Thursday, August 12, 2010


Livingroom Johnston for GQ, yes.
I'd cop one of his paintings now while they last before they'll become unaffordable to most.
Here is a little peek into Livingroom's artistry as the author of 'I Don't Want To Think About It Right Now" shot in my livingroom & then later at his book-signing event at Hotel Griffou where I pretended to be a celebrity reporter.
A few snapshots of our trip to the FOUNTAIN Art Fair back in February 2010. For most people who are in tune with the New York art scene, Livingroom is a familiar face known both for his badass writing and painting skills. For those who haven't seen my feature on him, check this link.

We ended up finding ourselves in the belly of the beast, the basement lounge of the boat that housed the fair, and where most of the fun was taking place. I ran into my old buddy, Boston artist, Dave Tree and the three of us got into a convo about Dave's showell installation. See below Livingroom's interview with him.

Check out our collabo at my new show GALAKTIKAT: The Return of The Feline Tribe, coming up on August 21st at the LOTUS Gallery.
Stay up on Livingroom on his blogs (one & two) and on twitter.

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