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FREE DOWNLOAD: J PERIOD MAN OR THE MUSIC "Michael Jackson Tribute Mixtape + Spike Lee x J Period Tribute in Prospect Park

The mixtape world’s master storyteller, J.Period, joins Spike Lee & to pay tribute to Michael Jackson with this Limited Edition mixtape, available exclusively at the 2nd Annual “Brooklyn Loves MJ” event this Sunday, August 29, 2010, in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Mixing Michael’s classic hits with rare demo versions, remixes, and behind-the-scenes interview clips, J.Period weaves together an 80-minute musical documentary that pays tribute to The King of Pop’s staggering catalog of songs, and reminds us why-no matter what you think of the man-Michael’s true legacy will always be his music.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Thursday, August 26, 2010

GALAKTIKAT: "The Return of the Feline Tribe" my exhibit flicks!

The opening was amazing...I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.
"I-Chi, The Fire Liogon" (L) & "The Catship Oracle" (R)
Quan Luv x Lichiban collabo "The Return" (L) & "Shakti Leopard Lux of the Rising Serpent Force" (R)
photos below are courtesy of the amazing Mari J Brooklyn (designer/photographer)
Al-Khemi 9 (owl) & Tigga Calore (tiger) :: D Fab (lion)
Melo-X & Quan Luv, spiritual fam (bull)
Kesed :: Jean Lebrun
big shout out to DiscoMakeup Arie for the make-up art & Mari J Brooklyn for the photography!
Kesed...collaborations in the works, one of the projects I've been working on behind the scenes
Enki (my DJ) & Soul aka Al-Khemi 9, one of my collaborators (made the Dogon-inspired jewelry)
(1) Divine :: Sun Ru
(2) McKenzie of Platinum Mustache & Jean Lebrun w/ crew (3) Johnny Voltik & Enki hosted the open mic :: Teen Mogul on the mic was mad funny
Designer/poet Nacinimod of House of Nassat (he made the crocheted pieces in the photoshoot w/ WEZN) & Divine(R)
Fellow artist, Sophie w/ friend :: the lovely Dion
Sun Ru & Bentley of Kings of Genre
painters' mudras are their own secret language. artist Ibrahim Yaqut, one of my collaborators on 'The Healer' piece.
MEGA x Al-Khemi 9 x Lichiban collabo "The Three Goddesses" :: (L) & Arie & Mari (R)
(1) Kimaya, my little muse, soon-to-be Lotus Lakshmi :: Alicia Boone, one of my beautiful hostesses (2) George aka G4, we are in the lab working on a collabo
These are some of my photos of the night...I apologize for missing a lot of folks, but I only pulled my camera out toward the end.
Watch out for these cats, they are working on some surprises behind the scenes:
Melo-X, RIP Ruler & Kesed
Livingroom Johnston's elephants are ready to dance 
Livingroom Johnston & Blue
Livingroom Johnston x Lichiban collabo "Tiger Tara: Love Is The True Magic"
I'm taking orders for interior design already a few on the way and open for more.
MEGA (tiger) 'HoverBoard Mask'
MEGA x Lichiban collabo 'Eternal Glo Goddess' : jewelry by Al-Khemi 9
Soul, Bradford James, Divine, Casandra & Fabian
my beautiful friend Liza came through w/ her brother & her husband, Victor aka amazing artist/designer Marka 27
more mudras:: Stephanie & Kimaya :: shout out to Enki & Johnny Voltik for holding down the wheels & the mic..
Sophie & crew :: King Texas, one of my collaborators & Melo
Stephanie, Stevie Lee, Soul & Kesed
only in Brooklyn....thank you ladies!
the Jamaican connection...
Taj 'King Gnep' (R) was responsible for half of the interior design/paint of the LOTUS Gallery and also came up with the idea of cutting out the Liogon piece. thank you!
MEGA x Al-Khemi 9 x Lichiban collabo "Three Goddesses"
and yet more mudras..Muvlikamor, vocalist Sun Ru & producer/ DJ Kiva, these two just finished recording their EP
Thanks again for everyone who came out..I must say I had the best looking & most gifted crowd present...I'm still soaking in the energy---this was the seed of something new, about to blossom. Much love to everyone, your love & support fuels my work.
Stay tuned for more artist features, behind-the-scenes photos and the releases of yet unseen photo, music & video collabos.

UPCOMING LIVE ART show:I'll be painting at the LEVI'S Curve ID Jeans Event this Friday, Aug 27th

I'll be live painting along with Marka 27 and Ron Upperman at this LEVI'S event featuring the lovely Janelle Monae! It's free..and yeah, ladies, you can bring your old pair of jeans to get a new one that follows your curves instead.
10 Am- 4PM

There are moments in our lives when things don't fit anymore. Starting at 10 AM on Friday, August 27th, stop by Bryant and bring something that doesn't fit (which will be donated to Goodwill) and at the same time, get something that does. A free pair of Levi's® Curve ID jeans. New custom fits for women. Because hotness really does come in all shapes and sizes.

Park and bring somethinP.S. Songstress Janelle Monae will perform live and celebrity stylist Bobbie Thomas will be there to give you styling tips.

Note: Admission is free and is first come first serve! While supplies last. One per customer.

FACEBOOK link to event

UPCOMING SHOWS: WHITE TRAIN “Create. Collaborate. Inspire”Group Show (FRIDAY) & Across The Board: Artists For Autism Awareness (SATURDAY)

I'll be part of two group shows this weekend. The roster is pretty exciting, don't miss these!

FRIDAY: The White Train is excited to announce the first of a 3 part series of events, called “Create. Collaborate. Inspire”. In this first event titled Space on White, we have broken down our creative platform into three sections:

The GROUND LEVEL will introduce our photographers, as well as showcasing the products of our online store.
The BOTTOM LEVEL will re-introduce our artists and their new works since the Launch Event.
The UPPER LEVEL will unveil new artists and their works.

Space on White
Friday, August 27th
6 to 10pm,
81 White Street
New York, NY 10013

SATURDAY: Across The Board: Artists For Autism Awareness

On Saturday, August 28, 2010, the Soapstone Gallery in midtown NYC will host over 30 artists transforming raw skateboards into one of a kind works of art. All pieces will be on sale with a portion of each sale donated to Autism Speaks.

Across the Board: Artists For Autism Awareness at Soapstone Gallery NYC: Organized and conceptualized by Laurie Markiewicz, her love for skateboarding, art and most of all her child, Jack. At 2 years of age, Jack was diagnosed with PDD-NOS(a non-specified type of autism). It has been Laurie’s mission to raise autism awareness and advocate for more programs and services for families within the NYC autism community. “Across The Board” is one way of achieving her goal. Featuring artists such as Miguel Paredes, One9, BlusterOne, TooFly, Alice Mizrachi, Gigi Bio, MERES, Marthalicia, Lichiban, 2ESAE, and Damion Silver, veteran as well as emerging artists give voice not only to autism awareness, but to relevant community issues. “Across The Board” is an open discussion, but a dialogue that is ultimately designed to create a greater urgency about Autism.

In keeping with that mission, premiering at the event is “The Across The Board Project” a short documentary filmed and edited by participants from VONYʼs (Voices Of New York) “Dare To Dream Project” youth program. Featuring autistic children, participants from VONYʼs (Voices Of New York) “Kids Dream In Color” youth program with teaching artist Lichiban, artist mentor Marthalicia, singer Bilal, and art therapist Lina Meza-Murillo. The Across the Board project is a workshop produced and organized by Laurie Markiewicz (Across The Board) and Suzanna Ali-Oliver (VONY Executive Director) offering children on the spectrum a chance to partner up with VONY kids to design and paint their own skateboards to premier at the “Across The Board” event.

Saturday, August 28, 2010 from 7pm-Midnight

Soapstone Gallery

11 West 36th Street 5th Floor

New York, NY 10018

Open to All Ages

$5-10 suggested donation

Light refreshments served

Monday, August 23, 2010

MUSE: Little Goddess,LAKSHMI LOTUS meets The Fire Liogon, I-Chi

My next piece's inspiration manifested as LOTUS LAKSHMI at my opening last night. For the first time, little goddess met I-CHI, the young fire liogon, her dream vehicle & soon-to-be friend.
I'm still recovering from the amazing night that just took place at the LOTUS Gallery. ..will post pics soon. Thank you for everyone who made it out, we got a slice of the Brooklyn Renaissance in full effect. Also thanks to those who couldn't make it & sent me well-wishes, as well as those who were there in spirit. I feel ever more blessed to know all the beautiful people in my life.
[thanks to Stephanie R. for the photos & bringing the little goddess into my life]

Friday, August 20, 2010


please come through. this is going to be another opportunity for me to bring together some of the most amazing people i know...yes, that includes you.
SATURDAY, August 21, 2010 7pm-3am
new works and collaboration with

Livingroom Johnston, Ibrahim Yaqut, Kesed, Quan Luv, Mega, Texas Malika Toussaint-Baptist, WEZN, Al-Khemi.9, Taj 'King Gnep' , Nacinimod of House of Nassat, G4, Mari J Brooklyn, Terris Poole & Robert L. Sims III and a few surprises that i'll keep for later...

The intergalactic cat shaman, the shapeshifting dimension-slicer jedi of Mt. Golden Blossom, BODDHI is BACK from his retreat after his arrival on Planet Earth on March 14th, 2010. His birth on Earth will be celebrated at my next show "GALAKTIKAT: THE RETURN OF THE FELINES" coming up This Saturday, AUGUST 21st at the LOTUS Temple of Visions Gallery  7PM-3AM.

Meet BODDHI along with The LIOGON Force & the first manifestations of the CITRAKA messengers: among them, DORJE, the snowleopard yogi & LINX. the feline warrior of the Serpent Love Force.

Also meet some of the finest visionaries, my artist fam and friends- that this city has to offer. Special times, the stockmarkets are down but creativity is at all time high, this is a slice of the movement.

Open mic hosted by ENKI & Johnny Voltik
Midnite butoh performance by Edoheart

Hosted by: Divine Elohim (spaceageherbalist, LOTUS gallery) :: Dion Mac :: Suzanna Ali-Oliver (VONY) :: Liz Santana :: Laura Dee :: : Stevie Lee :: Discomakeup Arie :: Alicia Boone :: Devin ’Pan’Barret (The Casual)

Feline make up by DISCOMAKEUP Arie
Giveaways for the early birds provide by IHMDJ
Food & drinks are available for modest donations

Find out more about the artists involved and the event at GALAKTIKAT.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

GALAKTIKAT presents: KING TEXAS x LICHIBAN collabo feat. Stevie Lee & DiscoMakeup Arie as GALAKTIKAT QUEENS

Back in the fall last year, one of my favorite photographer friends, New York-based artist KING TEXAS aka Texas Malika Toussaint-Baptiste & I came together for a collaboration at my old studio. We wanted to have a series with my characters brought to life by the beautiful Stevie Lee & DiscoMakeup Arie (who were responsible for the bomb make-up). Arie & I have been also talking about doing something together, since she I always thought she looked like one of my it just all came together. We finally decided to show some of the results at my show GALAKTIKAT this Saturday. Stevie & Arie are going to host the show and Arie will be doing special feline facial make-up. Don't miss it:)
thanks to Texas, Stevie & Arie for bringing their beautiful selves & for being part of this, and to Rob Lee aka Robert L. Sims III (Blackwhole TV) for the editing!
Art & katwoman theme by Lichiban

Monday, August 16, 2010

BODDHI loves: QUAN LUV & MEGA artists/ninjas

The Royal Underground, galaxyrider fam QUAN & MEGA came through to work on a mural collabo we are working on for a BK high school. Two of my favorite artists & long-time collaborators from back from my Samurai show, they are two of the main driving force behind the NY-based artist collective (and also a street-wear label) A,L.I.E.N and they are also doing their thing as independent artists. I haven't seen them in over a year, but doing art always brings us together, which is the best thing about doing these shows....I realize I do my shows like my musician friends do their album, getting their favorite artist friends on board and make something together.These guys are always two steps ahead of the game.
I saw Mega a few months ago,and he told me the day after that he had a dream about a creature that he recognized when he saw BODDHI (that is before he manifested).
Check out the finished piece at GALAKTIKAT at the Lotus Gallery this Saturday, Aug 21st 7pm-till am.
Also, stay tuned for future shows where you can purchase prints from us.

NYC HEAT: DAM-FUNK & Master Blazter Secret Show at UNDER 100, Dame Dash Gallery NYC 8/14

Nothing compares to live music. I am mad focused on my art show coming up this week, way too much to do, but I couldn't pass on the opportunity to check out Dam-Funk & Master Blazter live while they were passing through this week. People who know me, know that I stay in the lab most of the time, I don't go out that much or else nothing would get done. But live music has been a passion of mine since I was 14 and could sneak into a nightclub to catch a band,so I do go out to see live acts to get inspired and get that 'fix' you get from seeing other artists get free on stage. It was definitely all worth it, Peter Hadar was on fire and Dam's last performance -headlining Dame Dash/Creative Control sponsored secret show at UNDER100 - with his killer band was one of the best shows I've been to...real raw shit...thank u for making me FEEL FREE!
[J1 -percussion, Computer Jay -keyboards, Gro Weyez percussion & Dam Funk -vocals, keyboard & gets on the drums too
"It'sMy Life 2010"
Master Blazter live/DJ set was packed at the Commodore BK.
J1 & Dam live set :: Havan Joe & Computer Jay

Sunday, August 15, 2010

FREE DOWNLOAD : Quality Time Presents:A Tribute to BILAL & 'ROBOTS' Video

Everybody that I've been talking to who has heard BILAL's new album been hooked on it for weeks. It is safe to say that AIRTIGHT REVENGE is going to be one of the biggest records of this year. It is a labor of love and pure musical genius on the level David Bowie, Zappa, Prince or Radiohead, that introduces BILAL' extensive & genre-defying range as a song writer, producer and singer. As I just had an exchange about it with L.A singer Nikko Gray, this album is one of those that can change lives.

All I can say that these are special times, people are putting out music on some other level. This one is going to hit hard.

Check out this recent tribute to him

A Tribute To Bilal’
Quality Time Online would like to put the spotlight on the soul artist, Bilal, by offering a compilation of his work – just prior to his latest album release. This free downloadable compilation consists of the new single release “Free” and a few live-recordings and remixes.


01. Free (1st single of ‘Airtight’s Revenge) // 02. Levels (Live @ CMJ, NY) // 03. Cheeba ft. Shafiq Husayn (Remix) // 04. Lord Don’t Let it (of ‘Love For Sale’) // 05. All For Love (of ‘Love For Sale’) //06. Soul Sista (Madlib Remix) //07. Outro by Bilal

Download Bilal - Quality Time Presents: A Tribute to BIlal EP (13)

Bilal performing 'Robots' one of my favorites of the album

Bilal Oliver performs Robots in the Attic Addict tent at Dour Fest, Belgium. Shot & edited by Mikael Colombu for Attack Of The Crazy Dolphins Film Productions, Good Music Only, and Free Your Funk.

Janelle Monae Speaks On Bilal from bilal oliver on Vimeo.

Q-Tip talks about Bilal from bilal oliver on Vimeo.

Questlove speaks on Bilal from bilal oliver on Vimeo.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

i'm feeling...M.I.A. :: XXXO

Music video by M.I.A. performing XXXO. (C) 2010 XL Recordings Ltd under exclusive licence to Interscope Records in the

PRESS:: AFROPUNK 2010 love & Amir Ebrahim's photo essay

Check out my good friend and one of my favorite photographers, AMIR EBRAHIMI 's photo essay of the painters at AFROPUNK on his recently launched photo blog. Amir has been documenting the creative movement that's been growing in Brooklyn. Visit his website to see his work.
I love his photo of my THE RETURN OF THE FIRE LIOGON
Also, I was psyched to have my recap of the event featured on the AFROPUNK website itself. Thank you!

MUSIC4ACAUSE:...Gulf Aid All-Stars feat. Mos Def, Lenny Kravitz & The Preservation Hall Jazz Band "Ain't My Fault"

load the track on Itunes now! All proceeds to

Itunes link:

With oil continuing to leak into the waters off the Gulf Coast, The Gulf Relief Foundation's fundraising efforts continue with the June 15 iTunes release of "Ain't My Fault." This musical collaboration features the GULF AID ALL-STARS: New Orleans' own Preservation Hall Jazz Band and Trombone Shorty collaborating with Lenny Kravitz, Tim Robbins and Mos Def. The song--an updated version of a 1960s New Orleans Mardi Gras standard originally written by Joseph Smokey Johnson (who also recorded the track) and Wardell Joseph Quezergue--features updated lyrics by Mos Def and Preservation Hall's Ben Jaffe to reflect the current tragic situation's affects on the region.

"Ain't my Fault" is available NOW via iTunes as a single(99 cents)or video($1.99) with all proceeds being distributed by the Gulf Relief Foundation ( to support organizations focused on wetlands/coastal environmental issues and the regional seafood industry.

Friday, August 13, 2010

ARTIST TO WATCH :: .Odelie Chan [Underwater Collection Pt.2]

Just got this today from French jewelry-designer Odelie, who is coming from the same circle of artists like Walter Mecca, ONRA & Metal Ninja I've been connected to in Paris. I love what's happening creatively over there. Stay up on Odelie on
UNDERWATER COLLECTION" is a summer collection, inspired by a recent trip to Hawaii. An exotic collection, that embraces the essence of the Hawaiian wildlife, like a sweet breeze, fresh, joyful, a first taste of the euphoric atmosphere one can enjoy in summertime

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Livingroom Johnston for GQ, yes.
I'd cop one of his paintings now while they last before they'll become unaffordable to most.
Here is a little peek into Livingroom's artistry as the author of 'I Don't Want To Think About It Right Now" shot in my livingroom & then later at his book-signing event at Hotel Griffou where I pretended to be a celebrity reporter.
A few snapshots of our trip to the FOUNTAIN Art Fair back in February 2010. For most people who are in tune with the New York art scene, Livingroom is a familiar face known both for his badass writing and painting skills. For those who haven't seen my feature on him, check this link.

We ended up finding ourselves in the belly of the beast, the basement lounge of the boat that housed the fair, and where most of the fun was taking place. I ran into my old buddy, Boston artist, Dave Tree and the three of us got into a convo about Dave's showell installation. See below Livingroom's interview with him.

Check out our collabo at my new show GALAKTIKAT: The Return of The Feline Tribe, coming up on August 21st at the LOTUS Gallery.
Stay up on Livingroom on his blogs (one & two) and on twitter.