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i'm feeling....MELO-X feat. Paul McCartney and Erykah Badu - GONE BABY

just keeps on coming! i'm loving this video featuring an all-star Brooklyn fam, MeLo-X as the hero of the love story, the beautiful Sade as the love interest, Lex Lewter of LightUpFilms behind the camera, while Jesse Boykins III is directing, what?!
MeLo-X aka Mustafa debuts his first music video "Gone Baby" co-starring the Lovely FolaSade. These are the first visuals for his next anticipated EP entitled More Merch. You may recognize FolaSade from MeLo's "Treat Her Right" Promo video back in 2008 for "Mustafa's Renaissance". Here he revisits that timeless encounter between himself and FolaSade as they make music in Bed.
Directed by Jesse Boykins III & The Light Up Film team. All visuals and music were created in BROOKLYN.
MeLo's next EP "More Merch" will Debut December 7th on DJBooth.net.

For more on MeLoXtra visit his Twitter and Blog //  www.twitter.com/​MeloXtra // www.MeLo-X.Blogspot.com 


On Friday December 3rd, the first night of POP-UP PANDA, we have an afterparty called DOWNTOWN FRIDAY NIGHT 'Where Good Times Meets Cheers' with our fam, a great cast of NY's finest performance artists/DJs. Starting at 10pm, it's also going to be a birthday party for Stimulus, our host and one of the co-founders of PANDA NYC. Stimulus is one-half of one of New York's dopest live bands, The Real Live Show, an accomplished MC and is also a sought-after DJ (just wrapped up his legendary party at 105 Rivington w/ Moma). He's been touring the world this past year with his music and is going to return fresh from his trip to Mexico just in time to party.

He celebrates his birthday with two of his and New York's (you can add me to the list) favorite DJs Waajeed & Parler. Parler & Waajeed, who has also just returned from his travels in South America, are ready to put some fire on the dancefloor.
No Gifts, No Cover...Guess where the party is at! Find out about POP-UP PANDA and some of the featured artists & brands here.
producer / song writer / DJ [ + graphic designer & visual artist]
check out his site for tons of free downloads!


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Nacinimod Deodee's line House of Nassat takes a futuristic twist on traditional tecniques & design of clothesmaking. Imagine indigenous patterns on crocheted jackets that makes one look like one just stepped out of a STAR TREK episode taking place in ancient Mesoamerica. Nacinimod is a true visionary, and just like traditional craftsmen who weave their ancestors's legends into their fabric, his geometric designs spell out the symbolic patterns of his cosmos...there is more than what meets the eye.

We will have some of his one-of-a kind exclusive pieces on sale this weekend at the POP-UP PANDA.

ABOUT: The House of Nassat is a lifestyle line offering hand-made one of a kind pieces as well as everyday apparel. As CEO and head designer I have had the opportunity to create custom couture pieces for fashion forward artists such as Erykah Badu, Common, Musiq, dead prez, N'Dambi, Junior Kelly and Talib Kweli. We at the House of Nassat are fully committed to our mantra, "actively participating in the pursuit of perfection". Keep your eyes peeled for the real. Nacinimod signing out. Be Brave, Be Fearless... 

myspace :: facebook


One of our featured artists this weekend, Marka27 will be offering his 8” Half Dead Buddy, the first production 8” Bic Buddy design.  Caught in limbo between the land of the living and the land of the dead, this luchador figure sports a strong design with intricate tattoo work making reference to Marka's Mexican & L.A. roots. 

About: "Marka27 is a prolific artist who is never confined to one medium. His graffiti has been seen in high profile galleries throughout the east and west coast and has shown along side artist such as Futura, and Sam Flores. His street murals/ graffiti have been published in several life style magazines and books, most recent "Graffiti Planet", "Burning New York" and "Graffiti L.A". Marka27 made his mark with his original "Audio Canvas" paintings with built in speakers, also his large speaker installations with legendary hiphop icons painted on the speaker boxes. The latest manifestations from the restless mind of Marka27 are the minigods, the first indigenous urban vinyl toys." 

website :: blog

Also very excited about his latest of his killer minigods series debuting on December 18th...I can't wait to have my own...it hooks up to a computer and works as a table speaker...yes! 
For those who live in L.A, Marka27 will release both of his new gleaming Asia Minigods  (Bic Plastics) on Saturday December 18th (6 to 9 PM) @ the Sixhundred boutique in Downtown LA.  Available in both  15” ($160) and new 5.5” ($40) mini form factors, the latest Minigods fuse a design inspired by Buddhism with the latest in audio technology.  The result is a unique art toy that looks and sounds great. Marka27 will be on-hand to sign the new toys and will also be offering release exclusive products.  [via vinylpulse]

15” ASIA minigod --
4 Ω Power Speaker  & 10 Ω Tweeter  // Mini Jack cable // 100 / 240 V AC Adapter
2.5 Hour rechargeable Lithium Battery // ON and OFF Switch // LED lights  // ABS Speaker Protector  // Three points of articulation // Suggested retail $160
5.5” ASIA-minigod ==
Speaker // Mini Jack cable  // 100 / 240 V AC Adapter // ABS Speaker Protector  // ON and OFF Switch LED lights // Three points of articulation //Suggested retail $40

NEW CLAM #22 Fall/Winter 2010/2011 is in stores!

The latest issue of my favorite magazine, CLAM, is finally out in stores. Their myspace page should have the addresses where you can find it, and you can follow them on facebook.
CLAM is a unisex magazine whose goal is to promote creativity, concepts and ideas in fashion, architecture, music, design, the arts, free-time, travels and African design.

FREE MUSIC : FRESH DAILY 'Mothership / Land" + website launch party Dec 1st

FRESH DAILY has hit me up with some leaks months before the release of his new full-length project MOTHERSHIP/LAND, so I was really looking forward to hear the whole album. MOTHERSHIP takes Fresh's skills as a lyricist/MC to new heights as he rhymes over beats by Benamin, Calvin The Genius, Devonwho, Flying Lotus, Melo-X, Mndsng, Samiyam, Flyamsam and J Dilla, among others. This is a hip-hop project that's true to the movement's East coast roots, the golden days of NY block-parties & the spirit of 'love & having fun in the community' type-vibes NY hip-hop was born out of. Personal & cosmic, Fresh's new album is a journey through visions of the past to awakening, self-love and self-knowledge on several different levels.

ABOUT the project from Fresh himself: This is an amalgam of many things. Us as a people, black people, the Diaspora, how we relate to each other in relationships & socially. All in all we’ve been built and programmed to have shoddy social/love relationships as a result of slavery and years of conditioning to break down our culture and heritage. They’ve failed. We’re WOKE with knowledge of self. We’re Young, Gifted and Black. Also just a personal dissertation & exploration on my relationships w/ lovers, friends & family. Also a celebration of women & the life cycle of sorts. We as men come out of a woman (our Mother) enter a woman again (our wives/lovers) and return to mother EARTH in death. Plus it’s just a spaced-out, low-end mixtape composed of dope jams. The mothership is here to expand how you think and take you somewhere else via audio rhythms.

FRESH DAILY from TONE on Vimeo.

Check out the launch of the Fresh Daily X Sacred Stitch Collaborative T-shirt & 5-Panel Cap. Free Giveaways!
In Fresh's own words, It’s been a long time coming, both this website and this t-shirt and 5 panel-collabo. This is sort of like my design debut! I invited all of you personally to come on out and celebrate!
It’s FREE! it’s early (for you workin’ folks!)

Come and Party!
Music by Sucio Smash!
Afterparty at bOb’s.
235 Eldridge

http://freshdotdaily.tumblr.com/ [new]
http://freshdailyblog.blogspot.com/ [old blog]

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"If I was your heart, would you let me beat?"

SANCTUARY is the latest release off of KESED's upcoming full-length project, entitled 6AM. It continues to unfold the story of its protagonist, though this track takes one back to the beginning (you can find out more and check his previous release here).

SANCTUARY flows over the theme song 'Santuary' for the video game Kingdom Hearts II and takes you on a dreamy ride through emotions spelling out the mythology of its hero & his love interest. [The original song was a massive hit sang by Hikaru Utada, also released in Japan as a single called "Passion" (check video for the Utada's original song).

New Hop Galaktic Afro-Futurism meets final fantasy.  This is definitely one of my favorite off of the album.

I've been doing some of the art direction & had the pleasure to design his website. Check it at makekesednotwar.com

I'm co-curating POP-UP PANDA pop-up shop ::: TODAY's featured brand :: GOLD COAST TRADING

I've been working behind the scenes to mastermind a pop-up shop featuring some of my closest artist fam and favorite brands. I've got my girl, Waichi who is bringing her awesome taste and expertise as a creative director/event producer and designer/ stylist Chay on the team, so when you add their selections to the mix, you probably got one of the finest independent art & fashion  shopping experiences that New York can offer...so don't waste your money at Walmart and Marshalls on  imagination-deficient mass-produced gifts when you can get one-of-a-kind art & clothes & accessories while you're also supporting living artists. I'll have a some affordable prints to sell as well. We donate a portion of our profit to Falling Whistles, a non-profit dedicated to bringing peace in the Congo. 
The shop will be open for two days, this coming Friday and Saturday (Dec 3rd-4th), and on Friday, we'll going to wrap up the night with a birthday funhouse party for Panda's co-founder, my homie DJ/MC Stimulus. Music will be provided by good friends, WAAJEED & DJ Parler...
POP-UP PANDA /// Dec 3rd & 4th  \\\ 12pm-8pm
pop-up shop curated by Chi2 + Chay$theGreat.  Featuring uber, yet affordable, one-of-a-kind and limited quantity art, toys, apparel & accessories.  Portion of proceeds will benefit Falling Whistles
139 Chrystie [btw Delancey & Broome]
Chi2 is a collaboration between Waichi & myself. Check out our blog at www.thechi2.com
where you'll find more of the
Stay tuned, I'll be featuring some of the brands & artists we have selected for the event.

I love GCT. Its founder, art director/designer Emeka Alams was also responsible for establishing & creating the look for another dope brand 21MC, which became a huge success back in the days of myspace (check this interview with him to find out more about that connection)...how can one forget the amazing visual branding & art direction that gave 21 MC an instant cult status (I was one of the very first to support them in '07 on my blog). Emeka is a true adept of creating a look that communicates concepts, a feel and a lifestyle on many levels...brilliant stuff.
Check out their site to see more of the collection. Pretty excited to have them on board!
  All images are courtesy of Gold Coast Trading
p.s. I just noticed that the Berber design on my PANDA flyer resembles somewhat some of the GCT designs...The GCT images must have impressed on me, so when I was trying to create a deco look for the flyer, I was subconsciously drawn to these Berber (North African) patterns even more. Well, let it be an homage to the creative vision behind GCT.

Odelie Chan presents: KALEIDOSCOPE Fall Winter 2010 / 2011

I just got the link from Odelie aka Odelie Chan, a Paris-based designer to her latest super dope retro jewelry collection for Fall Winter 2010/2011. I'm loving the pieces and it looks like I'm going to have one of my felines wear one!

"Kaleidoscope" is a collection inspired by this intriguing object, made out of mirrors, geometrical, colorful. It uses external light being daylight or subdued light, and reflects the numerous colors in various ways.
Meticulously orned with bits of textile, pearl chains, these hypnotic jewels are all hand made.
Some piec...es have animal figures, winter... white polar bear, a deer, a wolf, woohoo, a mixture of cold and warm elements that will keep your bodyheat right where it should be, warm when it's cold outside, and fresh when it's hot.
 check out the full collection here.


Brooklyn fam, Jesse Boykins III was recently nominated for the prestigeous Soul Train Award along with Janelle Monae, Dwele among others, and if anyone, he definitely deserves it. Big ups, Jesse!!
visit his bandcamp page to listen to his music

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INFLUENCERS a short documentary about trends & tastemakers

ROOM 777 presents: THONY REMY filmmaker/ painter

I just came upon this interview with a good friend, filmmaker/ painter, Thony Remy, where I suddenly saw my name listed as an inspiration. I wasn't prepared for such big-up, and needless to say I'm super honored, especially because it's coming from a fellow artist and one of the illests! KTS (Key To Success) Production, his award-winning production company had produced amazing commercial work (e.g. the 3D ad for Metro Madrid), music videos and documentaries (e.g. Galax fam projects, such as NTU FARA's or Lil Friday's EPK). I definitely recommend him for film and video projects.
READ the full interview here.

Check out more of his work at
Hit him up for projects

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ARTIST TO WATCH: Tigga Calore "The Galaxy's Battery"

French Lopez recording artist, TIGGA CALORE is one of the best things that happened to New York. I love her, she is a superhero. Don't sleep!

French Lopez Records is also home to NY artist fam Krishka, JourneytotheEnd.. ("Dirty Geniius" Karl) & Coco Puff (Jasmine Solano).

Anton Glamb remixes Bang Ya Body by TIGGA CALORE once again reincarnating her “Bling, Bling Style” on this track originally produced by Fonda “Da Don Diva” from Team Facelift. Having worked with producers from as high up in the music solar system as Armand Van Helden to Chief Encore and more, TIGGA has been recently hitting the mic and stage all over NYC and is preparing for the globe.
Bang Ya Body (Anton Glamb Galatic Calore Mix) by TIGGA CALORE by FrenchLopezRcds

Directed by Erin Magee, Founder of MadeMe :: Featuring Tigga Calore :: Music by Nina Sky

MJ MALI 2010 festival au desert

gravity agent

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I haven't been excited about a live show as this one in months. Some I know, some I just discovered, but this is a super awesome line-up. Hailing from Paris, ONRA is finishing his North American tour spreading the good vibes with his new album, Long Distance (All City Records)...it was one of my favorite albums this year. [Check my interview with him to find out more.]  Also on board with ONRA, Paris-based producer Buddy Sativa, Philly's space-ambassadors  SATURN NEVER SLEEPS with Rucyl Mills & King Britt (scroll down for my interview below), Brooklyn's favorite DJ Spinna, Mike Slott, Snack & Cmish, and Moustachio...promising to be cosmic vibes. These kind of shows make me feel fortunate that I live in NYC and be at the heart of fresh. Come out!


Tuesday November 09, 2010
9:00 pm - 12:00 am
All Ages
Cover: $10.00
Cover Notes: Doors: 8:00 PM / Show: 9:00 PM

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SNS Madrid, Spain / Charada Club de Baile / August 2010

 On Tuesday, November 9th, Philly-based audio-visual innovator duo, Rucyl Mills & King Britt of SATURN NEVER SLEEPS (SNS) are returning to Brooklyn's Knitting Factory along with DJ Spinna, Mike Slott, Snack n Cmish, and Moustachio in support of Paris-based producer, ONRA's much anticipated debut performance (check out my interview with him later). According to their own definition, "SNS in ensemble form combines audio visual micro-components into a thought altering world of sight and sound". What started out as two incredibly successful tribute performances in Philadelphia and in New York honoring intergalactic key-holder SUN RA and drawing over 2700 attendees, has grown into a movement that had guest-featured artists like Flying Lotus, RAS-G, AFTA-1, Shabazz Palace, Step Eye, Sarah White, Rico Mendez, Taylor McFerrin, and Tokimonsta among others. Since their debut show in July 2009, King & Rucyl have had several releases and an impressive international tour schedule hitting venues in Istanbul, Berlin, Madrid, Zurich, and Basel under their belt. I've been a friend and a long-time fan of their work--- beside being an amazing producer and singer, Rucyl is one of the most brilliant technological innovators (readers might remeber the MIDI-controller she'd built herself that I featured here before), while King has had a hugely successful carrier as a producer and DJ, having known for his productions in several different genres ranging from deep house, hip-hop, afro-tech, funk, to nu-jazz (he used to be my favorite deep house producer, read his bio here). I've been meaning to do an interview with them for a long time, so their upcoming performance provided the perfect opportunity to spread some love. This show is not to be missed!

LICHIBAN: If I remember correctly, the original concept behind the SATURN NEVER SLEEPS project was a series of tribute shows to SUN RA, one of the most important pioneers of experimental music. SUN RA was not only a musical innovator but also a spiritual artist who was never afraid to push the boundaries of imagination. In what way did he influence your carrier and do you also have a spiritual component to your music?

King: I grew up going to his house in Philly w/ my mom. I think being in that environment definitely helped me understand that an 'outer' power exists in the universe and thru our music it is channelled to the masses. I feel all music, no matter how good or bad, has a spiritual component connected to it. Music is the organization of frequencies/sounds, which come from spiritual intention.....
Rucyl: I learned about Sun Ra when I happened upon his film "Space is the Place" in the early 90s and consequently started gathering all the information I could about him and his work. I read his biography then had a June Tyson obsession for a minute - I was impressed by her style and confidence in her own abilities to sing in her own personal style with no rules. Music for me is completely spiritual and and is the best way to get to know myself and other people intimately. Self-expression is the fastest way to self-knowledge.

Sun Ra:Lectric PreVue from Saturn Never Sleeps on Vimeo.
L: You two are the perfect team, your individual passion & talents compliment each other perfectly. Could you each give an intro about each other's expertise to someone who is not familiar with your work and include something that people wouldn't normally know or assume about each of you?

King: I think Rucyl is an expert in many things. She not only is an amazing singer, producer and multimedia artist but I feel her strongest expertise is hook writing. It may not be your obvious pop hooks but once you hear them, you will find yourself humming them for days/months to come. That is a very difficult thing to do and still keep the lyrics interesting and not bubblegum.
Rucyl: King is so dedicated to music and so professional in his execution and studio manner, teaching me that while emotions are always important and valid, to never let them keep you from making music. As artists sometimes we get caught up in day to day challenges and I've learned from King that these challenges are adjectives in your life process, not the verbs, that can be used in your art rather than serve as obstacles. Besides the obvious fact that he's an incredible producer and dj, King is a living encyclopedia of the history of all genres of music and the Philadelphia sound, he's a gear head with a programmers sensibility, and also one of the most non-judgemental people I've known. His desire to always progress and take chances is what makes him the formidable artist he is. Oh - and he's a really good with visual media - directing and photography.

L: You both had successful carriers as performing artists? In what way did your past work help or created a challenge taking a new direction in your musical growth?

King: My problem was more of a fear of taking the step into the experimental side. Rucyl definitely helped me push through the block that was holding me back. It was fear of losing my audience and fear of confusing my brand. I wish I had done it earlier...I think my past work is great but its very 'safe' to a certain extent ....now its time to be unsafe.
Rucyl: My past musical history was adventurous, to say the least, as I got involved in the music industry at a very young age. Like King said, it's time to be unsafe. Saturn Never Sleeps has given us an opportunity to express ourselves without conforming to any genre, especially with the uncertain state of patriarchal systems to confine our direction or creativity. It's good to be free.

SNS Live in Istanbul from Saturn Never Sleeps on Vimeo.
L: One of the unique elements of your live shows is that there is no rehearsal or preconceived concept before you get on stage; everything is created in the moment as a spontaneous improvisation piece. In a way, your shows created a new model for electronic audio-visual experimentation by blurring the line between performance art, visual installation, and live musical production. What is your arsenal? What would you like people to take home from the shows?

King: I think the main thing we want people to leave with is a sense of freedom. A feeling of uncertainty but simultaneously a feeling of excitement and wanting more. A feeling like maybe they can do it too. A feeling like they can take chances too.
Rucyl: Our arsenals change constantly, but the APC is pretty much a constant along with Roland's Kaoss line. I would really like to reflect with our performances the concept of the process being the art, living in the now, and most importantly enjoying yourself and removing your ego from the equation so more universal energy can flow through.
SNS featuring RAS-G at the Kinitting Factory, Brooklyn, NY. photo by King Texas
L: You guys had your debut live performance in NY with a hugely successful SUN RA tribute that packed over 2700 peoples last July 2009 and had a number of shows in New York since. It seems to me that most of the artists you have featured in your performances are from the West Coast or from overseas. How does New York's receptivity to this kind of experimental projects compares to other cities and countries you've visited over the last year?
SNS featuring Ras-G, Sarah White, Rico Mendez, Steph Eye, and AFTA-1 at Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, NY 12/11/09 photo Lenyon Whitaker
King: That debut was at the World Finance Center. The circumstances were perfect that evening. We had just done the very first one in Philly right before. We were fresh faced kids with new toys in NYC! Great budget, great weather, great venue, great musicians, great visuals, we could do no wrong. It was a blessing and a curse.

The next gigs were all amazing as well but circumstances were never as perfect as that one. BUT they have all had their own magic. We have done Madrid, Berlin, Basel, Zurich, NYC, Philly, Istanbul and January Japan and Australia. Each gig has had its great crowd and moments. I still think everyone is a bit confused as to what to expect but they always leave excited for more.
We are working on a full length now, which we feel the tour for it will truly define exactly what SNS really is. I think the past year was a process to get to this point of doing an album.

SNS Sun Ra:Lectric / The Institute for Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania / July 2009
L:What was your favorite show so far and why?

King: For me, it will always be the first show at the ICA (check video recap here). It was such an out of body and mind experience. To happen during a Sun Ra exhibition and create what we did for true Ra heads was enough to cry. It was also the beginning of Rucyl and I working together, which was monumental !
Rucyl: ICA was incredible.. it really felt like we were immersed in the experience and Sun Ra was watching from Saturn. I also really loved our recent show at Moogfest. SNS has grown so much in the last year so that every last show we do is my favorite show at this point - each performance I learn so much more, and as long as I'm learning, growing and changing, I feel successful.

L: What is your favorite SUN RA performance or work?

King: Angels and Demons at play. Its such a trippy arrangement and execution. Big Band Space Music at its best!
Rucyl: Though I love his music, the "Space is the Place" movie is my favorite of his works. To understand the importance of visual media at that time is so incredible! He was like a musical Marshall McLuhan. The medium is the message.. the medium is the massage.
L: I heard that you are working on some new SNS projects as well as solo projects as well?
King: SNS album.....early 2011......
Rucyl: We've got a bunch of releases coming out, but most pressing right now is the SNS full length record in 2011.

L: What would be the dream equipment you wish you could have as part of the SNS shows?

King: I think we got it this past year, the APC40..... it was like the missing link.
Rucyl: Hard question because there's so much I want to try out.. I love the APC, but I'm thinking about adding on the Code controller by Livid Instruments. Eventually I want to build something like Chris Carter's Tutti Box for vocal effects...

L: How would you like SNS to evolve in the future? Any dream places to take the show to?

King: Trying not to think about it because it has been so organic. We actually started big and now are concentrating on just us two. So we in a way went opposite....which is very exciting. We just rely on each other.
Rucyl: We're definitely trying to let SNS tell us what it wants to do since it's been leading us in the right direction so far. But we are definitely developing a new visual element for performance to coincide with the release of our first full-length record.
SNS at Moogfest 2010 photos copyright Ruslan Tumash and Moogfest
L: You just returned from the Moogfest recently? How was it? What were the highlights, any artist you'd recommend to watch?
King: Moogfest was the best festival I have been to in years. Top 3 acts: Dam-Funk (always), Sleigh Bells and Caribou.
Rucyl: Moogfest rocked! I learned so much from other performances in such a short period of time. I'm usually a bit crowd shy, but it was so organized and drama free for a festival. The acts that King mentioned were slammin, as well as Nosaj Thing and I loved Dan Deacon's ambient experimental Moog set. I also got to see Nortec Collective's and Matmos' gear up close and ask them questions. Awesome.

L: What should we expect on November 9th?
King: The unexpected.

CONNECT on twitter // website

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SAY YEA....BILAL 'Robots' [Official Video]

Awesome new video for BILAL's 'Robots' directed by Mikaël Colombu. Ironically, it dropped on Election Day, only to remind one of the corporate media brainwashingmachine's mindaltering power. If you haven't heard BILAL's new album, I recommend that you check it out on itunes  or on plugresearch. ... one of the best albums that came out this year.  

FUTURE VINTAGE & The Sonic Adventures of MOOGODORE 2600: Interview with COMPUTER JAY

When it comes to vintage synths and analog soundscapes recalling the era of MOOG and the experimental electronic music innovations of the 60s & 70s coming from artists using analog technology such as SUN RA, Dick Hyman or Kraftwerk, LA-fam, COMPUTER JAY comes to my mind immediately. The best artists are trailblazers always several steps ahead of the game and it often happens that by the time their sounds become trendy and people get their work, they are already onto the next phase of their evolution. There has been a definite revival of the futuristic analog sound associated with these giants, so artists like Jay who have been doing this kind of music while continuing to push the boundaries of electronic music for a long time can be finally recognized for their work (same holds for some of the other artists I know like Dâm-Funk, Waajeed or Ruckazoid, who have been making music using analog equipment for over a decade). Ready or not, here it comes... 
Lichiban: Did you always wanted to be a musician? What was your first music project that you can remember of?
Computer Jay: Yes. I always wanted to make music. I feel blessed in that way. I knew at an early age what I wanted to do and have stuck with it since. The first music project I remember was trying to write a song on a keyboard my mother had. I remember working on it for at least three "sessions" before losing interest in it. I was maybe nine or ten at the time.
L: What is your arsenal? Is there a favorite instrument or sound that you think characterizes your music?
CJ: I have a Rhodes, an Optigan, MiniMoog Voyager, Moog Opus. I got a few drum machines including the Mpc, CompuRhythm, and Rhythm Ace.  I also have a keyboard I built myself. It's called the "Moogodore 2600".  It's part Moog, part Atari, and part Commodore 64. It's hard to say what my favorite is... But I am a long time Moog collector. Well Moog's and Rhodes.. A lot of gear has came and went. But these 2 always stay relevant in what I'm doing. I am also a fan of lo-fi digital. 8 Bit, 4 Bit, etc.. I've always loved that "Old New" sound.
  Distance by Computer Jay
L: You are in several different bands and also have your solo projects going on. You are 1/3rd of a group called Master Blazter with Dâm-Funk & drummer J1, and are part of Shafiq Husayn and the A-free-Ka Ensemble. And there is also another band you're core member of, Spirit Animal. How did you guys link up?
CJSteve Cooper and I met through a mutual friend named Havana Joe. He hit me with an album he had been working on. I dug it and hit him up to do some work. And the rest is Megabytes..

L: You were born & raised in LA, right? Last time we were talking about LA, you said that you were tired of the bad wrap that your city gets. Looks like some of the hottest new music from a lot of different genres is actually coming out of LA these days (almost makes me want to move there!). What’s the spirit of the music scene in LA like?
CJ: It's amazing. Truly great spirit. I feel I'm surrounded by nothing but extremely artistic and motivated people. I don't see a lot of ego trippin...And actually most artists around here are very supportive of works beyond theirs... Even works outside the scope of what they do. Whether it's design, music, or fine arts. It's become a total cliché to dump on Los Angeles...when people talk about how "plastic" and "phony" L.A is, I think to myself "What do you like and where do you hang to be surrounded by that?"
  1000 FOLD by Computer Jay

L: It looks like you've got so many music projects about to hit the streets! First up, as a part of All City Records "LA 10 Inch Series" you are collaborating with Dâm-Funk on a release that's coming out on All City Records this month. Is it going to be something along the line of your previous work with him in Master Blazter? [vinyl release is available at rushhour]
CJ: Well it's not quite a Master Blazter release. One side of the record are production's from Dâm-Funk, and the other side are from myself. The 10'' however will encompass a lot of the Master Blazter Spirit though.. we even perform some of the songs on the 10'' actually.  

L: You've been touring extensively with Dâm-Funk as the keyboardist on board. Do you like to tour? What were some of the most fun moments on the tour?
CJ: I love touring. It's great to see all the other cities and cultures that exist.  It's great making new connections and friendships.  Some of my favorite times on the tour were digging for records in stores I've never heard of or been to. There's something that feels magical about excavating in a place you haven't been.

L: Talking about Master Blazter, you guys are about to start recording your new album, right? The free MB release Blazt Off that came out on HVW8 wasn't really a joint album per se but more of a collection of tracks from the members. This one is going to be a collective effort, right?
CJ: The Master Blazter album is definitely going to be more of a collective effort. There is even a chance that were going to track a lot of the album live. We will bring individual songs and sketches to the table, but more then likely rework them collectively.

L: Oh and I also heard that you are on Gaslamp Killer's new EP "Death Gate"? How did you guys decide to work together? Is this your first project with him?
CJ: Yes. I co-wrote and played on the song "Shattering Inner Journeys". I also played on his first E.P "My Troubled Mind".  GLK and I have been friends for a good decade and we have always been big supporters of each others' music. Matter of fact we have a project called "Computer Killer". It's a score for a Slasher film we're making next year.
  04-Shattering Inner Journeys feat Computer Jay by LOVE HER MADLY BLOG
L: You are also scheduled to release your new EP. How does it compare to your last solo project Maintain (on Ramp Recordings w remixes from Ikonika, FaltyDL and Mike Slott) which I love?
CJ: Thank You!  The E.P will definitely have a similar vibe to the maintain 12'' and the Distance/Epiphany 10'' I released with Ramp a while back. They'll be more songs with the Computer on vocals, and me on production with some new instruments I built. 
  Epiphany by Computer Jay
L: How the hell are you able to balance all the gigs and recording time, haha!
CJ: HA! yeah it's hard to balance sometimes. I just try to make good use of my time... Keep my head down and keep working. I'll look back later.

L: What would be your bucket list of 2010?
CJ: 1 To finally see A Tribe Called Quest live. (one of my favorite groups and still haven't seen them live.) 
2. To learn how to do a windmill.
3. To digitize my entire record collection.

L: Could you put me on 3 albums that you've been feeling lately?
CJ: I've been listening to the The Hit and Run's "Free Kutmah" benefit show mix... It was Mixed by Ras G.  I went back and revisited  Black Sabbath's "Vol. 1" a few times recently. Another one in heavy rotation is Onra's "Long Distance".

L: Shoutouts?
CJ: Yeah yeah. Shout out to the Milky Way crew, Cubic Zirconia, my Moms, King Britt, Circuit benders world wide, and all my folks who have supported me through the years.

L: Thanks!!
CJ: Thanks Lichi!! Thank you for considering me for the interview. 

you can find more more mixes and tracks on soundcloud // connect on facebook // twitter // myspace 
check him out in action
Computer Jay "Electric Frontier" from The Qualities of Light on Vimeo.


I caught this video profile of a friend of mine, Brooklyn artist, EBON HEATH on my other blog Wronglips I co-author with my friend, singer Sarah White. Ebon has moved to Berlin last year and made BIG moves over there. He got a residency at MADE, where he was working on his installation/performance art project involving kinetic body sculptures called "Typographic Ballet". The piece that had Talib Kweli, journalist Tita von Hardenberg, poet Forough Farrokhzad, vocalist Parvin Namazi and singer/songwriter Max Herre &  theater producer Kevin Ritterberger on board as well was a huge success. Always proud and inspired to see fellow artists succeed...Big ups to Ebon! 
chech out more of EBON's work on www.listeningwithmyeyes.com
here is the recap of the performance

ANIMATION OF THE DAY: FLYING LOTUS "Kill Your Co-Workers" by bleep

Another super cool project from Flying Lotus, who is not only one of the most prolific music artists working these days but also has a visual artist's eye for selecting people to illustrate his sonic world. Love it! 

taken from Pattern + Grid World

i'm feeling....GRIZZLY BEAR 'Ready, Able'

I was recently put on the dreamy sounds of Grizzly Bear by a good friend from Albuquerque, musician/painter/bboy Cloudface. I grew up on a lot of claymation and have a soft spot for the surreal natural imagery... this video is awesome!
Video for "Ready, Able," from Grizzly Bear's 'Veckatimest.' Directed by Allison Schulnik.


I recently rediscovered the work of New York artist/designer Stephen Holding of the Metalwing Creative. I first came upon his paintings and glasswork on the Project SF site, the collective founded by my fellow art friends from Boston. Stephen’s painting and installation work has been exhibited throughout North America and Asia, and he has completed commissioned work for such clients as Nike, Reebok, and Converse, as well as various clients in the music, snowboarding and apparel industries. Beautiful work, check out more his stuff on his website.