Wednesday, May 4, 2011

FREE DOWNLOAD: oki-ni presents TRUTH by DâM-FunK

In this mix, DâM-Funk dives deep into his record collection and emerges with some old gold, from vintage Prince and Prefab Sprout to Oliver Cheatham. If DâM-FunK is the "ambassador of boogie-funk", the ambassador is really spoiling us.
DâM-FunK is an artist with vintage sensibilities; his studio is full of vintage synthesisers and antique drum machines, while his sound is rooted in smooth grooves of 80s California. It’s no surprise then that he’s a big fan of vinyl and has reflected this in his mix.
‘All songs were taken from the original wax pressings. No mp3s or computer files were used for this mix. Just 100% “Truth”.’
Honesty, authenticity and truth are clearly traits that DâM-FunK values, and these qualities are reflected in every bar of every track in this mix. In his words:
‘This mix is what I simply listen 2 on any given day, while living life. It's a pleasure to share these tracks with my new oki-ni friends. I own all of these records. No fake shit or fads; just the truth.
Peace, D-F'

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