Friday, May 13, 2011

FREE DOWNLOAD: Saturn Never Sleeps "Tory" & Rucyl "Uma Kanya"

Listen to "Tory" the first single from SATURN NEVER SLEEPS' upcoming album Yesterday’s Machine, available as a free download. I'm super excited about this album, this track had me going on a loop!  In case you are not familiar with Rucyl Mills & King Britt's duo project, check out the interview I did with them a few months ago.

Also, listen to Rucyl's solo project Uma Kanya that I meant to post this a while back. Uma Kanya, Sanskrit for “Virgin of Light”, was originally intended as a soundtrack for yoga practice and morphed into an ambient soundscape – at times meditative and serene, at times aggressively haunting. Fittingly named,Uma is also the material manifestation of energy, wife of Shiva, and an expression of the duality of light and dark within women. Great for heart meditation. Listen and download here.

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