Saturday, September 4, 2010

PRESS :: YRB x Fly Lady Di love!

I always remind myself how amazingly blessed I am to be an artist at this time in New York City and connected to a global network of fellow artists. Despite the scary economic realities (or perhaps because of it), artists are coming out with amazing work, truly next level stuff. No one can deny that there is a renaissance of all forms of art all across the globe. The generation of artists that I consider as peers and friends have been my biggest inspirations and source of support...we give a lot of support and love to each other, which frankly been part of the reason why I kept it going even when it was a real struggle to survive as a visual artist in the city...I live and breathe the 'spread love is the Brooklyn way' and it is what fuels my work. One of these sources of love and support has been my beautiful friend & fellow artista, Fly Lady Di, whom folks have known for her many talents- her badass dancing & live art skills, though she's been working on her acting as well. She moved back to her native Toronto and kept on building her emporium & inspiring others to do the same. I was super touched and honored to be mentioned along with my other close friends and peers Ibrahim Yaqut, Yang Chi, Livingroom Johnston, Pesu, Amanda Diva, Concep, Marthalicia, among others in her recent interview in YRB. She gave me a huge big-up that I have to live up to!! Wow, thank you, Diana-the love continues!! Check out her work here.

"Lichiban is also a huge source of inspiration as an artist- I believe she will be one of the most influential artists of our generation."

Brooklyn misses you, mama!

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FLY LADY DI said...

Girl u know I meant every word. You continually inspire me thank you for this post you are a BEAST! CAT POWER! Lol -- even by just looking at ur blog here I am in awe all over again.

Love YOU!