Sunday, June 19, 2011

ARTIST TO WATCH: Dal-Gren 'Handmade' (Cut Basic 2 Teaser)

Dal-Gren a.k.a Walter Mecca's new project dropping on on June 27th. If you've listened to my new mix "Love Takes You Higher", you've already heard one of my favorite tracks of the mix, #3 'Supaa Baad' by him (I also interviewed him last year)...One of the ninjas of the Paris art movement, along with Odelie Chan and Kim-Walt, one half of Metal Ninja & K?f.m. & Onra. An artist to watch


I've been a big fan of Paris-based jewelry designer, Odelie Chan...mmm I'm kinda plotting an illustration collabo with her, it would be dope to have my characters wear her pieces. Shout to her for putting me on this:) Check out her previous collections at her site.

Friday, June 10, 2011

FREE DOWNLOAD: "LOVE TAKES YOU HIGHER" (4th Year Anniversary Edition) Vol1. Mixed by MeLo-X

Lichiban presents: 

KATAPULKO series Vol.1

(4th Year Anniversary Edition Mix)


Mixed by Melo-X

It’s been four years that I put up my first post on this blog, which started out as my art diary and then became an outlet for my passion for music as well. Looking back, my original plan to share conversations with my artists colleagues about their work has grown into somewhat of a full-time project and led me to meet some of the dopest artists out there, and I felt it was time to celebrate some of the greatest encounters during this journey.  

The original inspiration for this mix was a drawing entitled "Love Takes You Higher" I did to illustrate my developing kat mythology. The image representing the divine couple of my mystical feline beach resort, KATAPULKO, was modeled after Samantabhadra, known amongst some Tibetan Buddhists as the 'primordial Buddha' and his consort and female counterpart, Samantabhadri, the female Buddha. They are united by an unbreakable bond of love through all eternity, and their cosmic lovemaking  ensures that the habitants of my feline planet Citraka live in harmonious balance. Vol. 1 represents the male side, soon to be followed by a mix representing the feminine counterpart.

Featured on this mix is a collection of thirty tracks I felt would best go along with the theme of the piece and that I've collected over a year from artists featured on the site ranging from music fam, Cris Prolific, ComputerJay, Dam Funk, J1, Kesed, MeLo-X, Jesse Boykins III, Bilal, Dolphin, Walter Mecca, AFTA-1, Waajeed, Jneiro Jarel, Prince Quan Luv, Old Money Massive, Chief Encore, Chico Mann, Fresh Daily, RVRSplay, Peter Hadar, Johnny Voltik and  J-Tronius  to some favorites, such as AD Bourke, Hawthorne Headhunters, OnraLittle Dragon, Harmonic313, Space Invadas, Flying Lotus,  Ruckazoid, Jimmy EdgarMachinedrum,  Alex Moulton, Gosub, and B Bravo.

To launch the mix series, I asked my good friend, producer/MC/DJ & renaissance man, MeLo-X to make sense of the thirty tracks. Needless to say, I couldn't have asked a better person for the job…MeLo's got flow, whether he's rhyming to his own beats or blending other people's music. His mix feels like a psychedelic space-ride suited for bedrooms or laid-back sonic travels (imaginary or actual). Expect a sexy sonic journey through genre-bending futuristic gems and unreleased exclusives from some of the best representatives of contemporary modern funk, soul, experimental hip-hop and more genre-bending project. To quote MeLo himself, this is "epic space travel cosmic music" all the way through. A summertime soundtrack for lovers for getaways in all dimensions.

Big shout out to all the homies who have contributed to this mix and to MeLo for getting down on this. Thank you!

1. Cris Prolific ‘Liberian Girl’ remix (Michael Jackson Tribute)  (interview)
2. ComputerJay-’Epiphany’ (interview)
3. Walter Mecca - ‘Supaa baad’  (interview)
4. AD Bourke - ‘One For Me’ 
5. Hawthorne Headhunters  - ‘Shining Star’ (Instrumental) 
6. Onra - ‘High Hopes’ ft. Reggie B  (interview)
7. Little Dragon - Fortune (AFTA-1 remix) 
8. Waajeed - Fresh Boogie (interview)
9. Harmonic313 - Falling Away feat. Steve Spacek
10. Jneiro Jarel - Android Romance 1 & 2
12. J-Tronius - Naturally
13. Space Invadas - So Strong
14. MeLo-X - Orgasmic Audio (Still Dreaming) (interview)
15. Bilal - Free (feature)
16. Fresh Daily - Astral Dance feat. Nicholas Ryan Gant (prod. Flying Lotus) (review)
17. Ruckazoid - ‘If You Want My Love’ (review)
18. Jimmy Edgar - ‘Turn You Inside Out’
19. Machinedrum- ‘You & Me & You
20. Kesed - ‘Galaxy Ride’ (review)
21. Dolphin - ‘Machine Kiss’ (interview)
22. Alex Moulton - Love Is Alive (RVRSplay Check The Kicks Remix)
23. Gosub - ‘Black Nova in G’
24. Prince Quan Luv feat. Rickstar & Old Money Massive - ‘Galaxy Ridin’ (prod. by Chief Encore)
25. Chico Mann - ‘All that is Rising’
26. B Bravo - ‘Computa Love’
27. Johnny Voltik - ‘Do You’
28. Dam Funk - ‘I Like Your Big Azz’ (interview)
29. J1 - ‘The Set Up’ (interview)
30. RVRSPlay feat. Peter Hadar  - ‘Glow’ 

FREE DOWNLOAD LINK (including press release + cover art)

Check out a recent interview with the man behind the mix, MeLo-X

Thursday, June 9, 2011

feeling..LIVE AT THE LOFT: Jesse Boykins III Pt.01 "Plain"

the latest edition of LIVE AT THE LOFT featuring Jesse this time. Amazing as always.
EP06 Jesse Boykins III "Rosario Dawson" from LIVE AT THE LOFT on Vimeo.

EP06 Jesse Boykins III Pt.01 "Plain" from LIVE AT THE LOFT on Vimeo.

Big ups to the Jersey fam, TONE, Pan & Leroy Jenkins + King Texas for the dope work