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Originally hailing from Cleveland, Ohio but now based out of L.A., producer / drummer / DJ Jovan J1 Coleman aka 'The Deer' has being making waves as one-third of the group, Master Blazter, alongside Dam-Funk and Computer Jay, as well as the drummer for TaRaach & Blu’s C.R.A.C. project, while finding time to work on new solo productions with a group of vocalists, some of which are set to drop in the spring. I first met Jay at the debut Master Blazter gig at the Bowery Ballroom, NY, and as many could attest, they really blasted out with some crazy heart-hitting energy...they definitely turned out the crowd...probably was one of my favorite live shows ever. I've had a chance to build with him a few times, and finally I was able to publish our interview from a few months ago after a hiatus I'd taken to focus on some new projects. It's going to be the first interview of the Year of the Rabbit. Here comes the Deer for inspiration...  
LICHIBAN: Did you always wanted to be a musician? What was your first music project that you can remember of?
J1My first project was a rap group I was in with my cousin and he rhymed and I made the beats...

L1: What's the story about your name "The Deer"?
J1: THE my ANIMAL KINGDOM name....

L1: Tell me some of your inspirations to becoming a drummer?
J1: My initial inspirations were Clyde Stubblefield and Jab Starks...I'm a big James Brown fan and those were the first records I used to study and try to get that heavy style like Clyde and that Gospel Jazz thang that Jabo got... Besides them ?uestlove was a huge influence, just seein somebody from a hip-hop angle really rock live on the kit. Also John Bohnam is a big influence on me...But there's too many to name...

L1:You were born in Cleveland, OH and moved to LA a few years ago, right? What drew you to LA? 
J1: My first move I came to Cali, I moved to SF and lived there for about two years, played in a couple of projects and I was lucky enuff to get the chance to come down to LA a couple times and feel out the vibe, connect with some good people, so I just decided to make the move...

L1: What’s the spirit of the music scene in LA like, it looks like some of the dopest new music is actually coming out of LA these days?
J1: The scene is so crazy that was a definite reason for the move I mean all the homies are serious creators and they aint afraid to take it out there. So when you see that it helps you become more fearless with your art and the bar is set so high you already know that you gotta come with some real shit... Its also hella supportive you always see everyone out at each others gig it is a family vibe down here 4sho.

L1: You are 1/3rd of a group called Master Blazter with Dâm Funk & keyboardist Computer Jay, also have your solo projects going on. How did you guys link up?
J1: The Master Blazter connection was at first just a jam session set up at HVW8 Gallery out here in LA by the homie TyG.. he asked us all to get together we did it got recorded and the response from it was crazy so it just made sense to make the project work, and we were lucky enuff where Dam-Funk already had a release so it gave us a chance to come together, learn his tunes, play together and just build on our vibe as a group while bein out live in front of the people hittin em with that FUNK....

L1: You've been touring extensively with Dâm Funk as the drummer on board. Do you like to tour? What were some of your favorite moments on the tour? 
J1: I love tourin fa real...I just love flyin off top.. I think thats cool..and I love gettin the chance to experience new things and hopefully get better from all the things. My favorite moments on tour were the crowds I met so many dope people in all the countries and they showed us so much love it was crazy... Besides that seein Roy Ayers live and The Cinematic Orchestra were big time highlights... Also SUPER HIGHLIGHT was djin on a boat Jay Dam myself...and the homies from Manchester the HOYAY HOYA crew...that was a brilliant gig...

L1: Talking about Master Blazter, you guys are about to start recording your new album, right? The free MB release Blazt Off that came out on HVW8 wasn't really a joint album per se but more of a collection of tracks from the members. This one is going to be more of a collective effort, right? 
J1: Yeah Master Blazter is hittin the studio real soon comin with a full length project...It will be a group effort with it bein a more live tracked out vibe with all three of us makin the tracks. We are all excited to hit the studio bein on the road so tuff. It really gave us the chance to gel and really learn how to talk to each other thru the music...The mixtape was just to give people a chance to see what kinds of style where exactly coming together because some people might have heard our music on a solo vibe but we felt like it would be cool for you to get a shot to hear our solo works all together on one piece.

L1: It looks like you've been busy working on a number of new music projects! I heard that you've got a 45 release comin out on Recordbreakin Records that you've produced with guest vocalists.
J1: Yeah got a solo release will be on a 45 thru Recordbreakin Records out of Philadelphia.... Its production by me with one of the joints is co-produced by the homie Devonwho... Also it features guest vocalist Coultrain...Ragen Fykes...&...Jimetta Rose...and that will be out in the spring....STAY TUNED!!!! 

L1: And then there is the second year edition of your compilation STARSHIP 27 that I first saw on the homie, Kenny Fresh's site FRESHSELECTS last year. The first one featured all new/exclusives tracks from the likes of Black Spade, Proh Mic, Dam-Funk, Computer Jay, devonwho, Ras_G, Dibia$e, Snowman Jack, House Shoes and more...can you give us a teaser about the new one?
J1: Also we got the 2nd edition of Starship 27 comin this spring too. Thats the compilation featuring alot of the homies such as Ras G, Houseshoes, Jordan Rockswell, Dibia$e, J.Bizness, Dam-Funk myself it's pretty much the same cast as last year but this round I'm proud to announce that we were lucky to get a joint from Eric Lau out of Londontown and we got a joint from the BIG homie Flame Brown reppin (BLING47) so please be on the lookout for that this year. It will not only be a digital release but we're comin with it on vinyl... Shoutout 2 (in)sect records out of Austin TX.

L1: Tell me one thing that people normally don't know about you
J1: One thing that people dont know about me is that I'm a neat freak hella much something I picked up from my moms but im not mad at it ladies dig it...

L1: You are also DJ...where can people find you in LA?
J1: I'm pretty much everywhere on the dj angle too. I love records so rockin parties is just a part of the whole vibe that we get down with... No residencies as of right now but we got some things in the work so just stay up with us for details...Please believe we got something comin for the people real soon!!!!!!

L1:: What would be your bucket list of 2010?
J1: Pretty much everything that cracked off in 2010 was on my bucket list, we got to see the planet met good people got projects set for release and got to swim in the Adriatic Sea, so I'm good with this year. For me without a doubt it was the best one yet.....2011 GET READY!!!!!!!!!!!!

L1: What would you say to others who are considering becoming professional musicians?
J1: For anybody wanting to get in this game the advice I have for you is to stay focused and never get caught up in your own hype. The people are what can make you or break you so don't ever lose focus on what's important. Not what the crtics think but the way you make the people feel... That's my advice...

L1: Shoutouts?
J1: Shoutout 2 Licsi....My moms my brotha my father....My brothers Dâm Funk and Computer Jay...Shoutout 2 the ANIMAL KINGDOM.....and biggup all the people all over the world who support that good music....LETS KEEP BANGIN..


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