Monday, November 29, 2010


One of our featured artists this weekend, Marka27 will be offering his 8” Half Dead Buddy, the first production 8” Bic Buddy design.  Caught in limbo between the land of the living and the land of the dead, this luchador figure sports a strong design with intricate tattoo work making reference to Marka's Mexican & L.A. roots. 

About: "Marka27 is a prolific artist who is never confined to one medium. His graffiti has been seen in high profile galleries throughout the east and west coast and has shown along side artist such as Futura, and Sam Flores. His street murals/ graffiti have been published in several life style magazines and books, most recent "Graffiti Planet", "Burning New York" and "Graffiti L.A". Marka27 made his mark with his original "Audio Canvas" paintings with built in speakers, also his large speaker installations with legendary hiphop icons painted on the speaker boxes. The latest manifestations from the restless mind of Marka27 are the minigods, the first indigenous urban vinyl toys." 

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Also very excited about his latest of his killer minigods series debuting on December 18th...I can't wait to have my hooks up to a computer and works as a table speaker...yes! 
For those who live in L.A, Marka27 will release both of his new gleaming Asia Minigods  (Bic Plastics) on Saturday December 18th (6 to 9 PM) @ the Sixhundred boutique in Downtown LA.  Available in both  15” ($160) and new 5.5” ($40) mini form factors, the latest Minigods fuse a design inspired by Buddhism with the latest in audio technology.  The result is a unique art toy that looks and sounds great. Marka27 will be on-hand to sign the new toys and will also be offering release exclusive products.  [via vinylpulse]

15” ASIA minigod --
4 Ω Power Speaker  & 10 Ω Tweeter  // Mini Jack cable // 100 / 240 V AC Adapter
2.5 Hour rechargeable Lithium Battery // ON and OFF Switch // LED lights  // ABS Speaker Protector  // Three points of articulation // Suggested retail $160
5.5” ASIA-minigod ==
Speaker // Mini Jack cable  // 100 / 240 V AC Adapter // ABS Speaker Protector  // ON and OFF Switch LED lights // Three points of articulation //Suggested retail $40

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