Wednesday, September 14, 2011


DEDE, Deanne Reynolds & Tim Kvasnosky, is a Nouvelle pop band from Brooklyn. I heard about them last summer (Waajeed introduced me to the singer Dede and told me to watch out for their new album.) I just came across their new video 'Secrets' recently and remembered her from last year. I love the hi styling & the cinematic feel (plus she is beautiful), they definitely created a whole experience around the sound. Both the music & visuals have a  French avantgarde feel, though you can definitely sense New York in there as well. Definite artists to look out for.
Secrets from DEDE on Vimeo.
Waajeed, Tim, DeanneComputer Jay (©lichiban 2010)

Here is Waajeed's remix of Phantom.   jeedo remix: Phantom (Waajeed Remix) by jeedo47

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