Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Aural Visions presents: JOHNNY VOLTIK 'DO YOU' [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Here is a new release from my man, JOHNNY VOLTIK aka the Alphalove. 'DO YOU' is one of my favorites of his tracks, and was the first one I've heard (remember listening to it while driving around with him & some friends, and I yelled out, 'who is this?!!'). So I'm specially excited to introduce it as one of our brand new music/visual collabo projects. I've been doing some visuals for JV for a while and this latest one is a part of a series from a collective project called LUX27 that photographer WEZN (light painting photography) and myself (art direction, graphic design) had founded.

So back to the song, 'DO YOU' is like a psychedelic space trip riding the cosmic love frequencies to the final ascending and explosive aural journey...use your imagination.

<a href="">'DO YOU' by Johnny Voltik</a>

Here are some instructions for listening from JV himself,
"This song is an experiment…follow the directions below while listening to the album version. Really try this!!!
1. Close your eyes, relax yourself and focus on your breathing. (If your mind is wandering, listen to it wander. Once you have done this you have taken control of your thoughts.) Oh yeah, have your hand on the play button but don’t press play yet!
2. When your mind is relaxed and clear, focus on your midsection. Feel the life force inside you getting more and more present.
3. Begin to feel the feeling of having that person or thing in your life. Really act as if they or it is with you. Experience the joy, the happiness, the real thing!
4. While holding that feeling press play and enjoy.
*Note: Intensify the feeling and visualization as you get to the end of the track"

Here is my footage of another favorite: JV performing 'Higher' live w/ Enki & Kira supporting on the vocals at Littlefield, Brooklyn. Check out more freebies on his website.Don't sleep, people!
JOHNNY VOLTIK "Higher" live from Lichiban EV [Electric Vision] on Vimeo.

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