Friday, May 6, 2011

THIS SATURDAY 5/7: ILL.FUNKDAFIED.REVOLUTION feat. Taz Arnold, Moruf, O.G.M + Art Installation by KONOGO MIX!

My art collective, KONOGO MIX is showing some art work and will have some limited edition goodies (some of my prints & some rare A.L.I.E.N, Konogo and King Kafe hats & gear) at the ILL. FUNKDAFIED. REVOLUTION party in Newark, NJ tomorrow, brought to you by Jersey fam, the NJ Street Klan. The event that features live performances by Taz TI$A Arnold (TI$A, SA-RA), Ninjasonik, Moruf, O.G.M has been getting a huge buzz for weeks.

Starchild citizens of the universe, we have returned to claim the pyramids partying on the mothership, gettin' down in 3-D, light year groovin' along the planet earth. Put a glide in your stride, dip in your hip, swing low, time to move on, come get down with the get down, steezy steelos, no egos. 

DIRECTIONS (NJ Transit/PATH train): coming from NY you can take the PATH train from Christopher Str., 9th, 14th, 23rd or 33rd. take it towards Journal Square, get off at Grove Str., tranfer to the Newark train witch will be on the same exact platform.

Pop-Up Shop/ Art Exhibit-Installations/ LIVE performances/ After Party/ Free Giveaways

Check out some of the flicks from the shoot we did back in the winter at my studio with the Jersey Klan kru. 

 Jean Lebrun & Dark Kent of Jersey Klan
btw, I have a new photo blog on tumblr 

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