Thursday, May 26, 2011


Big shout out to EXTRA BUTTER for hosting an awesome event...Kafe King was in full effect. 
ART meals were going for bw $5-$20 by KwanMega, and myself...
Moruf & The Jersey Klan
Shout out to Mochadon presenting her new collection, to Maria Delarosa for the lovely prints, and for A-list for the dope promo video.
Check out the EXTRA BUTTER site for the wrap-up and more photos

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Saturday, May 21, 2011

TODAY! KAFE KING @ Extra Butter, NYC

the end of the world? nah
a new edition of KONOGO.MIX x Gotham Kafe x Extra Butter production

to get a taste, check out the last edition of GOTHAM KAFE: Kafe Koolada

Thursday, May 19, 2011

NEW WORK: "YNOPLAENIP" coming soon!

"The Sky is No Limit"
a true story

HÄZEL "Playground" on Catblock Records / The Pusher Distribution

Dilla's legacy lives and continues to take artists to explore new horizons in the US & overseas as well... If you're tired of the "hip-hop is dead" debate and just want to hear dope music, you can definitely find it...some of my personal recommendations would be the BK homie, Melo-X, fam Cris Prolific from Brussels or Onra from Paris. To add to the list, here comes French producer/vocalist Häzel's solo project 'Playground' debuting ONRA's new record label Catblock. The six-track EP is one of those that you can't help but keep on listening back-to-back. Cosmic tunes flow seamlessly with the sultry vocals, the dreaminess of this album makes it a delight for both headnodders and die-hard romantics alike...a definite future classic! 

After gaining a solid reputation over the past few years thanks to his numerous productions for artists such as Drake or Slakah the Beatchild to name just a few, French producer Häzel finally presents his first solo project. These voluntarily J-Dilla influenced 6 tracks build a superb Hip-Hop/Soul opus. 

„Playground‟ will also be released on Catblock Records, new label launched together by Favorite Recordings and Onra. Under the successful French beatmaker‟s artistic direction, Catblock should quickly establish itself as one of the essential imprints from the contemporary Hip-Hop/Electronic music scene. Catblock
The album is available on vinyl now and as a digital download on iTunes on May 23rd.
Häzel on facebook

  Häzel - Playground EP teaser by Hazeldizzy

Friday, May 13, 2011

KONOGO.MIX/Gotham Kafe Upcoming Event: "KAFE KING" Saturday, May 21, 2011

photo ©lichiban

Come check out the new event that showcases new art and music from peeps from our art collective (KONOGO.MIX, A.L.I.E.N. NYC) featuring the works of Kwan Luv as well as Kesed, Chief Encore, Mochadon, MegaDopePop among others at the Extra Butter showroom. You can grab some limited edition gear, artwork and just chill and have a good time. I will have some goodies in the mix too. 

Gotham Kafé x Extra Butter present KAFÉ KING: "CAKE'N" 

MAY 21st - 
Live Art, Live Performances, Live Dancing, Baked Goods & More.
Extra Butter NY
266 Merrick Rd, Rockville Centre NY 11570

Among others, the event debuts the limited edition NINJA TV snap cap, available online at
for the early birds.

SUPPORT! WeOwnTV - Picturing Independence: A Positive Revolution

 Picturing Independence: A Positive Revolution’ is a year-long production initiative to create a group of short films that celebrate the Sierra Leone of yesterday and today. As a country Sierra Leone is celebrating its 50th Anniversary of Independence on April 27th 2011. The films are being created by a group of young Sierra Leoneans who are a part of a film/video collective called WeOwnTV (which roughly translates to “Our Own TV” in Sierra Leonean Krio).
Who and what is WeOwnTV?
WeOwnTV is a collaborative media project launched by the filmmakers of the award-winning documentary “Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars.” In August 2009, Banker White and a small North American filmmaking team ran a storytelling and media production training workshop in Sierra Leone. Many of the workshop participants had their childhoods cut cruelly short by war; and as survivors, orphans, ex-combatants or former child prostitutes this opportunity to share their stories and creativity is not taken lightly. For the group, creating media provides an opportunity to unite their community in a cooperative effort while envisioning a future lit by optimism and resilience. Today, WeOwnTV has grown to become an active collaboration between filmmakers in North America and these talented filmmakers based in Freetown,
What will the films be about?
As part of the initiative, both narrative and documentary films are going to be produced. These works explore the idea of independence and rebuilding a positive national and cultural identity. The project has already received the honor of being selected as one of the programs officially endorsed by the Sierra Leone 50th Anniversary Committee.
One example of a film that is currently in post-production is titled, They Resisted. This is period piece set in the early days of the slave trade in Sierra Leone. It tells the story of a slave revolt in Africa and explores aspects of West African culture pre-contact. The team is working with local historians at the national museum of Sierra Leone. It was a major production that had a cast of more than forty actors and required a strong collaborative community effort with Kent Village – where the film was filmed. Many local villagers also acted in the piece.
Please go contact us at We will quickly get back to you!
You can donate as much as $1! Visit their Kickstarter page to give.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Saturn Never Sleeps "Tory" & Rucyl "Uma Kanya"

Listen to "Tory" the first single from SATURN NEVER SLEEPS' upcoming album Yesterday’s Machine, available as a free download. I'm super excited about this album, this track had me going on a loop!  In case you are not familiar with Rucyl Mills & King Britt's duo project, check out the interview I did with them a few months ago.

Also, listen to Rucyl's solo project Uma Kanya that I meant to post this a while back. Uma Kanya, Sanskrit for “Virgin of Light”, was originally intended as a soundtrack for yoga practice and morphed into an ambient soundscape – at times meditative and serene, at times aggressively haunting. Fittingly named,Uma is also the material manifestation of energy, wife of Shiva, and an expression of the duality of light and dark within women. Great for heart meditation. Listen and download here.

Monday, May 9, 2011

THE MODEL - Ch 1 + Ch 2 starring Seu Jorge

beautiful work by Seu Jorge, Almaz and filmmaker Khalil Joseph

Now-Again Records and What Matters Most present a short film duo entiled “The Model,” inspired by the recently released Seu Jorge and Almaz album by Brazilian singer and actor Seu Jorge. In chapter two we get treated to Marcello's (Seu Jorge) hypnotic take on his dreams and how they involve music and the image of a mysterious woman that have come to consume him. Struggling to decifer his dreams from reality, Marcello attempts to make sense of it all.
Director: Khalil Joseph. Starring: Seu Jorge

Friday, May 6, 2011

THIS SATURDAY 5/7: ILL.FUNKDAFIED.REVOLUTION feat. Taz Arnold, Moruf, O.G.M + Art Installation by KONOGO MIX!

My art collective, KONOGO MIX is showing some art work and will have some limited edition goodies (some of my prints & some rare A.L.I.E.N, Konogo and King Kafe hats & gear) at the ILL. FUNKDAFIED. REVOLUTION party in Newark, NJ tomorrow, brought to you by Jersey fam, the NJ Street Klan. The event that features live performances by Taz TI$A Arnold (TI$A, SA-RA), Ninjasonik, Moruf, O.G.M has been getting a huge buzz for weeks.

Starchild citizens of the universe, we have returned to claim the pyramids partying on the mothership, gettin' down in 3-D, light year groovin' along the planet earth. Put a glide in your stride, dip in your hip, swing low, time to move on, come get down with the get down, steezy steelos, no egos. 

DIRECTIONS (NJ Transit/PATH train): coming from NY you can take the PATH train from Christopher Str., 9th, 14th, 23rd or 33rd. take it towards Journal Square, get off at Grove Str., tranfer to the Newark train witch will be on the same exact platform.

Pop-Up Shop/ Art Exhibit-Installations/ LIVE performances/ After Party/ Free Giveaways

Check out some of the flicks from the shoot we did back in the winter at my studio with the Jersey Klan kru. 

 Jean Lebrun & Dark Kent of Jersey Klan
btw, I have a new photo blog on tumblr 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

LIVE AT THE LOFT: Chico Mann & Cubic Zirconia

I recently got invited to check out the live gigs of NY homies Chico Mann & Cubic Zirconia at TONE's Live At The Loft show series, which is without doubt the hottest live show/loft parties Hoboken, NJ (so far has been invite only though) has to offer.
EP 03 - Cubic Zirconia Pt. 01 from LIVE AT THE LOFT on Vimeo.

In my good friend  who is also involved in running the series, Pan's word: Episode 03 sees our largest turnout so far, and we’re playing with new set dynamics to accommodate the crowd. We have floor seating (literally) in the front, the sofas are now lining the walls, and the spiral staircase leading to the 2nd floor is being used for additional seating.Cubic Zirconia front-woman, Tiombe Lockhart is the lady of the night, and with the shaking of her tambourine the band launches into full attack mode. Tiombe has been said to channel Josephine Baker with her live performance, which is appropriate, as “Josephine” happens to be a character in some of their songs. The sound that has grown from their early ethnic disco now has colors of deep house, electro, and even some Afro-Caribbean patterns. To put it into more sensory terms, just think of the sweatiest bedroom romp you can imagine…multiply that by infinity, and you’ve got Cubic Zirconia. It’s great sex, in the form of music.
Episode 02 - Chico Mann Pt.01 from LIVE AT THE LOFT on Vimeo.

Part 01 of 03. Chico Mann performing "Makoss" at The Loft. Good times. For more Chico Mann, check out his website Follow him on Twitter @ChicoMann. For more shows and info about the Live At The Loft show, checkout our website

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

FREE DOWNLOAD: oki-ni presents TRUTH by DâM-FunK

In this mix, DâM-Funk dives deep into his record collection and emerges with some old gold, from vintage Prince and Prefab Sprout to Oliver Cheatham. If DâM-FunK is the "ambassador of boogie-funk", the ambassador is really spoiling us.
DâM-FunK is an artist with vintage sensibilities; his studio is full of vintage synthesisers and antique drum machines, while his sound is rooted in smooth grooves of 80s California. It’s no surprise then that he’s a big fan of vinyl and has reflected this in his mix.
‘All songs were taken from the original wax pressings. No mp3s or computer files were used for this mix. Just 100% “Truth”.’
Honesty, authenticity and truth are clearly traits that DâM-FunK values, and these qualities are reflected in every bar of every track in this mix. In his words:
‘This mix is what I simply listen 2 on any given day, while living life. It's a pleasure to share these tracks with my new oki-ni friends. I own all of these records. No fake shit or fads; just the truth.
Peace, D-F'

Tracklisting can be found at

MeLo-X: In Studio Performance : Maxwell's Bad Habits Remix (The Highest)

Check out the latest from the homie, Melo-X demonstrating the art of live mixing/production. "The Highest" is a Remix of Maxwell's Grammy Award winning album featuring the song "Bad Habits". MeLo-X's Remix was purchased by Sony Music back in 2009 and used during Maxwell's World Tour...Melo just returned from his European tour and has been rocking NYC since. There is a collabo brewing in the lab, we are about to release a mixtape that he mixed and I curated and illustrated, stay tuned for some cosmic tunes!