Sunday, October 17, 2010


LA-based producer/vocalist RUCKAZOID and his consort and partner-in-crime, the lovely DIAMOND ZOIDAL have finally released their debut project Diamond Studded Mothaship not so long ago, along with a huge collection of heavy-hitter tracks. On DSM, Diamond is bringing her sexy feline-powered space-electro-queen vocals to Ruckazoid's retro-synth melodies that will haunt you for days...she is fierce! I've been a fan of their music for a couple of years (see my previous feature), so I was pretty psyched to find out that they were releasing all their music on their own site LISTENCOMPUTE. I must say that going through the 200+ tracks was like opening up a sonic floodgate, it was kind of a crazy mindblow...a lot to digest (The best artists I know are always years ahead of the game...way before people get ready for their work). People may have heard his production and remixes for Drake, M.I.A., Maluca (Fluorescent Beige, El Tigeraso rmx), Jesse Boykins, III or Theophilus London (Cold Pillow-one of the best songs of 2009 acc. to Gilles Peterson, No Answers). I always give it up to artists I respect, and when it comes to production, only the bests compare to Ruckazoid. Whether you call it electro, post funk, post pop, this is simply music at its best. You can have access to their music by becoming a member on listencompute, which I highly recommend. Here are some my favs of the site.
This EP represents Ruckazoid's move from producer to vocalist.
These songs were produced in 2005 under various monikers. 
Ultimately, this 6 track EP is released as Ruckazoid entitled POP: 
a collection of homemade songs
. All songs were recorded 2 track, 
there's a fragile sound to each song. Vocals on That Is Your Life
were recorded on headphones, & Think Of You was salvaged from 
an old found tape. That Is Your Life has been played on BBC1 for years. 
(2005-2007) Check it.

Ruckazoid re-edited "Airbus Baby" by D.I.M, formatted for Diamond Zoidal. 
Mixtape material. FREE DOWNLOAD with membership.

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