Friday, September 24, 2010

ARTIST TO WATCH: KESED + Galaxy Ride // Dream Catcher [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Brooklyn-native MC//actor//lyrical alchemist KESED is back after having taken a matrix-deplug break from the world. A born artist at heart, he is manifesting his skills as a MC and songwriter this time. While most of us have a hard time imagining ourselves having cut off from the addictive world of the inter-net-working game, KESED took a radical year-long break from all that to refocus his direction and to work on his next project...a pretty brave move, but it proved that if you got what it takes, you don't necessarily have to maintain a virtual presence to have people still checking for you while you're refining your craft. His track Dream Catcher got leaked a couple of days before he put it up today on his own site and already made it in a few hours to a number of big music sites. 
These tracks come with a vision and a multidimensional storyline...On the surface it may seem like a boy-girl-romance of love lost & found, but it also has a mythical layer that takes you into Kesed's spiritual world a lot of his lyrics draw on (he claims he got his science from comic books). Pretty complex like an alchemical tale of transformation, but I would expect nothing less. 

Galaxy Ride is a future throwback paying homage to Sun Ra while riding on the super sexy disco classic GQ 'Disco Nights' is definitely one of my favorites, has a feel-good-get-free-get-into-the-groove fantasy spacetravel vibe. Recalls the golden days of the A.L.I.E.N fam, the collective KESED was a contributing member of. Appropriately, the cover was an illustration by one of my fav artist comrades, A.L.I.E.N founder Quan Luv that I finished off with the typography.
On the B side of the EP comes Venus; inspired by Bjork 'Venus As A Boy' takes a different pace while continuing on with the story. Venus is a tale of the separation of the sexes set in the mythic post-androgynous time when the feminine principle finds itself incarnated into the body of a boy who feels much more at home amongst the inhabitants of Venus as he's still connected with and seeking his missing half... also a metaphor for the forces of Venus-Mars/Love-War/Union-Separation. 

The single, Dream Catcher was supposed to come out a little later, but since it already got leaked and circulated, he decided to release it immediately following Galaxy Ride. Like Chuang Zu's dream of the butterfly, the protagonist finds himself questioning his own sense of reality after awakening from a nightmare... 

I've been pretty psyched about the video for this coming up and for the whole project in general. Kesed is a definite artist to watch, and I mean it beyond his musical path, also as a poet, actor and visionary.

 Stay up on his bandcamp page to get more free downloads and new stuff. If you haven't seen this, you can get a better sense for him in the feature that K-SWISS did with him.
[photo courtesy of Rahan Cotterel]

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