Monday, October 11, 2010

VONY presents :: KIDS DREAM IN COLOR [Support us by signing up!]

VONY is an organization I've been involved with as a teaching artist at the Visual Arts program. We had teamed up a few months ago with a New York-based architectural design firm Real Estate Arts (REA) to hold a week long art workshop called Kids Dream In Color (KDIC). Ten super talented kids were chosen to participate in a week-long workshop at the firm to recreate the Empire State Building using common, eco-friendly art materials and re-envision the building in the year 2020 as a green, earth-friendly building, a futuristic symbol of a new Empire State of Mind. We had kids who knew how to do stop-motion animation or had their own comic books drawn. At the end of the program, we had an exhibit where they could showcase and demonstrate their work. I incorporated my piece DORJE as an imaginary guide to the Galaxy of Kats, which the kids visited in their imagination to collect wisdom about how to preserve energy on Earth using natural resources during their visualization exercise. Here is the documentary that our amazing team put together.
Director of Photography: Aric Gutnick Editor: Joel Mejia (Director of Media Dept,VONY/Dare To Dream)

I had a chance to continue to work with a few of the young creators at a more recent workshop dedicated to raise awareness about autism. This time we worked on customizing skateboards, which was exhibited at a group art exhibit/autism fundraiser featuring a number of NY artists. I always love working with QUEST. He is super talented and independent-minded who likes to get himself into all kinds of mischief (such as speed-rooftop-climbing). Here is the board he did.

Here is a letter from my close friend, Suzanna, founder of Voices of New York (VONY) to the public to   request support for our organization by signing up to our email list on Bloomspot. Each sign-up translates to $5 to the organization. We are currently raising funds for youth programs and workshops, so  any help is appreciated. Here comes her letter...

Dear Friends, I wanted to write you personally about a wonderful opportunity for Voices of New York to have $1,000 donated by Bloomspot. Now I know it amounts to a publicity campaign for Bloomspot, but if we can have 200 members joined at our community circle by October 15th, we raise $1,000 which VONY needs!!! All you have to do is join the circle by giving your email. While you will receive a promotional email from Bloomspot, you can unsubscribe (like I have) and still be part of our circle without affecting our chances of earning the cash. We have already raised $280 from them, so I know they are legit.
Click HERE to sign-up on BLOOMSPOT.

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