Thursday, February 3, 2011


One of the independent labels I've been following is the UK based Citinite, record label launched in 2006 which specializes in electrofunk. Its artist roster is a mix of new artists, such as Jimmy Edgar's alterego Her Bad Habit, Miami's Gosub and Sweat.X, as well as older artists who helped pioneer the electrofunk genre, such as John Davis and Egyptian Lover.
My latest favorite on the label is Give It To Me Hot, a four track EP covering some of the 80s funk group Sexual Harrassment's timeless spacefunk hits such as ‘I Need A Freak’ and ‘If I Gave You A Party’. The remix project features Dâm-FunkLil’ KennySweat.X, Jimmy EdgarG.rizo and Robert O’Dell. Funk is hands down still one the sexiest genres of music, and these re-electrofied joints didn't disappoint...say yes to 'I Need A Freak'!
S E X U A L   H A R R A S S M E N T   'Give It To Me Hot' [citinite]
Give It To Me Hot EP preview by citinite

Check out some of the other artists on the roster

GOSUB Watchers from the Black Universe
Miami's grandmaster of techno & electrofunk, GOSUB's got some killer joints on his latest Citinite release (originally released in 2007). Hailed as "the best electro album this year", Watchers from the Black Universe would be one of my choices for a soundtrack to astral traveling.
“Brilliant. This is crystalline Drexciyan space-funk that’s so elegantly retro in places that you wonder how the genre is supposed to advance... Gosub’s slique disco number, ‘Strange City’, breaks the mould beautifully.” Vice


DEZ DICKERSON Modernaire (w/ Remixes)
“A new release from the hottest label out there at the moment, Citinite. Produced for the soundtrack to the Prince film ‘Purple Rain’ in the ’80s, somehow the track was never released, until last week, when Citinite released it as a limited edition pressing of 777 copies on red vinyl. With an all-star cast on the writing and remix credits, this is an instant classic.” Future Tone
HER BAD HABIT I Don’t Know (What You’re Doing To Me)
“Citinite’s latest release finds wiz kid Jimmy Edgar skating intrepid down the neon avenues of the synth boogie metropolis. An orange meltdown of funky synth basslines illuminating a geodesic dome under which chromed-up androids jack riotously. This is very, very fresh.” 20 Jazz Funk Greats


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