Sunday, October 31, 2010

i'm feeling... ::: Erik Rico & Marc Mac(4hero) 'DESTINY'

DESTINY from the Direct Soul EP

I'm loving the new project of my good friend, Erik Rico, who has taken a break from touring the world to join forces with another heavy hitter musician, Marc Mac of 4hero. The result is 'DIRECT SOUL' - a project that examplifies why soul music is called such...vibrations that go from heart to heart. The release has dropped on October 25th.

"When L.A. based Eric Rico and Marc Mac (4hero) hooked up in the studio this summer, the only guideline was not to let the boundaries of tempo & style limit the creation.  Marc's Afro-Latinic frame fused with Tech-Soul forms the bedding for Eric’s unique vocal style. A real modern day fusion elusive of genre and stretching our mental perception of SOUL."

Check out the whole EP on
Erik Rico on web /  facebook  Marc Mac web / facebook

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