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MY HOMIES RULE TOO: Devin “PAN” Barrett of “The Casual”

I know PAN back from the days of writing for TRACE, where he used to be one of the OG writers (I'd be following an underground yet-to-be-discovered artist and then pow I would find an interview with them by him). PAN is a true tastemaker and culture hero. His eye for new talent is like shark's teeth; I believe he was the first to put on many artists and was able to shape new cultural movements through his features (I definitely have a lot of respect for that!). He's been working behind the scenes on developing his own brand The Casual (it's kind of a secret, so can't tell more yet) and has been co-curator and show writer/interviewer for the Live At The Loft music showcase series. He is also a part-time boxing coach and a full-time gentleman.
Devin “PAN” Barrett 

WHERE DO YOU CALL HOME? Wherever I lay my hat is my home, but Newark, NJ is where I reside.
WHAT DO YOU DO? I'm a culture seeker, so most of the time I'm exploring life and creativity. Depending on which day you ask me, I'm a journalist/writer, an antique propmaster's apprentice, an amateur boxing coach, vintage print archivist...soon to be photo gallerist and magazine publisher. I try to do whatever moves me in the moment.
TRUE BEAUTY IS… belief in one's worth and the worth of others.
BEATS…are what motivate us. Beats are indigenous and tribal. The most visceral of beats is the beating of our hearts. That pulse that moves us is translated through the beats that we create and listen to. Beats really allow us to capture what's inside. At least that's what the great ones achieve...
TRUE SEXY IS… True 'sexy' can't be easily defined. It's subjective. It's something that you feel when it's in your presence. I think true 'sexy' has very little to do with physical appearance. It's an outward reflection of some internal energy.
MUSIC IS MY… Music is the artform that most closely mimics our emotions. Music is what our feelings sound like. Music is my most easily accessible retreat at times. Other times, it is a connective tool that allows me to reach a certain place or person.
ART DOES NOT… have to be explained, only felt.
MY NIGHTS ARE… unpredictable. I've done well to create a lifestyle that allows me to use the night as my canvas. I am most productive at night and most of the ideas that I come up with are executed at night. I prefer interacting with others at night. I'm semi-nocturnal, so it's fair to say that my nights are usually active.
THESE 3 TURN ME ON…In a woman, her ability to create, perform, and excel are my 3 main turn-ons. In life, my ability to create, perform, and excel are my 3 main turn-ons.

SELF-KNOWLEDGE …I've got knowledge of self and coloring books on my shelf.
ENOUGH OF …I've had enough of the generally accepted principles of branding and presenting art. I'm ready for a new solution for artists and creatives to present their art and sustain a career. One that doesn't involve ill-suited corporate ads and sponsorship.
MY CREATIVITY IS… my most valuable asset.
TRUE POWER IS… being able to carry out your life's missions, without having to sacrifice your core values. If you can influence in this way, then you are truly powerful.
LIFE CAN BE THE... dream that you want it to be.
TO LOVE IS TO… recognize the internal connection shared with everything around you.
I'VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE… I pursue the goals that I believe in, regardless of whom or what.
NEW PROJECTS FOR 2011? I'm currently co-curator and show writer/interviewer for a series of live music showcases hosted in a 1920's former paper warehouse in Hoboken, NJ. We call it Live At The Loft and each show can be viewed at
Look forward to a couple of publishing projects that I have been working on for the last 2 years, as well as a space dedicated to photography and vintage printing. If I'm not being too ambitious, there may be a house of antiques in my sights as well.
WHERE CAN WE REACH YOU? The best way to reach me is to greet me when you see me...
SHOUTOUTS? Shouts to the homie TONE, creator and host of the Live At The Loft provide such a platform and to allow us into his home all for the shared love of music and art is something to be commended. Shouts to the whole LATL team for that matter. We've become like a family with all of our individual vices and opinions adding value to the whole process. Shouts to real people and real friends who may read this...people like Blair "Bliz" Milbourne, Ron J (Leroy Jenkins) and Omar & Les (Black Flag Shoppe) whom I look to for something familiar as I've transitioned into this unconventional lifestyle along with them. Basically, we don't want to work for anyone! Shouts to my OGs and informal mentors Jerry Gant, Jamel Shabazz, and Kenyan Paris Lewis who have shared words of infinite wisdom and have shown me through action that this life and my aspirations are attainable. Finally, shouts to all the creators, all the lovers, all those who are passionate about something positive...shouts to you Lichiban!!!

I was put on this video by the homie, Ron Upperman (one half of Leroy Jenkins) starring PAN in the new LJ promo (captured secretly)! Also all photo and video credit goes to TONE

And last but not least, here is some freebie, a mix he curated for flwrpt:: 
Many a relationship has been lost to the temptations of summertime. With the coming of this season and its sun rays, clothing becomes optional, sexuality is in abundance, and extended daylight leads to balmy nightlife, often at the expense of a long-term love. On the flipside, summertime is also when love connections are made. Nothing says summer like a humid day, and locking eyes with your dewy skinned soulmate for the first time, even if it only lasts for a season…or a night. 

With this theme in mind, and with summertime officially upon us, Flwrpt & The Casual presents…RELATIONSHIP RAPS. This mix is a collection of ’90s hip-hop tracks, some obscure some familiar, all dealing in some way with the relationships between women and men. With each song, we tried to capture a distinct ’90s sound and essence, that somehow never crossed into mainstream consciousness, but played a large role in crafting the energy of the era. [via Devin “PAN” Barrett of “The Casual”] follow this link for tracklist

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