Monday, July 5, 2010

PRESS :: LLIC love!

I came home exhausted from AFROPUNK last weekend after a whole day of painting in the sun to have my neighbor ring the bell at 11 pm hand-delivering this! It was such a beautiful treat, especially because it was supposed to have arrived on Wednesday, so I thought it got lost in the mail. I am psyched and honored to be featured in LLIC, the first volume of Erik Simmons' new art, design & music zine.

It made me kinda nostalgic about the days of my Samurai show, when I did that shoot with my galaxy riders fam, the ninjas from the A.L.I.E.N collective -some of the freshest faces of Brooklyn, Soul, Quan Luv, Mega, Dorjan, Lou Diamond &Bentley of Kings of Genre...I really miss those guys. The other photos of me featured are by one of my favorite photographers, my good friend Amir Ebrahimi. Thank you, Erik!

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Favaloushness said...

this is real great press. Who said print is dead? you are definitely going to move and inspire many new converts to your work!