Tuesday, January 24, 2012

MY HOMIES RULE: DJ Thoth (World's Fair) aka Bentley of Kings of Genre (KOG)

I've known Bentley since 2008, when I first collaborated with A.L.I.E.N. for my Samurai show and he's been part of my artist fam since. A visionary, creative director and style guru, Bentley is one of the NY trendsetters that you'll definitely hear more about in the future. He is also a founding member of Kings of Genre and under his alias DJ Thoth, he is part of World's Fair.  

WHERE DO YOU CALL HOME? The Emirate Atelier, my NY studio
WHAT DO YOU DO? I specialize in creative direction and garment-detailed aesthetics. I design mythologies inKOGnito under the premise of artistic genres via Kings Of Genre, LLC
TRUE BEAUTY IS…The stories of Krishna & Radha, Rama & Sita, Lakshmi & Vishnu
BEATS…DJ Krush, Karsh Kale, WU-TANG
TRUE SEXY IS…Unequivocal confidence
MUSIC IS MY… cinematic reprise!
ART DOES NOT… exclude business and a great creatively professional perspective.
MY NIGHTS ARE… sometimes peaceful, sometimes short, but always of good merit.
THESE 3 TURN ME ONAlnitak || Alnilam || Mintaka. The three stars in Orion's Belt.
SELF-KNOWLEDGE … is the true superpower of invulnerability.
ENOUGH OF … speculation and talk, more design and manifestation.
MY CREATIVITY IS… is very intuitive. I consult my feelings before my thoughts with confidence. 
Emotional intelligence is the highest form of intellect. My heart is the brain to my soul.
TRUE POWER IS… Mastering the chaos, harnessing the unpredictable.
LIFE CAN BE THE... Deified story or Delusional story
TO LOVE IS TO… Experience Heaven,  Love is a manifestation of condensed eternity. 
I'm tuned in dichotically. A selective attention span has garnered me great relationships and respect in the circles of influence in NY. 
According to DJ Thoth, BASS makes the world go 'round. hi fi.

NEW PROJECTS FOR 2012? I'm currently preparing to launch a project called The NY Emirates in Spring 2012, which will serve as Luxury Bazaar of artisans creatively installed for an upcoming downtown hotel. The project will consist of several floors of the artistic and professional contribution of the media outlet KONOGO MIX, Kings Of Genre, and Jinn DJ Thoth. 
Aside from that, one can expect a great deal of affordable high-end garments from our fashion house, Bentley & Clarke.

Artists/Emcees Jeff Donna & Prince SAMO of our label imprint KOG Sounds are set to release their next projects Spa Treatment & Street Viceroy, respectively. Joseph Cavallini, our Reel Royalty Director, has been commissioned for several outsourced opportunities up to and including coverages for The Brooklyn Museum, SXSW Music Festival, and has won multiple accolades & competitions for Tribeca Film Festival placements. Look forward to more releases and projects that are of visually arresting quality!
KINGS OF GENRE ||| Viceroy Prince SAMO | Shogun Jeff Donna | Empress Brianna Pippens | Chieftain Joseph Cavallini | Anubis Andre Clarke | Queen Jomaire Crawford
KONOGO MIX / A.L.I.E.N.||| Shah Mega Max | King Quan Tutankhamen | Queen Lichiban of Katapulko | Pharaoh Zenith Diamond | Goddess Nikki Ntufara | Master Melo-X | King Kesed | OLD MONEY MASSIVE

inKOGnito  Who?


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