Saturday, July 3, 2010

SARAH WHITE & DON CUCO are back! and they need your help

My dear friends, Sarah White and Rico Mendez aka Don Cuco are in the lab cooking up not one but two new albums, and they started a Kickstarter to raise some money for the projects. Sarah and Rico are not only partners in music but also in real life...the two live in Brooklyn with a beautiful little girl and are only a couple of months away from the arrival of their second baby. All you have to do is watch the video below to get a sense of their life and spirit, and get inspired. They are two of the hardest working peoples I know who deserve all the support they get.

Sarah White's Kickstarter Plea from Sarah White
Hello Beautiful People! First off, I'd like to thank EVERYONE who has been so supportive and given us so much love since the beginning. We are sending love to our people from our city of Minneapolis/St Paul and to our new home in Brooklyn, and everyone worldwide! Besos!
Now, we are excited to share more and more big news of changes coming on our horizon.

Since our release of our debut EP, Hiding Blind in 2008, we have been working hard on new and more challenging music. Digging deeper into our souls and capabilities, we have been grinding away, but have been experiencing many road blocks as Independent artists. Without a label supporting you, all fees must come out of pocket, and rent and raising a child in NY can be tough as is! Wowzers. Anyways...we have finally reached the home stretch and we have not only 1, but 2 amazing projects to share with our fans, supporters and the world!
The first project will be a full length, the followup to the EP, and will deliver a eclectic package of soul, rock, experimental electronic, world, hip hop and new sound. No simple way to describe it, but its tasty! There will be some special guests on vocals and maybe even a few remixes depending on funding. This album will be pressed up with artwork on an ecofriendly sleeve with only limited amounts printed in the physical. This will be your chance to get it first!

The second project, Via Barcelona, is like our new musical love experiement. After winning last years Scion Vocalist Competition, I took the check and bought tickets to Barcelona, where Rico and I rediscovered the beauty of acoustic guitar and romantic beach days. With nothing but a guitar and garageband, we began to map out what now is an EP that we cant wait to get into the world. All acoustic tracks with soulful, raw, heart gripping vocals. We found a top engineer with 40 yrs experience, right by our house who has agreed to help us get an amazing recording of the project at Royal Blue Studios. He has mastered the likes of Led Zeppelin, Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck, Felix Cavaliere (The Rascals), Santana, Chicago, Bob Marley, Barbra Streisand, Charlene (Motown), Aretha Franklin, Jimi Hendrix, and hundreds more.
Then, more big new!. The arrival of our second lovechild this fall. Yes, I'm very pregnant as I type, so the clock is ticking. We are ready to release both of the projects together before I pop! (or should i say the baby pops?)
Thank God for, right in time to kick this into gear! We need your help!
Any and everything helps so pleeeeease spread the word, pass this on, and spread love!

We will take the money raised on to MIX, MASTER, PRESS and PRINT both limited CD's and VINYL of both releases! We will also use the funds to pay any fee's to artists and musicians involved (other than ourselves), put together a high quality digital download, website and also promote the music.

Here's the catch, if we don't raise the full amount (every penny), we don't get any of the money and your account will never be charged. So dig deep, and we will give you our love and amazing gifts in return!

Thank you from the whole White-Mendez family!
Sarah, Rico, Iza and unborn bean in my belly..


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