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Originally from sunny California, the first thing that everyone notices about GIGI BIO is her warmth & openness, which makes her an ever more compelling artist & beautiful renaissance woman. Though known primarily for her photography/mixed media work, she is also a painter and fashion designer which filters into and cross-references her various projects. Her lens reflects her "world view that centers on the past colliding with the present, as she aims to expose the emotional side of the city streets and pushes the final image to abstraction."  Recently, she ventured into applying her skills to film on a project with another homie, MeLo-X & director Alexis Casson...the end result, as you can see below, is an amazing piece of art, truly innovative. She has been a fellow artista, friend and inspiration for me, and I'm excited to start a collaboration with her this Fall.


WHAT DO YOU DO? Visionary. Designer. Visual Artist. Photo Architect. Renaissance Woman.

TRUE BEAUTY IS… Genuine. Loud Silence. A state of mind.

BEATS…Is the sound of life...

TRUE SEXY IS...Inner Beauty. Balance. Ease.

MUSIC IS MY…Soundtrack. Stimulant. Soul.

ART DOES NOT…Destroy. Define. Judge.

MY NIGHTS ARE…Intimate. Inventive. Full of Light.

THESE 3 TURN ME ON…Ambition. Individuality. Sensitive Strength.

SELF-KNOWLEDGE …Is following your heart. Is being fearless. Is truth.

ENOUGH OF …Self destruction. Assumptions. Negativity.

MY CREATIVITY IS…Power. Pure Love. My Weapon.

TRUE POWER IS…Being true to yourself. Making your dream your reality. Having faith when common sense tells you not to.

LIFE CAN BE THE...Dream. Awakening. Reality.

TO LOVE IS TO…Accept yourself & others without judgement or expectations. Be unified with everything around you. Believe.

I'VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE…I speak with my heart…I follow my intuition...I simply be…

NEW PROJECTS FOR 2011? I'm going full force and unifying all my passions in art, fashion & photography… I aim to fly on my own terms & create something beautiful in the process.

The next show coming up is love this town! "BROOKLYN" Digital Perception @ reBar WalkWay in conjunction with The DUMBO Arts Festival on Sept 23-25, 2011. This will be a group show featuring graphic based work inspired by Brooklyn with artists: Marthalicia, Joey Park, TooFly, Masahiro Ito, Darren Singer, Kate Wilkes, James Shields, Miguel Ovalle, Sky Davison, Gigi Bio, Cernesto, Craig Anthony Miller, One9, John Breiner, Andreis Mikael Costa, Max Greis, Mike Schreiber & M. Tony Peralta.

My series, The Character Studies has grown including collaborations with Masahiro Ito and Aiko Tanaka w/ fashion styling by Samantha Zinsmeister; Edlin Michelle and Devon Diep w/ fashion styling, makeup & hairstyling by Boston Artistry - Renee Moschella & Rosalie True. The next characters to come will be Lichiban, Adrian Viajero Roman & Kissa Starr…. More to come!

This year has been a great blessing, it is centered around balance, family and evolution. I began the year with my first solo show called "BIOMORPHIC" @ Art Whino Gallery. Igniting my past love for painting, creating a 20ft mural installation inspired by my digital photo collages, the mural with completed with my brother & sister. I was also honored to be part of G40 Art Summit in Washington DC & my debut show on the west coast @ Fabien Castanier Gallery in Los Angeles, CA along with many great & influential artists. Currently, I have my first show with 8x10 Collective called "BIO VS. NANO" which is the debut show of me, my brother Leo Angelo Bio & sister Grace Bio at DIS Micro Gallery / reBar Walkway in DUMBO, Brooklyn.
My greatest work of art to date was my collaboration with musician, MeLo-X; as the creative director of his latest video called "Mirrors In My Mind". The making of "Mirrors In My Mind" was a pure labor of love & pure vision of my heart through music. This is my debut into the video world & it feels amazing to evolve my photography into motion. The whole process of capturing the video consisted of 1,200+ photos, 33 individual collages assembled before the actual edit & amazing graphic work of my "third eye", amazing videographer & editor, Alexis Casson. During the process of creating the video, I was inspired to create a new series called the Collidoscope Series. The new series is based on life, balance & evolution.

Offline: If I'm not at work, I'm most likely flying around the streets of Brooklyn…

Much love and appreciation to God & the UNIVERSE for blessing me. Big love to my WHOLE family! My parents the "life" artists, Benjamin & Vilma Bio... 8x10 Collective: My true to life artistic siblings, Leo Angelo & Grace Bio… My best friends from Florida who known me over twenty years: Anne Marie Bagsic, Victoria Bagtas, Cheryl Camara, Jocelyn Bouchelle, Alice Anderson,& BIG LOVE to my New York family & people who helped build: Aiko Tanaka, Samantha Zinsmeister, Maxine Medina, Kissa Starr, Sonia Uter, Alyson Toone, Muriel Toussaint, Andreea Pavel, Alexis Casson, Mursi Layne, Soull & Dynasty, Shawntia Homenuk, Marthalicia Mattarita, Masahiro Ito, Coby Kennedy, Miguel Ovalle, John Briener, One9, Steve Chen, Dan Vreeland, James Shields, Dorian Lopez, Krts, Claude Dary, MeLo-X, Craig Anthony Miller and many more…

Mad love to you, my sister in he(art) & soul... Lichiban!

I shine, you shine.

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