Sunday, October 31, 2010

FREE DOWNLOAD : MALUCA "China Food Mixtape"

 I came upon New York-native MALUCA MALA's new track 'Hector' taken from her new release the 'China Food' Mixtape by accident on youtube, and it was a wrap. Beautiful and super talented, she deserves all the love she's been getting.  'Hector' is my new anthem..been on heavy rotation, it's my favorite of the album... 
Chinafood Mixtape 

i'm feeling... ::: Erik Rico & Marc Mac(4hero) 'DESTINY'

DESTINY from the Direct Soul EP

I'm loving the new project of my good friend, Erik Rico, who has taken a break from touring the world to join forces with another heavy hitter musician, Marc Mac of 4hero. The result is 'DIRECT SOUL' - a project that examplifies why soul music is called such...vibrations that go from heart to heart. The release has dropped on October 25th.

"When L.A. based Eric Rico and Marc Mac (4hero) hooked up in the studio this summer, the only guideline was not to let the boundaries of tempo & style limit the creation.  Marc's Afro-Latinic frame fused with Tech-Soul forms the bedding for Eric’s unique vocal style. A real modern day fusion elusive of genre and stretching our mental perception of SOUL."

Check out the whole EP on
Erik Rico on web /  facebook  Marc Mac web / facebook

Friday, October 22, 2010


a shoot I did with WEZN back in the summer for my GALAKTIKAT show. we called the project LUX27. 
light painting photography by WEZN :: top & earrings by Mari J Brooklyn :: creative direction by Lichiban
BODDHI is welcomed on Planet Earth by I-CHI, the young Fire Liogon. He is in a state of excitement...yeeeeeeeee
top by Mari J Brooklyn // crocheted boots by House of Nassat

Thursday, October 21, 2010


the ultimate landing on the hidden sun soundtrack. one of my favs. i think this was way ahead of its time.   

Monday, October 18, 2010

NEW WORK: "WE ARE LUMINOUS BEINGS" hitting the streets next month :: Prints are coming in November!

"WE Are Luminous Beings"-YODA Blessings prints coming next month!
My Jaguar Goddess is also from the YODA clan. She is the Mother Matrix that manifest the LOTUS catships through mental projection


I'm checking some of the acts at this years CMJ. The kick-off day will feature a midnite DJ set by Dam-Funk at the BROOKLYN BOWL on the 19th, as well as a live Chico Mann show at the Red Bull Space.

Also checking out ONRA, who is doing a few cameos as part of his North American tour as well. ONRA's recently released album 'Long Distance has been getting stellar reviews from the industry and the press alike...there is a good reason for all the buzz. Check out my recent interview with him and podcast link I posted earlier.
Onra || High Hopes ft Reggie B. ||  (Courtesy Of PitchforkDOWNLOAD
ONRA_TOUCHÉ_23_09_2010_Madrid from MEGABEATS on Vimeo.

Onra - The One feat. T3 from Slum Village from Onra on Vimeo.

You can buy & listen to a single release of this track that includes Waajeed's remix on Turntable Lab.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


LA-based producer/vocalist RUCKAZOID and his consort and partner-in-crime, the lovely DIAMOND ZOIDAL have finally released their debut project Diamond Studded Mothaship not so long ago, along with a huge collection of heavy-hitter tracks. On DSM, Diamond is bringing her sexy feline-powered space-electro-queen vocals to Ruckazoid's retro-synth melodies that will haunt you for days...she is fierce! I've been a fan of their music for a couple of years (see my previous feature), so I was pretty psyched to find out that they were releasing all their music on their own site LISTENCOMPUTE. I must say that going through the 200+ tracks was like opening up a sonic floodgate, it was kind of a crazy mindblow...a lot to digest (The best artists I know are always years ahead of the game...way before people get ready for their work). People may have heard his production and remixes for Drake, M.I.A., Maluca (Fluorescent Beige, El Tigeraso rmx), Jesse Boykins, III or Theophilus London (Cold Pillow-one of the best songs of 2009 acc. to Gilles Peterson, No Answers). I always give it up to artists I respect, and when it comes to production, only the bests compare to Ruckazoid. Whether you call it electro, post funk, post pop, this is simply music at its best. You can have access to their music by becoming a member on listencompute, which I highly recommend. Here are some my favs of the site.
This EP represents Ruckazoid's move from producer to vocalist.
These songs were produced in 2005 under various monikers. 
Ultimately, this 6 track EP is released as Ruckazoid entitled POP: 
a collection of homemade songs
. All songs were recorded 2 track, 
there's a fragile sound to each song. Vocals on That Is Your Life
were recorded on headphones, & Think Of You was salvaged from 
an old found tape. That Is Your Life has been played on BBC1 for years. 
(2005-2007) Check it.

Ruckazoid re-edited "Airbus Baby" by D.I.M, formatted for Diamond Zoidal. 
Mixtape material. FREE DOWNLOAD with membership.


a throwback.  
her album UNIVERSAL LOVER dropping on Nov 6th. she is coming out with 6 different covers for 6 different markets. i'm doing the one for germany (will drop teaser soon:). 
facebook::  website :: download the single UNIVERSAL LOVER on itunes

help her to represent Brooklyn in Japan at the Japan Music Week by donating for the cause! 

Saturday, October 16, 2010


NY-based photographer, MIKE SCHREIBER is releasing TRUE HIP-HOP, his much-anticipated collection of iconic photography documenting some of hip-hop's biggest legends. The book features a collection of hip-hop photos Mike has taken over the years (1998-2009), with accompanying behind-the-scenes stories about some of the photos. I've been a friend and a fan of Mike's work which extend beyond his more well-known photos of pop figures; some of my favorites are his photo essays from Cuba, Brasil and Jamaica. Mike has an amazing eye for capturing portraits and using natural light and shadow as if he was painting. I can't wait to get my own copy! The book drops on October 26th, but you can pre-order it now on Amazon. 

Check out this inspiring interview with him about being in the game and working it successfully. You can also find him on twitter and on facebook.


Polymorphic octopus-hummingbird-gazelle creature to celebrate Tribal DDB's triumphant 10 years in business by Tristan Easton. Inspiring stuff. Check out more of his work on
DD Beast from THUNDERDOG STUDIOS on Vimeo.

In Tristan's word, "Paying homage to the late illustrator Frank Frazetta, I decided to anthropomorphize the accomplishments and abilities of the agency into a majestic, mythical beast ascending an ever-growing branch of time and challenge. A notch in the tree reveals 10 rings / years of growth. The painting was executed on 49 square panels of birch formed into a grid reminiscent of the Tribal DDB logo. The imagery was created using wheat pasted paper, spray paint, acrylic paint and ink. I also created a signed and numbered limited edition poster for all Tribal DDB employees. The poster serves as a crest to represent this mythical beast and its triumphant journey. The treatment of graphics are reminiscent of a timeless coat of arms used for shields in battle and for pride of legacy."

PLANT A SEED: ST.EVENS International

I'm really looking forward to get involved with ST-EVENS, the new project of my BK fam, spearheaded by my artist comrade and long-time collaborator, QUAN LUV. ST-EVENS involves a new fashion-line and an eco- & community-oriented gardening and creative arts organization. I'm in full support of this. Stay tuned for more!

St. Evens Garden Group is a private non-profit urban gardening and creative arts organization. Our aim is to encourage community participation of neighborhood recreational programs in the arts & sciences. We invite local artists to stay active in their community to keep their environment clean, natural and artistic. From planting a seed in a local community garden to creating various art workshops, Always encouraging artists to take charge and get involved with community activities that will better aid their arts, neighborhood, and environment. Help plant a seed and get involved.
Limited number of HORAKU Jeans are available now on

i'm feeling....DOLPHIN "Missing Objects"

The first of a series of videos by Miguel Sabogal for Baltimore fam, DOLPHIN

RECYCLED LIFEFORMS: the art of Jeremy Mayer

Jeremy Mayer has been breaking apart old typewriters for more than ten years and reassembling them into new forms. 

Friday, October 15, 2010


It's been a prolific year for two of my favorite Brooklyn producers, Machinedrum & Melo-X. After dropping two EPs this year, the Love Pressure EP as part of Sepalcure and the LuckyMe-released Many Faces, Machinedrum aka Travis Stewart is releasing his new record called Let It, named after a track off of his 2009 album Want to 1 2 featuring vocal work from Melo-X.  Let It  features the title track, b-side "Flud," and remixes from Lazer Sword, edIT of The Glitch Mob, and digital bonus remix from Siriusmo. Super dope experimental electro-hip-hop genre bending gem, a definite trailblazer.

 The Let It EP will drop physically on November 2, but you can buy the release digitally via Stones Throw, here

Check out Machinedrum in action at his last show in Paris, featuring my Paris fam, photographer NOOR ONE (She & I did a collabo photo shoot & I previously featured her here). 


I've been so backed up that I didn't even had a chance to post MeLo's most recent release, MUSTAFA THE GODKING: RISE OF MERCH which represents the distillation of two years of his musical evolution since his first self-produced debut project MUSTAFA'S RENAISSANCE in 2008. MeLo is a beast when it comes to beats, he really went in and took his time to refine his craft, meanwhile hustling his way toward the top (you may have seen his cameo at the Highline Ballroom invited by the Roots or as Kid Sister's tour dj to mention only a few highlights). The EP features guest appearances from BK fam, Nikki NTU, Jesse Boykins III, Lil Friday and others. MeLo is the voice of the new generation of NY hip-hop, expect some heavy beat attacks & a Brooklyn-flavored lyrical lava...good times. "Quality over quantity" word!
Melo was also responsible for all aspects of the project from the production, mixing and mastering to the album photo and art work. Dayyum!
Please visit  his Website and follow for the latest.

CMJ Dates
Oct 19, 2010 Melo-X & Nikki NTU +Old Money, Tigga Galore, Underground System Afrobeat at BACKSTAGE 152 Orchard St [] NYC 8PM-12AM [NOT TO BE MISSED, NY Underground in the house!]

Oct 23, 2010 Melo X w/ Mazzi & Soul Purpose, Onili, Mizz Metro @Hiro Ballroom

If you are not familiar with Nikki NTU, here is some earcandy from her latest EP that was released on Melo's label, GALAX  Nikki NTU Vs. Brainfeeder: Medulla Dinner 

YUBIZAWA one-finger self-defense

i'll pay for an extra copy of this!

to all my shapeshifters....MIIKE SNOW ::Billie Holiday + Animal (Mark Ronson Remix)
...or visit their official homepage:

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Bilal just dropped the official video for 'Restart' from his new album Airtight's Revenge (Plug Research). This is definitely one of my favorite tracks off of the album

Monday, October 11, 2010


I had a life-transforming time in the desert of New Mexico. The land is consecrated to the Sun as the state flag's solar symbol, sacred to the Pueblo Natives, reminds one...I've been mentally projecting myself to this desert for the last couple of years... I'm still trying to absorb all the experiences I had out there. When I was visualizing the mural, I tried to tune into the magic of the land and create something seen through the eye of the heart.

The mural my local host, Jaque Fragua &  I were working on for the upcoming STREET ARTS show at 516Arts was a testament to the power of color to represent the victory of life over the all-consuming greyness brought upon by pollution and natural/human disasters. I remember growing up in communist Hungary known for the vast environmental and health damage that the lo-tech industrial complex brought to the country...I remember craving bright colors as a child, since the dominant color of that era was grey or shades of grey mixed with faint meant to keep us on a lower vibration. When I looked at the walls of the building, I couldn't wait to just jump into it and see the transformation we were about to bring on. What happened to the EL REY Theatre was a case of color therapy, a symbolic victory of the Sun over darkness, life over death, renewal over pollution and waste. I always dreamt of creating art that followed in the footsteps of traditional artists who created icons or offerings to the higher spirits. Our piece became a metaphor for fertility and spiritual blessings, and everyone who came through to check on us had thanked us for changing up the feel of the whole area. I cannot even thank to all the people who came through and brought us water, food, beer, or sunblock...I really felt the love from the locals, and am very grateful for it.
The Guardian of the Mountains is a Keeper of The Flame, the gatekeeper for the Secret Treasures hidden inside its belly. 
The UNDERWORLD Belly of the Guardian [=burnt out landmark, the once famous Golden West Saloon, also served as a symbol the environmental abuse inflicted upon sacred land by the nuclear industry]. It comes to warn that if you disrespect the Guardian or fail its test, you'll end up swallowed up by the RedCarpetTongue and get burned.  Our Guardian stands as a reminder that the land is sacred and is protected. 
If you pass the Guardian without getting trapped, you may climb the Skypiercing Ladder... elevate  

Markaba Baba's Electric Treasure Chest. 
Holds the key to understanding the harnessing of the elements (fire/water/air/earth - natural power resources) to find GOLD (spiritual understanding/ blessings/ solar energy). 

One of the invited guests of the STREET ART Show that our mural was a part of was photographer Henry Chalfant. Henry is most known for his photos documenting NY subway trains and co-producing Style Wars, one of the most important documentaries about graffiti and hip-hop in 80's NYC. He came through to take some shots of us.

Jaque's clouds bring golden blessings. 
turn into GREEN seeds. The ORANGE represents fire/Sun, BLUE=water, the GREEN=fertile crops 
Randy B took the trash can and turned it into a piece of art. In a way our whole piece was a testament to how with a vision, the ruins can be transformed into new life & blossom, also a consistent theme in Jaque's work. 
We had a team of beautiful artistas helping out as well. Another dope artist, Jaque's production assistant and friend,Vanessa brought her touch with some flowers to the corner of the building. My lovely host, film-maker/documentarian Marie-Michele was documenting the process.
 The third artist working on the mural, NY-based Chris Stain's stencil piece alongside of Jaque's piece on the road side wall. Without previous planning, Chris also brought a vision of a Native mother and child and windmills to the whole that matched ours thematically.
Our piece is an offering to the Mother of All Things, the hidden Source of Mother Nature inside the Holy Mountain where love energy is emanating from her heart nurturing all living beings from within.   I painted this in memory of a visionary experience I had last summer.
Francesca Searer, our curator from 516ARTS did an an awesome job at making sure we had everything at our disposal from snacks to the amazing colors....Thanks for everything, Fran! hosts' house I was staying at. I found a new family here.
 Chevy Apache on Central Ave

the opening



Underneath the artistic vision and the spiritual layers of our piece is yet another dimension that hopes to raise awareness about an aspect of history that affects Indigenous communities in the region. Those who like to dig deeper can read the colors and metaphors through a different lens as well.

The city of Socorro, NM is about 75 miles south of Albuquerque was the site of the first nuclear weapon testing of the atomic bomb in 1945 just before the the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki a few days later (it is also a site of many UFO sitings). Following the explosion, the agencies leading the test decided against the "evacuation of the immediate area for secrecy reasons. As a result, people in the surrounding areas were exposed to radiation by breathing contaminated air and drinking contaminated water and goats’ milk.[source] " The test was conducted on Native land and affected Native communities primarily. The sacred sites of New Mexico were then exploited later by the nuclear industry for uranium mining that had caused further environmental damage and devastating health problems in those communities.
UN Committee on Racial Descrimination (CERD) Consolidated Indigenous Shadow Report, Sub-Section on Environmental Racism of Indigenous Peoples reported "Water quantity and quality were directly impacted by the mining of uranium in the Grants Mineral Belt in New Mexico. The Grants Mineral Belt was the most intensely mined area for uranium in the U.S. from 1950-1990 [...] These contamination issues have impacted domestic water consumption and use as well as agriculture and livestock watering and have drawn correlations to cancerous related illnesses among the impacted population" [source]. 

As developing nations like China and India are driving up the price of uranium, the US government is pushing the uranium industry back into Indigenous lands. Sacred sites in New Mexico are being threatened again by this new wave of uranium development.

It's been proven by innumerable studies that local mine workers and their families have died from diseases related to exposure to the radioactive uranium. The economic benefits that the uranium industry promised to Native workers have not only left those communities poor but it began destroying them over generations while the multinational corporations reaped the only benefits.

The bad news is that the uranium industry keeps on pushing its agenda to reestablish mining in sacred lands despite the resistance efforts of tribal leaders. The good news is (or let's say potentially good news) is that renewable energy businesses are starting to make headway in New Mexico, offering the development of an alternative, "green" industry in the region. The answer is the SUN.

According to the report of The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) an overwhelming majority of Americans support the solar energy industry. "Not only will these projects produce clean, reliable energy, but they will create tens of thousands of high-paying, American jobs in manufacturing and construction trades from coast to coast. This would include significant new jobs at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in New Mexico, where we manufacture both high-quality photovoltaic panels and concentrating solar power receivers. This industry can provide clean solar power to millions of households while creating thousands of new green energy jobs.

“The sun provides more energy in an hour than all the coal mines and oil wells do in a year. This solar energy is limitless and pollution free,” said Sean Garren, Clean Energy Advocate, Environment America. “Solar energy will play a major role in weaning the nation from dangerous, polluting, unstable and, in many cases, increasingly expensive forms of energy. America can and must figure out how to tap the heat and power of the sun." [

(I'd note that the biggest uranium mining companies are multinational entities, which include companies from Kazakhstan, Japan, Canada, China, Australia, Namibia, Iran beside the US and other countries)