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I caught a link to this video yesterday from a tweet by the homie, Fresh Daily.  I'm loving what I've heard so far from vocalist/producer Iman Omari's debut project called Energy...definitely an artist to look out for (I'm downloading the album as we speak). The album is available for free download on

COMPUTER JAY "What Should I Think of You" + New Album Coming Up

Excited to see what my good friend, Computer Jay, 1/3 of Master Blazter and former DJ for The Pharcyde has in store as he's working on finishing his new solo album set to be released in the Spring. I had a great talk with him a couple of years back about his musical roots, working in LA and balancing life. Here is a little taste of his musical range (btw, this video is superfire).
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Thursday, January 26, 2012

ARTIST TO WATCH: 14th 'Take Me There' [Official Video]

I'm really feeling some of the new music that's coming out of the UK, including the ones that bring back the times when MTV was rocking. Brighton duo, 14th, made up of Uni friends Tom Barber and Tracey Duodu, influenced by old school 90s house and UK garage sounds is definitely one to watch.

COMING UP: Brooklyn Museum’s “Keith Haring: 1978–1982″ Exhibit

Opening March 16th, 2012 and on view until July 8, 2012 NYC’s Brooklyn Museum of Art will exhibit the first large-scale exhibition to explore the early career of one of the best-known American artists of the twentieth century, Keith Haring. Keith Haring: 1978–1982 will trace the development of Haring’s extraordinary artwork and includes 155 works on paper, numerous experimental videos, and over 150 archival objects, including rarely seen sketchbooks, journals, exhibition flyers, posters, subway drawings, and documentary photographs. [source: Jungle Gym]

Jeff Donna "Rain" [Official Video]

Heat  from NY fam, Jeff Donna shot and edited by REEL ROYALTY - Joe Cavallini


is universal
Africa  [source: the homie Concep's awesome blog]




the originators

p.s. peep my friend, Doze Green (one of the original Rocksteady Crew members) getting down!

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VANISHING NATION a film by Malin Fezehai

Vanishing Nation from Malin Fezehai on Vimeo.
Beautiful work from photographer/film maker Malin Fezehai!

Island nations in the South Pacific stand at the front lines of the current environmental crisis. The island residents are vulnerable to more extreme weather patterns, such as typhoons, flooding, and drought. Once isolated societies are now trying to figure out how to adapt to the new problem of climate change while continuing to grapple with globalization, both of which are transforming the way of life and culture across the region. My project is about documenting this transitional period in the South Pacific and the effects these changes are having on its communities. In April I traveled to Kiribati for a month to photograph and collect information about how the rising sea levels are affecting daily life. During my time there I found many destroyed homes and learned that families had to build makeshift sea walls to protect their houses. As a result of the rising seawater food crops are much smaller and water wells are contaminated.

MY HOMIES RULE: DJ Thoth (World's Fair) aka Bentley of Kings of Genre (KOG)

I've known Bentley since 2008, when I first collaborated with A.L.I.E.N. for my Samurai show and he's been part of my artist fam since. A visionary, creative director and style guru, Bentley is one of the NY trendsetters that you'll definitely hear more about in the future. He is also a founding member of Kings of Genre and under his alias DJ Thoth, he is part of World's Fair.  

WHERE DO YOU CALL HOME? The Emirate Atelier, my NY studio
WHAT DO YOU DO? I specialize in creative direction and garment-detailed aesthetics. I design mythologies inKOGnito under the premise of artistic genres via Kings Of Genre, LLC
TRUE BEAUTY IS…The stories of Krishna & Radha, Rama & Sita, Lakshmi & Vishnu
BEATS…DJ Krush, Karsh Kale, WU-TANG
TRUE SEXY IS…Unequivocal confidence
MUSIC IS MY… cinematic reprise!
ART DOES NOT… exclude business and a great creatively professional perspective.
MY NIGHTS ARE… sometimes peaceful, sometimes short, but always of good merit.
THESE 3 TURN ME ONAlnitak || Alnilam || Mintaka. The three stars in Orion's Belt.
SELF-KNOWLEDGE … is the true superpower of invulnerability.
ENOUGH OF … speculation and talk, more design and manifestation.
MY CREATIVITY IS… is very intuitive. I consult my feelings before my thoughts with confidence. 
Emotional intelligence is the highest form of intellect. My heart is the brain to my soul.
TRUE POWER IS… Mastering the chaos, harnessing the unpredictable.
LIFE CAN BE THE... Deified story or Delusional story
TO LOVE IS TO… Experience Heaven,  Love is a manifestation of condensed eternity. 
I'm tuned in dichotically. A selective attention span has garnered me great relationships and respect in the circles of influence in NY. 
According to DJ Thoth, BASS makes the world go 'round. hi fi.

NEW PROJECTS FOR 2012? I'm currently preparing to launch a project called The NY Emirates in Spring 2012, which will serve as Luxury Bazaar of artisans creatively installed for an upcoming downtown hotel. The project will consist of several floors of the artistic and professional contribution of the media outlet KONOGO MIX, Kings Of Genre, and Jinn DJ Thoth. 
Aside from that, one can expect a great deal of affordable high-end garments from our fashion house, Bentley & Clarke.

Artists/Emcees Jeff Donna & Prince SAMO of our label imprint KOG Sounds are set to release their next projects Spa Treatment & Street Viceroy, respectively. Joseph Cavallini, our Reel Royalty Director, has been commissioned for several outsourced opportunities up to and including coverages for The Brooklyn Museum, SXSW Music Festival, and has won multiple accolades & competitions for Tribeca Film Festival placements. Look forward to more releases and projects that are of visually arresting quality!
KINGS OF GENRE ||| Viceroy Prince SAMO | Shogun Jeff Donna | Empress Brianna Pippens | Chieftain Joseph Cavallini | Anubis Andre Clarke | Queen Jomaire Crawford
KONOGO MIX / A.L.I.E.N.||| Shah Mega Max | King Quan Tutankhamen | Queen Lichiban of Katapulko | Pharaoh Zenith Diamond | Goddess Nikki Ntufara | Master Melo-X | King Kesed | OLD MONEY MASSIVE

inKOGnito  Who?


ECOArchitecture: Jonathan Segal Documentary

NU DROP: Ahfficial Music 'Lust' & 'Blame Me She Sexy'

  The Lust by Ahfficial Music

   Blame Me She Sexy by Ahfficial Music

My homie Defffrei aka  FREElikefrei of Ahfficial Music and one half of the Ahficionados has been a staple of the NewYork nightlife scene, deejaying and throwing some of the dopest parties in Brooklyn and in the city.  I'm psyched to see him coming out with a new EP, called Grey Era. Frei is no newbie to the mic, having rocked stages like Tramps, Thoughtforms Underground, Wetlands and the Knitting Factory (Tribeca NYC) before. A fresh spin on some old skool jazzy vibes with an "it is what it is" lyrical bluntness these tracks make no apologies about some of the reasons why men love women...gotta love it lol!

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Download this track for FREE at
Produced by Switch & Buraka Som Sistema

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FREE DOWNLOAD: FOKN BOIS 'The FOKN Dunaquest in Budapest Remix Album'

Wanlov the Kubolor tells FOKN Bois & Irie Maffia Story from Akwaaba Music on Vimeo.
I love these guys, I almost forgot how much I love discovering new music...hasn't had much time for looking for new stuff. Of all the news that I hear from my old country (which is on the verge of a total economic collapse and even civil unrest), this just made my day. FOKN Bois must be the dopest export from Ghana these days and they got together with Irie Maffia, a Budapest-based band to record their album The FOKN DunaQuest in Budapest. Back in 2007, I had a chance to get up with Irie Maffia's Ghanaian-Hungarian lead singer/MC, Sena and was always curious to see where she's taking her art (check my interview with her). Fokn awesome! The remix album is up for free download!
It's been a busy year so far for Ghana’s most scandalous Afro-pop duo known as the FOKN Bois. Aside from almost causing a war between Nigeria and Ghana, touring Europe, USA and releasing the world’s first Pidgen Musical, they also managed to record an 8-track EP The FOKN Dunaquest in Budapest with ELO of Irie Maffia Production, Hungary’s leading musical force, who released it on the contemporary African label Akwaaba Music.
The story just has begun... After the success of the original EP, a 10-track remix album by the finest Hungarian and international Global Bass producers is here. Remixes from Hungary’s own Slap In The Bass, Nobody Moves, Superstereo, URH and Jumo Daddy (Irie Maffia), as well as Frikstailers, Hijo De La Cumbia, Dj Vadim, Flore and Big Dope P from the international scene. Moobahton, dubstep, cumbia, bassline to uk funky all in one solid album.
Here is the original album, it goes for $10 

love!!! lol

BONUS download of LunguLungu

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iRECOMMEND: MARKA27 debut SOLO EXHIBIT this Thursday & AM's GROUP SHOW this Friday

My good friend, Marka 27 is having his first solo exhibit in New York open this Thursday. I've been a fan of Marka's work and have seen some of these paintings at various stages...I definitely can't wait to see the whole collection. 

Press Release: MARKA27 Unveils Highly-Anticipated, “Neo Indigenous”
December 12, 2011, New York City. Victor "MARKA27" Quiñonez finally unveils his new body of work, Neo Indigenous, on January 12, 2012, from 8-10pm. New York’s art elite will flock to TTUnderground Gallery, 91 2nd Avenue, Lower Level, in the East Village of Manhattan to witness the mix-media exhibit. From January 12 - 28 art lovers will journey through the artist’s exploration of binding ancient Aztec, African, and Asian art forms with modern pop culture and street art.
Neo Indigenous celebrates the artist’s arrival and first solo show in Gotham. It also marks a shift in the artist’s cultural consciousness. His quest to bridge past with present illustrates his yearning to bring deeper meaning to both old and new art forms. Juxtaposing ancient elements with contemporary design aesthetics, Marka27 reveals both a connection and a disjuncture in the process. Challenging viewers to confront the existing practice of commodifying art, the exhibit leaves a lasting impression-- a mark Marka27 has predicated his reputation on.
Using multiple mediums such as paintings, collectible vinyl toys and speakers, silk screen panels, and prints, Neo Indigenous is a visual feast of the artist’s ability to float seamlessly between varying art forms. Having worked with clients such as Pioneer Electronics, VH1, Disney, Scion, and Kidrobot, Marka27’s solo debut in NYC is not one to be missed.For more info, visit the Marka27 website and blog.
Also, check out  my girl, Alice Mizrachi's work that is part of a group show called Lost & Found opening this Friday at Mighty Tanaka. Opening reception is from 6PM to 9PM.
Mighty Tanaka presents:
Lost & Found
Featuring the artwork of Adam Void, Alice Mizrachi, Curtis Readel, ELLE & John Briener

Look around you; the world is full of art.  We all know the saying, "One man's trash is another man's treasure", however, some individuals choose to take that phrase to heart.  Artists from a range of disciplines utilize a world of scattered debris, creating an array of striking creations from the items that many people would find worthless.  Mighty Tanaka is pleased to bring you our first show of 2012 entitled Lost & Found, a group show of found objects and the artwork that is created from them.  Featuring the vision of Adam Void, Alice Mizrachi, Curtis Readel, ELLE & John Breiner, each artist represents a unique idea of the world through their chosen method of creation.

Lost & Found intends to demonstrate a cross-section of aesthetic interpretation of objects that are generally taken for granted in daily life.  Artwork made from found materials provides the artist with an endless amount of inspiration, as all the necessary components are easily accessible and free to use.  This is the art of the juxtaposition, both complimenting and conflicting itself, as the work is literally born from the streets and transformed into something that is new, exciting and fresh. 

Through the usage of mediums such as old beat up currency, abandoned pieces of wood, detached doors and tattered textiles, the artist is able to rebuild forgotten memories and forge them into a new identity.  Lost & Found offers the viewer the opportunity to reconnect with the pieces of the past and the chance to begin anew.
More info: Mighty Tanaka 111 Front St., Suite 224 Brooklyn, NY 11201

hello dad...thank you!

my year began with big thank you's to my roots....after my mom, i thank my dad for being a loving father and always encouraging me to be myself, to take risk being not part of what is considered 'normal' (the black sheeps are often the lions in disguise, i agree!) to find my own style and way of life. i owe him my passion for music and being cool, among many other things. i love you!

Mother Earth, Father Sun...SOLAR LOVE (photo: Haitian kid drawing)

Awesome mix from the homie, Stimulus featuring the Roy Ayers' timeless classic 'Everybody Loves The Sunshine' and some of the best reincarnations of the song.




Outkast : Elevator by BLACKMUSICS
One of my favorite tracks of all time

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hello 2012! press PLAY

#love #truth #wakeupandroar #mothernature

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hello, i love u!

the next thank you goes out to the kiddos! they've been my guardian angels & a reminder to keep my inner child alive and happy. LOVE to

KIMAYA, superstar princess goddess, you made me remember the power of a little girl's infinite heart...thank you & I LOVE YOU, you are the diamond!!! 

 thank you for reminding me of my own princess. i love you!
RAMZEE u da BEST!!! Superhero for life!

LINO superstar princess status!

KAMAAL superhero prince!! the banana ninja blessings for Katapulko is priceless son!

Superstar princess of Puerto Rico!!
Mad love to the children of Haiti and the kids all over the whole wide world

Princess ANKA, i never forgot your dreams. 

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hello mom...thank you

i love you. i'm doing it for you too.
Anyu, ne haragudj. Köszönök mindent, nélküled nem tudtam volna idáig kitartani, érted is csinálom! Te vagy a mindenem!

love to all the mothers. there is no other!