Tuesday, January 24, 2012

NU DROP: Ahfficial Music 'Lust' & 'Blame Me She Sexy'

  The Lust by Ahfficial Music

   Blame Me She Sexy by Ahfficial Music

My homie Defffrei aka  FREElikefrei of Ahfficial Music and one half of the Ahficionados has been a staple of the NewYork nightlife scene, deejaying and throwing some of the dopest parties in Brooklyn and in the city.  I'm psyched to see him coming out with a new EP, called Grey Era. Frei is no newbie to the mic, having rocked stages like Tramps, Thoughtforms Underground, Wetlands and the Knitting Factory (Tribeca NYC) before. A fresh spin on some old skool jazzy vibes with an "it is what it is" lyrical bluntness these tracks make no apologies about some of the reasons why men love women...gotta love it lol!

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