Thursday, August 19, 2010

GALAKTIKAT presents: KING TEXAS x LICHIBAN collabo feat. Stevie Lee & DiscoMakeup Arie as GALAKTIKAT QUEENS

Back in the fall last year, one of my favorite photographer friends, New York-based artist KING TEXAS aka Texas Malika Toussaint-Baptiste & I came together for a collaboration at my old studio. We wanted to have a series with my characters brought to life by the beautiful Stevie Lee & DiscoMakeup Arie (who were responsible for the bomb make-up). Arie & I have been also talking about doing something together, since she I always thought she looked like one of my it just all came together. We finally decided to show some of the results at my show GALAKTIKAT this Saturday. Stevie & Arie are going to host the show and Arie will be doing special feline facial make-up. Don't miss it:)
thanks to Texas, Stevie & Arie for bringing their beautiful selves & for being part of this, and to Rob Lee aka Robert L. Sims III (Blackwhole TV) for the editing!
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