010? creating guilds
WHERE CAN WE REACH YOU? en el campo.
SHOUTOUTS? to my comrade, my brother and sensei THE RAMMELLZEE
see you on the next alignment, master. I love you.
And thank you
beautiful one.

LIMITED EDITION prints (as seen on the left) of "Taino" Serigraph by Doze Green are available at www.yodepot.com

White on Arches Black 250 gsm paper. 11 x 30 inches (28 x 76 cm)
Edition of 100. Signed and numbered.

Details from some of his latest work recently shown at the Jonathan Levine Gallery.

Have big balls

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