Sunday, September 5, 2010

iheART NYC: live painting at the LEVI'S Curve ID event featuring Janelle Monae

August 27, 2010. Bryant Park, New York City
I was booked to live paint at the LEVI'S Curve ID promo event w/my artist homies Marka 27 &Ron Upperman (one half of Leroy Jenkins). The live art was part of the massive giveaway LEVI'S had organized to promote their new Curve ID jeans (1000 pairs were promised to be given out for free). The event was a big success, the line was already wrapping around the Bryant Park when I got there at 9:30am. Beside free food, t-shirts and the jeans, people could pick up some art work for free as well. Well, I literally turned into a McLichiban, cranking out 40 pieces of quick stencil and brush you can see, some of these pieces were a hit & miss. This was super fun though, I loved giving away the work to my beautiful sisters.
hehe...that was the 1 min playtime...the rest was all work, non-stop. We worked from 10 am till 8:30pm when we still had customers lined-up waiting for art work!
The treat of the day was Janelle Monae's sweeping performance. This is why I go to see live shows...her performance was dynamite, full of fire & energy and seeing an artist being that free makes you feel free too...She can turn a crowd out with her energy, while singing about real issues most artists at her level don't really touch. One of the most amazing artists of today, hands down. For the month of September, Amazon is offering her new album " The ArchAndroid" for $5!!. Get more info here

Ron & Marka deep in the zone.
Thanks to Marka 27 & Ron for the amazing day and of course for LEVI'S for putting up this event and taking care of us!

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