Saturday, October 16, 2010

PLANT A SEED: ST.EVENS International

I'm really looking forward to get involved with ST-EVENS, the new project of my BK fam, spearheaded by my artist comrade and long-time collaborator, QUAN LUV. ST-EVENS involves a new fashion-line and an eco- & community-oriented gardening and creative arts organization. I'm in full support of this. Stay tuned for more!

St. Evens Garden Group is a private non-profit urban gardening and creative arts organization. Our aim is to encourage community participation of neighborhood recreational programs in the arts & sciences. We invite local artists to stay active in their community to keep their environment clean, natural and artistic. From planting a seed in a local community garden to creating various art workshops, Always encouraging artists to take charge and get involved with community activities that will better aid their arts, neighborhood, and environment. Help plant a seed and get involved.
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