Monday, August 16, 2010

BODDHI loves: QUAN LUV & MEGA artists/ninjas

The Royal Underground, galaxyrider fam QUAN & MEGA came through to work on a mural collabo we are working on for a BK high school. Two of my favorite artists & long-time collaborators from back from my Samurai show, they are two of the main driving force behind the NY-based artist collective (and also a street-wear label) A,L.I.E.N and they are also doing their thing as independent artists. I haven't seen them in over a year, but doing art always brings us together, which is the best thing about doing these shows....I realize I do my shows like my musician friends do their album, getting their favorite artist friends on board and make something together.These guys are always two steps ahead of the game.
I saw Mega a few months ago,and he told me the day after that he had a dream about a creature that he recognized when he saw BODDHI (that is before he manifested).
Check out the finished piece at GALAKTIKAT at the Lotus Gallery this Saturday, Aug 21st 7pm-till am.
Also, stay tuned for future shows where you can purchase prints from us.

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