Wednesday, August 31, 2011

C'EST NOIR is back!

New York's legendary underground party, C'est Noir is back with a launch today that also is the official activation of the IRON NINJA TOUR. Featuring my artist fam, A.L.I.E.N NYC, KONOGO.MIX, Old Money, Bonnie Danger, Chief Encore, Ninjasonik, Kings of Genre, Jersey Klan, Ninjagurls, & more. This is really the beginning of something epic, trust.
Wed, Aug 31, 2011 10 PM, Tammany Hall

JESSE BOYKINS III :: Back Home (Mermaids & Dragons) Music Video

dope new video for the track 'Back Home (Mermaids & Dragons)' off of Jesse's new EP, Way Of A Wayfarer, which is available for free on his site
[photo source : Ebony magazine feature]
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I had a chance to connect with G*LEE earlier this year. She gave me the impression at our first meeting that she must have been a child prodigy, and the more I learned about her, the more my feelings were confirmed. She lives and breathes music, and though I haven't heard her whole debut album yet, but from what I have, I'm pretty excited to hear the whole project. Her new EP, 'More Than This' is dropping soon, she was interviewed on Karmaloop TV recently. She is a born artist & a winner, watch out for her.

the journey:

from being a victim of one's situation to becoming the master of one's life is like finding & perfecting the diamond within

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

BROOKLYN DIARIES: live painting at AFROPUNK AUG 27th-28th

SUPER psyched to be painting at AFROPUNK Art Wall (Saturday-Sunday, AUG27-28) this year again!!!  Shout to Matthew, Rasu (CDBK) & the AP team for getting me on board.  [photo by Rasu J.]

Dayum! Cee Lo Green, Janelle Monae, Fishbone, Santigold, Toro Y Moi, Res, Joi, Toshi Reagon, Ninjasonik, Cerebral Ballzy, Straight Line Stitch, Gordon Voidwell, Reggie Watts, Joe Jordans Experiment, Rocky Business, and more to be announced. 
The line-up of this year's Afro-punk Festival is killer! August 27-28 in Brooklyn, New York (Commodore Barry Park). You know you don't want to miss this one, kiddos. And it's FREE too! 

But wait, there's more in store:

- the Nike Battle For the Streets Skate and BMX Competition, featuring some of the nation's top amateur skaters and BMX riders such as Nigel Sylvester and P-Rod.

- the Afro-Punk Bites&Beats Food Truck Festival (over 20 dope food trucks from the NYC area).

- a custom bike show (dozens of bikes customized by Black riders), which will serve as the backdrop for the Harley Davidson/Denim and Chrome 2012 Calendar photo shoot (photographer Darius Vick will capture bad-ass tattooed beauties)

- The Skate Artwall (an artist will paint over 300 skateboards as part of one large mural) Phew! Sorry for making you fall off your chairs, but it's for a good cause. See ya there!  - Lou C-D of afropunk


Makerbot is one of the sponsor's this year's AFROPUNK and they came up with the idea of getting some of the AFROPUNK team & associates together and demonstrate how these awesome looking robots work. Most of us got immortalized by an amazing process that first scans your head with a handheld scanner and then prints your bust  in luminescent green or other glow in the dark colored plastic...this one of me looks like a post-apocalypse bubblegum mermaid. You can check out the Makerbot tent at AFROPUNK festival Aug 27th-28th, where both the robots and our busts will be on display.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Japanese artist Rie Hosokai began her career as a florist before venturing into the world of balloon art and starting her own company, Daisy Balloon. With her recent win at Belgium’s annual “Millennium Jam” balloon festival and over 20 wedding dresses sold since Daisy Balloon launched two years ago, she proves that fashion is wearable art.

Monday, August 22, 2011

DON"T SLEEP ON...Thundercat

LA singer/bassist Thundercat's debut album is due for release on Brainfeeder on August 30th. You may have seen him in two of the dopest videos out there (Flying Lotus's 'Mmmhmm' & Bilal's 'Levels'). 
In between playing gigs with the Suicidal Tendencies and jamming with jazz groups, Stephen "Thundercat" Bruner spent a lot of time working with Flying Lotus. The bassist/singer appeared on "MmmHmm" off the producer's Cosmogramma and they joined forces to form the Infinity band, which played BBC Radio 1 in December 2010. And on the low, they were also putting together Thundercat's debut on Brainfeeder. The progressive galactic-jazz project, The Golden Age of Apocalypse, is entirely produced by FlyLo and features guest vocalists such as Erykah Badu.!/Thundercatbass

Footage is from 'For All Mankind'

FLASHBACK .... J*Davey - Touch It


Friday, August 19, 2011

I RECOMMEND: Rubble Kings (a documentary film by Shan Nicholson)

I just saw this excellent documentary about NYC gangs in the 60s and 70s at the NYC Latino Film Festival. Dope archival footage and live interviews made this amazing story come alive and show a side of NY that people who lived that era talk about with a mix of pride and painful memories. A beautiful work in oral history about a major social and cultural force that eventually gave birth to hip-hop and its global cultural impact. Street art and so much of music today wouldn't exist without the struggles and creative force of these guys back in the 60s & 70s. I highly recommend it.

From 1968 to 1975, gangs ruled New York City. Beyond the idealistic hopes of the civil rights movement lay a unfocused rage. Neither law enforcement nor social agency could end the escalating bloodshed. Peace came only through the most unlikely and courageous of events that would change the world for generations to come by giving birth to hip-hop culture. Rubble Kings, the most comprehensive documentation of life during this era of gang rule to date, tells the story of how a few extraordinary, forgotten people did the impossible, and how their actions impacted the world over.

let's go!....Bonde Do Role | Geremia | A Brazilian Funk Caribbean Crunk Bahamian Crunk Spark Plug Junkanoo

Sunday, August 7, 2011


A.L.I.E.N NYC // KONOGO.MIX :: K & M show is COMING!!

The K&M Show from Konogo Mix on Vimeo.
This is just one of the dopeness that's coming out of the A.L.I.E.N NYC/ KONOGO.MIX cosmic brothers, Kwan & Mega are BAAAD....

PARIS is burning: WALTER MECCA 'Disco Rouge' [Official Video]

One of my favorite of Walter Mecca's (also known as Dal-Gren) album 'Tonnere.' 
Walter Mecca - Disco Rouge (Redux) from enozoib on Vimeo.

Shout out to Walter for letting me use the track on my site.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


KAWABUNGA!!! A.L.I.E.N. NYC is back

The return of A.L.I.E.N, NY's underground art collective/ streetwear brand has been getting a lot of buzz...not for nothing, the ninjas of A.L.I.E.N (my cosmic fam I've been collaborating with since my first Samurai show in BK) have already had an enormous legacy in shaping today's pop-culture. Now it's our time to unleash some serious groundshaking work we've had developed during our hybernation period. Stay tuned for A.L.I.E.N gear, events (yes, the return of C'est Noir), collaborations, and new KONOGO.MIX projects.

I borrowed this write up from the Anmlhse fam to give a little background...I couldn't have put it better...
"Before “streetwear” was popular, and still in it’s pre-adolescent stages, there were very few brands that were new and just as innovative as the OG brands. Before Mishka, before ONLY NY, there was A.L.I.E.N. NYC; the 1 and true urban streetwear brand that kept it strictly for the creative, open-minded and innovative street kids. I was fortunate enough to reach out to co-creator; Quan Luv, when AnmlHse was first starting out and surprised at the supportive and driven nature of the brand as a whole. Back then, way before having a clothing line was cool, we were all taking risks but always being ourselves to propel our collective further. Everybody should remember the parties at Happy Endings with Ninjasonik, the secret loft parties with Theophilus London and Electric Punanny parties at Sway with Melo-X. Not to mention the respect they earned thru all of their Art Projects, Seasonal Collections, and innovative self-expression thru Fashion & Style. This collective, in my eyes, is singlehandedly responsible for many of NYC’s greatest movements. Ask anyone, who brought snapbacks back, years ago and it would be these guys. It’s great to see them come back out of hibernation and still going strong years later". [source]
check out the A.L.I.E.N NYC tumblr site for archival photos and to get a better idea what we're all about.

PHOTO OF THE DAY: as-sahra


Yet another phenomenal show at TONE's Live at the Loft! This time, my homie MeLo-X was blessing the stage with one of his best live performances I've been to. The Brooklyn renaissance is in full motion, these are the moments that 30 years later we'll be reminiscing about...yea I was there to see it. Big shout out again for the LATL crew for having me.
EP09 MELO-X "More Merch" from LIVE AT THE LOFT on Vimeo.

EP09 MELO-X Interview from LIVE AT THE LOFT on Vimeo.

Check out our free art/mix collabo we just released a couple of months ago HERE.